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[Sims 3] MrAntonieddu’s Pigalle3DSpikedPumps “Impossible Heels” Edit (updated to 2.0)

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---- Update 2.0 (Oct 2015) ----


I made some changes using a new, better shaped, mesh for the feet. Old versions remain available and won't conflict.




----------- UPDATE 1.1 (JAN/11) -----------


Short story: I reshaped the feet I used for Capri and Pigalle. The result is still far from perfect but at least I corrected some of the noob mistakes I made on the original feet.


As for the shoes besides adapting the shape I made some small corrections, all the details remained the same though.   


This CC won’t interfere with the original so you can compare/use both on your game.



MrAntonieddu’s Pigalle3DSpikedPumps “Impossible Heels” Edit


After a loooong research period through almost every forum, blog and site related to Sims 3 modding I found the way to craft what I call “Impossible Heels”. Impossible because their shape and also because I thought I would never be able to make them.


The first part was to modify the feet, they are based in Blooms Base’ Sexy Feet. After weeks months moving vertexes, subdividing faces, clashing with normals and almost going nuts with the UV Mapping I reached a “not good, but also not so bad” stage.


(Right side: Blooms Base’ Sexy Feet. Left side: the result of months of editing.)


The second part was the shoes; I selected MrAntonieddu’s Pigalles because they are completely 3D and very well done. Though they’re a little high on the polycount, making the edit was faster thanks to all the practice I got modifying the feet.


(Right side: MrAntonieddu’s original mesh. Left side: My edit showing the difference in height.)


The final part was the height, as you can see in the screencaps from Milkshape3D, this shoes go into the negative Y axis value. Without adjustment they will look buried into the ground. Long story short: every piece of clothing has a section with values related to bone position; change those values and you can modify the arm orientation or, in this case, the feet position related to the ground.


And here is the result: a pair of heels that increase your femsim height.




  • Base game compatible
  • For YoungAdult and Adult females
  • Enabled for naked, everyday, formalwear, sleepwear, swimwear, career, outwear and validformaternity.
  • Disabled for random sims (meaning the game won’t select them to be used by the rest of the population)
  • Polycount: 4790
  • 3 color channels
  • Package and sims3package included


  • Ok, I got to a point of complete, pure and absolute saturation with this project; I’m not going to make any corrections anytime soon, so you’ll have to live with the next little details.
  • The shape, I know they don’t look anatomically correct and for the same reason they are not for everyone.
  • The shoes will look “weird” in CAS, that’s because both left and right foot share the same UV coordinates. They will look fine in-game (check the pics as proof).
  • The UV map is barely adequate (to be clear that’s my fault, not Blooms Base); if you use patterned stockings (like the ones here) you will notice some lines and regions were the shapes don’t match, it’s barely there but if you look hard enough you’ll find them. Same happens on naked legs, under certain light conditions.
  • Clipping, the game tries its best to compensate animations to your femsim’ height, and succeeds more times than not, but sometime fails in actions like kissing where your sim will miss her partner lips. The only solution would be to completely rewrite every animation, not gonna happen.
  • This also means custom animations (like GraphicalXTC and others) will also look off.
  • For custom static poses use OMSP (the heels elevate you sim 5 game units, OMSP already elevate everything 2 units)
  • The damned white points of hell… I still don’t know why it’s happening, what I know is they are random and unnoticeable 90% of the time.


In the end even with all this defects (and probably one or two more I didn’t discover on time), this CC is fine for normal simming. Also thanks to it I was able to learn a lot about Milkshape3D and Blender, that alone allowed me to finish all the edits I’ve been sharing, so all the headaches were worthy :D


Finally, thanks to MrAntonieddu and Blooms Base.


--If you’re going to modify this CC don’t forget to give me credit and also to the aforementioned authors--












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