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What's in v0.4b?

- Debug version. If you have any porblem with traps not working as they should tick "debug" option in MCM and trigger some. Then post your papyrus log here.

To enable papyrus logging to file:



go to - my documents\my games\Skyrim

open skyrim.ini in notebook

Find [Papyrus] section

change those 3 lines:











Run the game and play for a while. Trigger some traps.

Go to - my documents\my games\Skyrim\logs\script

and check papyrus.0.txt - 0 is your last gameplay, 1 previous gameplay etc...



- Improved handling of NPCs tied up by Defeat mod - now they should never be chosen for the scene even if there are no other bandits alive. Thx to Goubo for that.

- Objective for revenge quest should show up properly


What's in v0.4a?

Couple of bug fixes:

- enemy female NPCs should no longer trigger message claiming that your companion has been hit by the trap.

- Fixed bug - not rly a bug i just forgot to do something - in several newly added dungeons that made you teleport to White River Watch at the end of the scene.

- Most likely fixed bug that was happening with bandits tied up by Defeat mod - if Defeat is working properly (tied up NPC should not be hostile towards you) then it wont be viable to become an attacker.

- added condition that bandit cannot be a creature to be chosen to attack you during bandit scene - had no idea that pit wolfs in Faldars Tooth have Bandit Faction added to them...

- sexlab scenes on bandit encounter should fire up faster.

- changed traps in White River Watch a little - but its still far from the best. There are simply no good spots for traps in that dungeon.


Updating from v0.4 should be as simple as replacing files.



What is it?


This thing introduces new types of rune trap. If triggered by dragonborn female - or her female companion - it would

1) attempt to apply some devious device on you/follower - traps that could be found in nordic ruins

2) stun its victim and alert nearby bandits - traps that could be found in bandit hideouts.

Exact result depends on MCM settings.


I did not modify any kind of vanilla trap. Only added plenty of new ones - atm there is 174 of them placed in dungeons listed below.

Expect them to be harder to spot than vanilla traps.

I want you to fail at detecting them. Well, most of the time. Some would be quite easy to spot and that's intended.

How to destroy them? Any kind of destruction spell would do - even flames (that channeled spell everyone gets at game start).

If you use some mods that remove it and you have no spells whatsoever then well, you can always grab some staff loaded with any kind of destruction spell. Or you can order any kind of followers to go ahead and disarm those traps for you simply by triggering them. Tho as mentioned such thing wont be harmless to your female followers.

There is a surprise tho that might happen when you would use your female follower to "disarm" some of device traps (nordic ruins). A new dialogue option would appear if you make her trigger enough of them. For now this quest is quite limited - but I do have a lot of ideas how to expand it.

Exact conditions for that to happen:



have both chastity and restraint keys in your inventory (real ones, not fake)

phase1 - at least 10 traps triggered, devious belt/harness, bra, collar, arm/leg cuffs and optionally gag equipped. When all these are met trigger one more trap.

phase2 - another at least 9 traps and devious belt/harness, bra, collar, arm/leg cuffs and optionally gag equipped. When all these are met trigger one more trap.

phase3 - another at least 8 traps and devious belt/harness, bra, collar, arm/leg cuffs and optionally gag equipped. When all these are met trigger one more trap.

Just make her trigger those until you see quest update to talk to your companion.

When asked to remove devices from companion trade her and take them off manually whatever quest asked you to remove - quest wont progress further until you do exactly as it asks.



I do not guarantee that every single custom companion will be supported by this mod. basically what makes NPCs viable is for them to be in either of CurrentFollower or CurrentHireling factions.


Astronach perk from alteration seems to give some chance to resist those traps.



This mod may seem similar to mods that equip devices while looting containers. And for good reason - I get this idea while testing those. But as I didn't like some of their ideas - there is and always will be one main difference: in here nothing is based on chances. It's either you would detect those traps soon enough to avoid them or you would fail at doing so.

How does it work exactly?


What exactly would happen after you trigger a trap would depend on difficulty setting (MCM).

Device trap


You will receive 1 item picked randomly from all cuffs, collars, belts (that comes with plug(s) ), bras that are registered in your DDi as generic devices.

What does it mean? If you have DDx 1.1.2 it would be able pick red/white leather/ebonite for you.

If you have Captured Dreams Shop It would be able pick silver/bronze items or for example little helpers plugs.

All items would follow ordinary DDi rules so you can unequip them yourself (if you have keys) or for example you can travel to CD Shop (if you use it) and ask for help there.


All from easy plus:

Gags are allowed. If you trigger any trap while being locked in cuffs, collar (harness works as both belt and collar), belt, bra and gag you will have 100% to get an armbinder. If you "lack" anything from that list trap would never pick armbinder.

It is still possible to unequip devices if you have the keys but each trap has ~20% chance to destroy all keys in your inventory. It is possible to struggle out from armbinder.

Hard and Hardcore would come later. This is where I would go crazy. Things like making ZAZ pack an requirement not only because it is required by DDi or maybe even some light version of slavery on hardcore setting. I'm still far away from making that happen tho.



Bandit trap


You would be attacked by 1 or 2 bandits which would demand your surrender. Disobeying them would lead to them trying to kill you.

