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So, I just need to get this out of my system making this thread, maybe as some kind of therapy. Because really it's the most ridiculous thing that I experienced in a game for a long time...I still can't believe it...


Okay, being the last person on Earth that never played Assassin's Creed so far I bought all of them up to part 3 on Steam, for budget. And this Weekend I made a marathon going through the first part, which I almost finished while writing this. It was a mixed bag, the enviroments are still beautiful even today, but the gameplay is quite generic and sometimes tedious and repetetive. But it has some charm, and I love the crusader-era, while Desmond and his doctor-stuff in the present quickly annoyed me...


The combat-system however? I just never got it. I always fuck everything up and just barely survive massive encounters, probably I am the worst assassin ever. :ph34r:


And now one of the final battles...you are surrounded by TEN crusader knights (this is supposed to be a god's trial ... yeah my ASS! That would have been a one on one, not a gangbang!...but whatever), and if you beat them you still have a boss to defeat, while usually I am at lowest health and he kicks the shit out of me... :@


So what did I do after about an hour of frustration, battling the weird combat-system as much as the knights? I started to...mash the buttons like some idiot. Just that...smash, smash, smash every button, over and over....no tactic, no thinking, no reaction, or timing...Just hacking at the keyboard and mouse...like this:




And I beat this whole encounter on first try with this refined and sophisticated method :wacko:  :blink:  :rolleyes:  ...now my question to veterans of the game: is there more of this to "look forward" in future Assassin's Creed titles? Unfair gangbang-battles instead of assassinations? Which, as far as I am concerned, should be more stealthy, and less swashbuckly...but then I can't wait for Venice and Rome and Constantinople anyway, but hopefully its less...weird...



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Well the other parts also have their fair share of gang battles, but the counter system is a lot more forgiving, so you can expect to survive it better. Actually things started getting WAY too easy from AC brotherhood.


AC1 had the tightest counter timing of the whole series, and I remember being frustrated with this encounter too. Don'T worry about it, it gets easier :D

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Combat gets way easier you can press the counter 1s before it comes and it will still work, and I'd recommend you skip titles if you don't mind about the story because after 2 they're all the same, I think the one in Constantonople has everything the previous games have, 3 sucks ass, and blackflag probably has the most fun naval combat in gaming history.

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I honestly don't remember if it is the case, i played them all long time ago but there is I WIN button called coutner.

First part was good because it was first.

Then there is bortherhood

Then 4 <--- that one in venece? It is just extended bortherood.

And black flag. Pirates ahoy!


Other parts were meh, one about US inepeendence war was looking promissing but it went downfall quickly.

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ive played AC: ,2, brotherhood and revelations and the combat was eeeeeasy

all i was doing was waiting for one enemy to attack so i could parry/counter his attack to start up the combo mechanic and kill the rest in one hit 

the combat system on AC games are so simple that the player is over powered  :P

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Play with gamepad. Live life.


I would rather die :P



I am pretty aware that my gamepad-less-ness is part of the problem :D But I won't buy one just for this game...well, I said the same while playing Dark Souls 1....and still don't find THAT one this difficult with mouse/keyboard...


Anyway, I finished the last couple of battles in AC1 the very same way as I did described above: Smashing the keyboard like some idiot, and indeed I died only once. So I for now consider it a superior way of dealing with such battles...(Kinda gave me a flashback into my youth, when my younger cousins played Streetfighter 2 against me on SNES, just mashing the pad like fools, never using any combo/pecial attack, just kicking and punching everywhere, a true nightmare to play against....)


Ah well, so far I just played the first couple of minutes of AC2 ... and so far I already like it more than 1. Not so much about battles, haven't gotten too far into it to judge it...but Ezio? I really like that guy a lot more even now than Altair, that arrogant jackass... :lol:


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