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[Request] "Maze runner" quest

Mister X

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I have a request: Is someone willing to create a quest, that is based on Maze Runner? So, Labyrinthion isn't really a place that could be called "maze", though it should represent one.


So, does someone want to create a real maze for Skyrim? Maybe you could even plug in some existing mods, like Devious Traps or Quick as You like.


There already exists a really good maze generator out there, that also can show the solutions, so a source for a layout and some hints already is given. Now the only problem is to build it up and plug in a quest, and I just don't get how to use CK.

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That would be the coolest mod, a Run or Rape style mod for skyrim... A nice large ( maybe even randomlly generated maze) In its own CoC cell...
Having , Devi helpless, Traps, Cursed loot, Defeat would be top tier.

Start at One end, completely naked and have to find a way thru the maze dodging traps and bandits and spiders/ charus. Maybe even with a time limit. Or a cowbell so you would need to sneak slowly around some enemies or be caught (maybe even webbed).

Maybe put a underwater section with a unique drowning animation, and add a tenticle monster squid.

Put a time limit on it or something and if you didn't finish in time your character meets a grim demise.
If anyone is intersted in this project id honestly be willing to lend a hand in what little free time I have.
I don't know too much about the Creation kit, but im sure its not that hard to pick up.

The possiblies are endless; this would honestly be the coolest mod i think for skyrim. Plus, ALOT of the framework is there (provided authors permissions)

you really would only need to build the maze itsself and just plug in the rest of the mods / quest perimters.

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