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The old RapePunch


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Simple question from a guy who is totally unfamiliar with Sexout's coding structure and is semi-decent at using Geck:


Is there a way to restore the functionality of the Rapepunch from the old version of sexoutNG?

I don't want to restore the aspect where you can rape anything as there's a ton of mods that do that already, but it's bug or "ability" to raise the dead for sex. Something I had found hilarious and sorely missed when the updates came about. I thought fucking a limbless torso was fucking grand, for a lack of a better term.


I'm not going to say that I've tried everything, but I will say that nothing I've done has worked.

Also I know the old version of sexkey had that exact function, but that's nowhere to be found.

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The version you see is the same as before when the original creator made the mod. I have just made a simple downloads section for it. No modifications to it at all. Now if you are talking about one of the very first versions of that mod.. They were removed by the original author of the mod and aren't available anymore. It was considered buggy. that was out before my time here on this site.


If you are semi decent at using GECK you might perhaps be able to open that mod up and make the needed changes or more precisely reverse the changes and make it so you can do what you did before. All I ask is you don't distribute that version to others.

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I did open it up and tried fixing it by removing the DeadNpc check.

Of course that didn't work though. Player char just masturbates.


In any case I wasn't directly referring to Sexkey alone though. Just stating that I know of it.

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I am not familar with the mod so I can give any advise. Perhaps you can talk to Elerneron and he might know what he did. He is still on this site occasionally. Anyway here is the original thread



Might even be a banned list in Sexout or even SCR. There are so many ways to prevent this .. you have your work cut out for you.



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