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Graphics Bug during sex scenes

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Hi all.


Wasn't sure where else to post this but would welcome some help.


Im trying out Player Slave Encounters and Lovers Bitch on a fresh install. Animations with the dog are perfect but I got myself enslaved to a female master and when any sex animations play, my graphics go crazy. Massive lines shooting out of the npc's body all over the screen. My characters body is fine and if I rotate the camera I can kinda see whats going on with the scene. I did notice that the npc doesn't wear a strapon or "grow a penis" as ive seen other threads commenting on.


Can anyone suggest what might be causing this? Ive tried HGEC and Eyecandy bodies and have a skeleton installed but I cant work out whats wrong. It only appears to affect the npc, not my character.


Any help please?

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That is *not* a graphics problem that is a skeleton problem. Those lines shooting out of the persons body are actually their body stretching to infinity because that person that is happening to is using a incorrect skeleton. So make sure the skeleton that the NPC's are using is the same one the player is using. If you are using LAPF then it comes with a compatible skeleton. If it is a custom person you will have to place a copy of the skeleton into their folder to overwrite their skeleton.

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