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Invisible Neck Seam UNP Dimonized


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Hi All


So I recently Encountered a bug with my female character, specifically there is an invisible neck seam and as you can see

( Refer to attached pictures thanks! )




Through hours of pain, I had identified the problem and it was with the weight slider, I went down the the thieves guild to have my appearance changed and this is what I noticed

The more weight I put in the slider the bigger the seam becomes and the less weight I put in the slider the smaller it becomes ( and at minimum weight the seam is nearly gone ).




My Question is that how can the seam be removed even if I am at max weight ( since i like max weight ) 


I am using 

 - UNP Dimonized update 1dot51

- Apachii SkyHair

- Envision Face

- HDT Heels System

- Pretty Female Idles ( style 012 )

- Feminine Running/sprinting animations


Any Help would be greatly appreciated thanks!






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Does this happen with all armours, what about when she's naked? Have you tried doing a fresh install of body and skeleton?  And does it appear with new characters on a fresh save?


The only time I've had full on neck gaps rather than just texture seams it's been because there was a mismatch between the armor's body weight range and the body I'm using. For example, if one wears an armor that's intended only for 100% weight and the body isn't max weighted, the head becomes detached from the body. 



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UNP Dimonized is getting pretty old, it hasn't seen an update in two years. Back when I was trying to use this it did not align with the vanilla head mesh and did not provide a matching head mesh of it's own. That doesn't appear to have changed.


I would recommend using one of the other UNP-based bodies such as UNP Blessed Body Redux.

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@w33beast1e Yeah! It happens on all of my armors and also when she is naked, it does not happen on NPCs though, I'm pretty sure the maid outfit was made for 100% slider since if i put it to minimum i start to see jagged clippings around the bust area. Is this the bug of UNP Dimonized? thanks


@sailing rebel, Thanks for recommending the unp blessed body but will armors made for unp dimonized going to work for unp blessed body? I personally tried installing unp topmodel to no avail and im not really a cbbe fanboy :)


or will installing a custom skeleton also fix this problem?


Thanks and sorry for the noob questions



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In the majority of cases UNP/B armours will work fine though you may notice a slight change in clothed and naked bust size. For example, UNP versions of Immersive and Tera Armors should be okay (occasional misalignment / incorrect weights causing clipping but these are big collections so a few mistakes are to be expected).


Armours made for Dimonized, I couldn't tell you - if they are built using the original Dimonized mesh then it is likely the neck gap issue is burned into them.


XPMS compatible skeleton is pretty much a must for any modded Skyrim.

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Which is better XPMS or BBP?


I found something called UNP Texture Bender but how do I use it? Apparently it can remove the seams but i am a noob when it comes to these kind of things



They're not equivalent things. XPMS is a skeleton, BBP references points on the skeleton to make your bits and bobs wobble a bit using some canned animations.


Texture Blender will take care of slight tonal differences between the head and body texture by overlaying an additional texture layer to the join area at the neck. Your problem isn't a texture issue, it's a problem with the head not meeting the body mesh, most likely weight related. 
The best way to proceed with body mesh issues is to try a different body and texture set to see if it cures the problem. As Sailing Rebel suggested, try UNPB Redux is ideal because it's a complete texture/mesh package with a nice easy installer. Just make sure you clear your current body and texture meshes out first so you've got nothing floating about causing problems.
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I'll try that thanks, ill update this if it works :)


What I'm going to do is to download WyreBash and reinstall all my body modification mods using it and then fix the load order with LOOT hopefully this would work :)


EDIT: I installed UNP Blessed Body Redux and result was the neck seam was still there, I tried installing AltNavetsea UNP Seamless and shockingly the seam was still there


Please help I don't know why this neck seam won't vanish 


I attached the BOSS Log file, just open it with your browsers since it is in HTML Format, 



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Finally! I Fixed it.. :D


I fully un-installed my previous Body ( UNP Dimonized ) and I used WyreBash to install AltNavetSea's UNP Seamless textures and My problem was I did not install the base textures in the installer :P, so my textures were dimonized but my meshes were AltNavetSea's. I'm surprised such a simple error could lead to the most annoying problems 


Thanks again! and one last question, can I install XPMS alone or do i really need the realistic ragdoll

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Try the Women of Skyrim UNP Seamless textures, and if you have a killer rig try the 4k versions, beautiful stuff m8. I personally use their UNP seamless overwritten with their dream girl 2k patch with suntan lines and pubic hair, very slick and realistic.

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Yeah! Those UNP Seamless mods are true to their word and as of now no more neck seam problem but another one arised

Why is the color of my face ( envision face ) not aligned with the Body color ( using AltNavetSea's UNP Seamless ) ( refer to attached )


Even If I change the body color,the face color stands out 


Please help, I really love envision face :( and its the only face that makes my char pretty to me



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You need matching textures for that. Different textures will have different colors. Using matching textures will make both head and body match using different textures may result in different colors. You might be able to modify the textures to make them match more.  Maybe textblend tool or whatever it is called can do it I am not sure though as I have never used it. Also there will always be a change between them you can modify them to look better but it will always be there some are more noticeable then others.

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If you use UNP i suggest latest Fair skin complexion 7.6 which have no neck seam.




It must btw all fit and comaptible.


Don't start using other skeletons.


Make sure it all comes it the right map.


I suggest install Unp demonize


And then install FSC 7.6 it's with fomod choose what skin or pubic you want hairy or shaved ext. Through a mod organizer you can't go wrong.

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