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[Sims 3] Island Paradise Bikini Edit (wUpdated BarbieBoobs)

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Top EP10 Bikini Edit


My second upload yeah! (sorry for the bad english)


The origin of this CC is the Bikini Top from “The Sims 3: Island Paradise”, another expansion by EA full of bugs and lost potential, but I digress.


This release has two versions:



With BarbieBoobs (left side on the pics)


This one is in essence an alpha edit, the mesh is the original one created by EA and I only “removed” the bikini top from the textures. This version is for those who hate nipples don’t use 3D breasts.



  • Base game compatible
  • For YoungAdults and Adult Females
  • Located in the top category (naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, swimwear, career, outwear)
  • Proper Morphs and LODs
  • 3 color channels
  • Polycount: 3300 something
  • Package and sims3package included



  • Well practically nothing, I mean, I only deleted the bikini texture so the rest works exactly as EA intended. If you ask me the only defect is that you can’t use sliders to enlarge and give form to the breast, at least none that I know.
  • Obviously you won’t be able to use, bras, other bikinis, shirts, etc. (if you really want you can try some “accessory tops” at SexySims2). As the pics shows bottoms and accessories are all OK.
  • The images show a little deformation but that was caused by me trying desperately to increase boob size via sliders.

------- UPDATE 1.1 (Nov/20) -------


I uploaded a new file:

 UPDATE_1.1afTopEP10Bikini_wBarbieBoobs_Edit byJoshQ


This one makes the BarbieBoobs version compatible with Delphy’s breasts sliders. In the pic you can see the difference:


(Left side: original edit showing deformation when increasing breasts size. Right side: version 1.1 using the same slider settings)


If you’re happy with the original BarbieBoobs edit and/or don’t use sliders, don’t download this file. This file won’t interfere with the original that means you can have both on your game.

The only defect is it has some clipping in the sidebob, exactly in the same positions as the version with CmarNYC’s boobs, but only noticeable in veeery busty femsims.







With CmarNYC Breast (right side on the pics)


This one was a little bit trickier, I had to separate the clothes from the original torso; integrate CmarNYC’s (available for download at SexySims2) and modify everything accordingly to avoid empty spots and clipping, especially in the morphs.



  • Exactly as the “BarbieBoobs”, the polycount barely increased to 4400 something
  • Pregnant morph



  • Even with all the work trying to avoid clipping you will find some in the sideboob area and shoulders, it’s very small and only appears on femsims with very generous breasts
  • CmarNYC’s sliders for the nipples don’t work, I’m looking into it but don’t consider it a showstopper
  • The same “no tops but bottoms and accessories OK” apply


As always don’t need to ask for permission if you want to modify this CC or adapt it to another game. Just give credit.







afTopEP10Bikini_wBarbieBoobs_Edit by JoshQ.zip

afTopEP10Bikini_wCmarNYCbreast_Edit by JoshQ.zip

UPDATE_1.1afTopEP10Bikini_wBarbieBoobs_Edit by JoshQ.zip

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