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ENB Boost and AMD Radeon Graphics Processor


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I believe that I followed the instructions correctly when I installed ENB Boost (for memory management).  I get the text in the upper left hand corner as the games loads and the game itself runs very smoothly at about 55 fps.


However the loading screens are so dark that I cannot see the images clearly, and the night sky is pitch black and the mountains are very bright at night.  During the daylight the shadows are very exaggerated to the extent that even with Face Light I can barely see my character's face.


Is there a setting that I need to change in the AMD Cataylst Control Center to re-balance these extremes?


The graphics card is an ASUS R9 290 Series and was installed just before Christmas.

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I don't use any lighting mods so i've found a lot of ENB's to be to dark for my taste, a simple way to fix is to go to your SkyrimPrefs.ini in \Documents\my games\skyrim and alter the fgamma from 1 to 0.95 or 0.9 which brightens it all up a bit (to much you get glare though so you might need to play to get it how you want)

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Your catalyst almost all should be disabled when playing skyrim if you use a ENB because ENB take care of most.


Some settings seems not correct thats why its so dark. Read up readme mod maker suggest settings.



For example Seasons of Skyrim ENB you must put the gamme slider al teh way to 1.4000(while many others suggest 1.2400) because SoS ENB take care of that.



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I have thoroughly checked that I followed the instructions for ENBoost (memory function only).  The game is running beautifully smoothly however I still have a ridiculously dark game during bad weather. 


EvasiaDutch suggests that AMD Catalyst Control Center should be disabled.  I have never needed to do this for any other game so as a result I don't know how to do  it for Skyrim specifically.  If this is good advice I would be very grateful for any help available.  Thank you in advance.



EDIT - 1st March 2015


I have decided not to try to use ENBoost as no further help has been forthcoming.  I have tried each of the downloads available from the ENB Dev Site from the one first made for the BOOST feature.  I have followed the instructions to the letter installing the 3 necessary files and making sure that the ini has the correct entries.   The enbhost.exe automatically adds enbseries and all its features the moment the game is started - and then the problems start.  I know that I am using the correct wrapper version as my graphics card and memory is shown in the top left corner of the screen at the loading screen stage.

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Hi there Ailsa

I don't want to criticize EvasiaDutch or anybody else around here because youall have html sigs and all that stuff so im sure you probably know way more than I do. Also im guessing yur using win7 while im using winserver 2003. i mention that because your CCC is different than mine. However one of the features of mine and i believe yours is a profiles tab . this tab is made just for situations like yours it will allow you to tune CCC for just the way you want to use it with skyrim or any other apps or games .


Also it allows you to preconfigure for multi monitiors with different display characteristics and a lot of other fine tuning features... For instance i have a vga LCD monitor and a newer full digital LED monitor (acer) the ccc allows me to choose which i use for the primary plus fine tuning the brightness and color saturation. It also can set or turn off the (EDID) Extended Display Identification Data as an example. Unfortunately like everything else in this modded game world there is a learning curve to using it. Anyway look under the color setting as well the digital panel color setting tabs. (2 different locations) and you will find the color contrast and brightness sliders. after you set them the way you like then use the profile manager to save them so you can do testing....... I hope i have confused you and everybody else suitably .. maybe someone out there can do a better job explaining.. Good luck

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