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Crashing here, crashing there, crashing everywhere


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I am trying to get several mods to work and I have installed everything on freshly installed Skyrim, and it ALMOST works. Game crushes very often, and sometimes I can't move my character (It has something to do with SkyUI, as it was a problem when I had only SKSE and SkyUI).
DeathAlternative freezes on bleedout stage, and won't go further.
When I try to use dialogs to have sex with Hadvar, game crushes on the moment animation is about to start.
I use Mod Manager, and I used Loot to tidy up my load order. There is no problems notifications on the little triangle button.
I will really appreciate any help :(
Here is my modlist and load order.



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It somehow helped, punishment animations are working. Thank you.  However any scene that involves bed is ended with certain crash. 

I am also trying to figure this myself, watching Gophers Mod Organizer videos...

Game generally still crushes all the time :/



Sex scene with a woman without a bed was succesful. However the same kind of scene (triggered by asking to remove bonds and then giving reward for that) ended with crush with a man. Schlong problem?

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Mods works properly. However there is some very annoying problems.

1. Hostile NPCs and mobs are regenerating health VERY fast. I couldn't kill a draughr, even with practical immortality that "death alternative" gave me. First dragon is unkillable.

2. Suddenly, I die when falling from very small height. It is enough for me to jump in order to die immidiately from fall damage. It's even stranger since Death Alternative should prevent deaths )and ususally does) and send me into bleedout mode. What have happpened? I only changed some setting insinde SkyUi mod config. hasn't been installing any more scripted mods when the fall deaths starded.

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Try installing xp32 Skeleton before you install SOS and overwrite files when asked. Dont forget to run FNIS. Should fix the ctd on bed scenes.

Dunno about the health regeneration and fall damage.

Id also try Immersive First Person instead of Joy of Perspective, JOP adds some new animations afaik which could mess things up.





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