Obeying them would lead to them... punishing you for your intrusion into their hideout. Your choice ;)


You would be attacked by 1 to 4 bandits and you would be denied the chance to resist.


Events that happen after bandit trap is triggered are made of scenes. As any other scenes these can be interrupted and if this happens it would very likely break that scene. If that happen use MCM option to "Free Yourself".

Main source of such interruptions are other mods - for example Random Attack mod is known to cause such interruptions hence its not rly compatible with mine.

If you find others let me know - will see if anything can be done about it.


List of modified dungeons so far:

Green - added in v0.4, Yellow D - dungeon with device traps, Red B - dungeon with bandit traps

Angarvunde D

Ansilvund D

Bleak Falls Barrow D

Broken Helm Hollow B

Broken Oar Grotto B

Cracked Tusk Keep B

Dead Mens Respite D

Dustmans Cairn D

Embershard Mine B

Faldar's Tooth B

Frostmere Crypt B

Folgunthur D

Forelhost D

Geirmunds Hall D

Hag's End D

High End Ruins D

Hillgrund's Tomb D

Ironbind Barrow D

Kilkreath Ruins D

Korvanjund D

Swindler’s Den B

White River Watch B


There are some rules that have to be followed for this mod to work properly - basically its if you want to play a dungeon play it from the beginning without teleporting yourself in the middle of it using console or whatever else.

Earlier versions had bug that was duplicating those traps in various places. This forced me to make a system that enables those traps only when you enter a dungeon.

They are enabled when you enter dungeon through any of its normal entrances - so if you teleport yourself in the middle of it traps would remain disabled.

Use front door to dungeon or MCM option to enable traps then.


Another problem of such solution is that it makes scripts of this mod tend to be applied to you savegame. They are easy and safe to get rid of but it seems to require a save cleaner tool.


Plans for next version:

Theoretically adding more dungeons and yet another type of traps - Dwemer traps. Maybe expanding support for male player characters (for now it's quite limited).


Point is - my goal for this mod was to learn how to mod this game. So for me it already served it's purpose.

I'm quite tempted to start working on something else and I also offered my help to some other modder with their work (no reply from them so far) which would reduce amount of time I could spent on this to next to none.


We will see. If it would become any popular it shouldn't be that hard to convince me to work some more on this.


Higher difficulty settings for sure wont be implemented for now because to make them how I want to would require use of frameworks which are not completed yet.



This thing is still WIP. But it should be safe to use - it doesn't crash games break savegames or overloads papyrus with tons of data.

There is mentioned problem with scripts that tend to apply themselves to savegames. But even if applied they are inactive all the time except for short events when trap is triggered for example. Only problems which they cause is during updates (game tend to stick to old versions instead of replacing them with new ones) - see below.



So, feel free to give it a try and tell me what you think.



Requires DD Integration 2.81 or newer

Sexlab Framework 1.59 or newer


Soft dependencies

Devious Devices Expansion - recommended version 1.1.2+ if you have it you would be able to receive DDx items.

Captured Dreams Shop – if you have it you will be able to get some of items form it and use it as a way to free yourself from devices (for a fee).


To install – extract to data folder or use some mod organizer.


To update from earlier versions - or if you want to uninstall it so no trace would be left behind - i recommend using this tool


How to use it:



open your save.

If all you want to do is to clean remains of my mod you can untick save backup. If you want to clean your save of other things I recommend to use backup as I don't take responsibility for what could happen if you delete some vanilla script for example. Been using that tool a lot to clean my saves of various leftovers from all sort of mods and vanilla and nothing bad ever happened.

On the left is filter box - type "AQDT" in there. It's very unlikely that any of the results you would get would be from other mod than mine. So most likely you can just delete everything with AQDT_ in its name.




v0.4b added debug option for checking for bugs. Few improvements.

v0.4a a hotfix

v0.4 more dungeons, support of up tp 6 female followers and (in very limited way) 1 male, introduction of bandit traps, a little bit of male PC support

v0.3 another bugfix, but this time i'm quite confident that you wont encounter any kind of wild edits anymore.

v0.2.6 final version that is based on rune traps. Fixed most bugs i was aware of, probably dozens of them that i'm not aware of remain...

v0.2.5 struggling with CK wild edits mostly, some new dungeons.

v0.2 different type of equip devices function (should not cause DDi errors), MCM, 2nd difficulty setting, some new dungeons.

v0.1.1 - fixed script function for choosing random belt that sometimes wasnt doing anything.



Known issues

Several things might need improving - will do so if time would allow.

It's very unlikely that dialogues of this mod are free of spelling/gramatical errors .... well, I tried. :P

What's New in Version v0.4b


  • 0.4b debug version
  • 0.4a some bugfixes, no new content
  • 0.4 more dungeons, support of followers, introduction of bandit traps
  • 0.3 guess what - another bugfix ;)
  • 0.2.6 another bugfix - but this time i dont even hope that it is bugfree
  • 0.2.5 bug fixes (hopefully), few new dungeons
  • 0.2 some changes, some new things
  • 0.1.1 fixed script error
  • 0.1 preview version

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