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Follower goes invisible (or disappears rather)


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Hello, I was trying to figure out this by myself for couple of days now, but I don't really know the fix for this issue.


I have HDT installed (with high heel), and I am fairly certain that this is the one thats causing my followers to disappear.


What happens is that my follower would suddenly disappear (and I also realized that whenever they walk past the whiterun entrance, they will disappear)


I was searching about this and apparently this is a ongoing problem.



For follower related mod, I run CBBE body and use UFO and I gave them Tera armor with HDT effect (which I enabled using bodyslide program).


And I use both custom follower mod and vanilla follower (but with visual overhaul).



This is rather annoying because whenever I step out of whiterun, I will have to enter prid and moveto player every time.



Is there any way to fix this particular at this point?


Any suggestion/help is more than welcomed. if you need any more info, I will try to give more info on the way.




P.S. as far as I know, it only affects the 2 followers (one being illia) and the rest seem to be ok for now.

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It is basically a HDT/high load 'feature' generally. You either get HDT enabled stuff going invisible or they go mozzarella cheese stretchy, (then probably go invisible). I suspect, (and in no way having looked into it deeply - other than through observation), it's something in the algorithms hysteresis constraints which are not quite right.

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It seems to me that HDT hair has more issues on npc's than the player. The npc I was using would disappear or their hair would just point in a single direction, usually horizontal off towards the horizon, I had no issues with the hdt hair on my character. I don't know if it was the npc's hair specifically as the behavior of the hair varies quite a bit from hair to hair or just that it has issues with npc's.

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I have this issue too quite a few times with followers but I got used to it. It is caused by HDT yes. 

When it happens, if it annoyes you that much you can do this.

1.Save the game. (or quicksave)

2. load another save in a different location

3. reload the save. 


HDT rereads the xml everytime the cell changes. So you can either do the above or just change cells. (enter a tavern)


Regarding it happenins every time you enter or leave Whiterun, that is inacurate. What actually happens (and it can also happen in other doors) is that your follower actually spawns behind  the door. They will teleport in front of it if you walk away a bit. 

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I just updated to a new XML from Daeimonic's thread HDT working vagina and hairs.


It seems that the issue is much toned down now that I'm using a much newer XML file along with 1.51 Skeleton XPMS HDT option.


Thing is I have another issue and its persistent in new games, node scaling seems to have stopped as in no growing belly boobs or but from mods.  It was working earlier and I'm trying to see if its a mod I installed ><

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