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Arngrim11's Workshop of Randomness

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Arngrim's Workshop of Randomness

This will be my little corner of The lab where I post all my random projects. Messing around with SeveNBase these days. I started me a tumblr the other day to start posting wip images and mods. http://arngrim11.tumblr.com/. I will be posting all my new stuff there and just using this thread for Q/A. 




I ask that these files be kept here on loverslab. So avoid re-uploading, giving out direct download links or reposting passwords.   
SeveNBase Bombshell vA 

Version 1.0 of my SeveNBase variant. My own attempt at more natural looking breasts for weight 0 and 1. Smaller ass and legs while keeping the original shape, and some what smaller and less defined arms on the weight 0. Features my own TBBP weighting and I have added in sunspots more feminine better hands mesh. The original by MrTroubleMaker can be found here .

None atm. I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Old File: Download
New one can be found here.


Elegant Dress Port

My WIP port of the Elegant Dress Mod for Oblivion. The file includes and .esp , textures, and 3 .nif files the default install has the UNP skinny meshes you can find the full figured mesh in the options folder.




Urban Gear (LB)

Here it is guys the long awaited first release of the Urban stuffs. No readme as of yet just paste the stuff in the data folder and go. You will need to download my test file of ASTO which should allow you to use the clothing even without LB installed if you don't mind some neck seam. Credit for the body to Kris † a ™ @  http://cgkrista.blogspot.com/ and the meshes and textures to the original arthurs. I just did some reshaping and porting.  On that note here is the video and file. You can craft the gear under Dwarven smithing. Use the tanning rack to convert to the ASTO version if your not using Krista's ladybody. I have removed the hands and feet from the Halter Top.nif due the way skyrim handles those two slots on loading. I have included a set of naked hands and feet as equipment in ASTO. I didn't add them to any crafting list or container so you will need to access them viva the console the easiest way to find them is "Help Hands" or "Help Feet" depending on which item you want.


ASTO:  https://mega.co.nz/#!xFhgQTBR!U46UoRsAw9Vg_sd2IzWrvF_3wfonpjK_HYhbBi1HCKo (Credit where credit is due. I only did the .esm)
Urban Gear: https://mega.co.nz/#!BcpUTCaa!UtF5szNCvdJzLIDmbg9FESk4I3xx20KKG-CBVW8y4Zo (See Video For PW)

Screen Shots By Forest 





















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On Hold



Arngrim's Tights for UNP Skinny


A WIP set of tights. A black and striped version are included. Has some clipping issues will fix them some time.



Tights%2520Demo%2520Striped.pngOlder screenshot so the item may look a bit different.






Dancing Dragon Cuirass (Waiting for Motivation)


My WIP armor mod. Just learning to 3d model so the going is slow but here are a few images from max.


Body Suit Mesh



Cuirass Mesh







Skeleton Tweak (Might Revisit this Later)


Spent some time messing with the female skeleton in nifskope in an attempt to learn how to adjust bones this is the resulting file.












SKS Ren's 09 (Other Versions)


My port of SKS Ren's 09 hair has some clipping but less than with oblivion. I need to make a few changes to the texture and make an .esp for the full release.










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After installing the new version of the elegant dress' date=' im experiencing big transparent seems on the wrists and neck of my character.. any suggestions?


Hmmm all I changed was the body mesh over to Dimon99's Bikini version so that shouldn't have caused seams. I can't say I noticed any seams when I tested it and made the video which you guys should be able to see now. I was thinking that private allowed people with the link to view it. First are you using the full figure file and have you change any files exodus51? Could you post a image and is anyone else having this problem.


Edit: Ugh my comp seems to be acting up it was fine when I went to work and when I came home it was sitting on the windows failed to load screen. Very odd considering I told it to hibernate when I left. Plus it BSODed on me when editing this post earlier. But back to what I was saying the skeleton tweak isn't anything impressive its just some simple sale and positions changes. The x117 child race got me to messing with it cuz I wanted to try and make an Elin from tera syle body with it and I got side tracked. Would you guys like me to post a Video showing you how to make your own change when I get around to posting the skeleton?Calling it a night guys will chack back here tomorrow after work.



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Ive tried both figures, they both 'work' but both have seams. Heres a screenshot, sorry about the quality, the normal screenshot hotkey wont work for me.


The big seam on the neck is black because of the hair being behind it, and interestingly enough, the seams on the wrists indicate that the body seems to be thicker than the hands... I really hope i can get this working soon because i absolutely love this mod ;(






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Ive tried both figures' date=' they both 'work' but both have seams. Heres a screenshot, sorry about the quality, the normal screenshot hotkey wont work for me.


The big seam on the neck is black because of the hair being behind it, and interestingly enough, the seams on the wrists indicate that the body seems to be thicker than the hands... I really hope i can get this working soon because i absolutely love this mod ;(






Set max weight?

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Well I gots some bad news guys my SSD raid I had windows and skyrim on had a disk die or so I assume Hdtune is reporting 80% of the sectors damaged I have spent most the evening finding out this was the problem and attempting to get some files I wanted to keep off the drive. Windows is running on the remaining SSD atm since all my other drives are full. So I can't test untile I get everything up and running again. Ugh why is it allways my freaking windows install drive that goes out. So is Ex the only person with this problem? Looking at the screen it kinda seems like I exported the wrong 0.nif

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Do you also have the seams Strelitzia or did you even dl it lol. Oh and thanks I got the comp up and running as you can see just need to reinstall all my programs. Will take me a few gonna try and get skyrim back on and test this out before I call it a night its buggin the crap out of me when I didn't have a problem lol.

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Hmm my character has seams too but I have alot of random mods so I couldn't tell you exactly what is wrong with it. Considering previous experiences with other mods instinctively I agree with your guess that it's a weight problem @_@



Edit: Okay I tested this with UNP body, and it's definitely a weight problem. Seams close when I go to showracemenu and set it to max.

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Thx for the mod. I recognized the following issues using the optional mesh:


- large gap in wristarea 1st persion

- gaps at wrists, ankles and neck 3rd person

- used player.setnpcweight 0 to 100. Legwidth changes, but brusts do not. Probaby weight slider issue

- the string of the cloth at the upper leg on one side clips into the leg


Praying to the hardware gods that you get your ssd fixed ;)

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Ok I think I have it fixed. Seems like when you add the model file to the esp it it possible to disable the weight slider if you don't set it up correctly. The only thing I don't get is why it worked for me when I made the video. I will upload the fixed esp in a few and include dimon99's textures for his panty mesh which I forgot.


@RogueMage The esp should fix the 1st person problem aswell seeing as how I used a stock mesh for that. As for the string clipping is it only when moving or all the time? If its all the time you might could move it with nifskope and fix the problem. As for the SSD I'm 99% sure its dead unless you can fix bad sectors on a SSD. I'm kinda amazed any of my crap was working with almost half the data on those sectors.

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Here is a screeny as feedback. Slider works fine now. The string does not clip anymore (probably because of the sliderfix) but it is purple now. That kind of purple for missing texture. Now I have to search for some nice heels and hoop-earings to make it complete. Thx a lot :D


PS: Can one of you guys please tell me how to make a spoiler?








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