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Best technique for applying decal texture


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So, I want to begin using SkinTextures in my mod: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/28386-skintextures/


And I've looked at various other mods:


- SexLab and its application of cum textures

- SlaveTats

- HentaiPregnancy and its application of 'milking' textures


There's variation in technique - some define EffectShader objects in CK (Membrane) and associate those with armor and armor addons. Some use NetImmerse/NiOverride calls (Slavetats) to apply decals.


I would like to avoid CK completely and currently thinking of going the NetImmerse/NiOverride direction...


But I'm facing some unknowns - particularly the learning curve for the various API calls (I know some basics - like expanding node scales) regarding textures, Z-order, blend modes, etc.


Any advice? I'd like to shortcut and avoid any pitfalls.



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