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Need Help, some of my animations have strange problem : (

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Nothing to do with animations that is caused by using a improper skeleton being used if you installed anything that overwrote the skeleton that comes with LAPF then you need to reinstall LAPF again and watch what you install so if they have a skeleton that it doesn't overwrite the one in LAPF.


The stretching is because the skeleton that you are using is missing bone nodes and when those types of animations that use those nodes are missing you get the stretching to infinity thing.

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just see picture, I have reinstall the LAPF and other meshes, but when it play animations(not all of them), most of them have issuses... I have reinstall the Maximum Compatibility Skeleton too, but it do not help....

Looks like you and I are having the exact same problem, I've been at mine for 2 days and have yet to figure it out. So is this a texture or mesh issue that can be solved with the construction set or a missing file that can be solved by installing another boner mod then lovers over the top again?


BTW it is somewhat good to know that it is not just me

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If you will read and follow the installation instructions that are in the LAPF download (or read them in the OP) you won't have this or any other issue.  72,000 plus folks have downloaded and installed this without issues.


Stretching body parts are a skeleton issue, which you WILL have, if you use ANY other skeleton besides the one in the LAPF.  You also MUST archive invalidate.  The third trip up folks make is installing steam or oblivion to the default location (program files) which sometimes blocks modding with UAC and other windows features that protect that area of your hard drive from being altered.


Vanilla underwear showing means you either did not install a male and female body mod or you didn't archive invalidate (or the UAC thing again).

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The LAPF ONLY works with the skeleton that is included.  NO OTHER SKELETON WILL WORK WITH THE LAPF.


The skeleton in the LAPF is a modified version (with penis bones) of growlf's universal skeleton.




Yes, It's my fault....


After cover with LAPF's skeleton, everything is OK, Thank you ^_^

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