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Sexlab Animation Names

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I have written a Sexlab based mod where I call a number of animations by name, e.g:anims[0] =  SexLab.GetAnimationByName("Arrok Rape")


I had a post on the mod forum like this:


But the set animations are not good (Arroks Rape) Please change On "Rough Behind"

(Arroks Tricycle) Bitte Ändern Auf "Zyn DoublePenetration" oder "Zdi2 Threesome",

Arroks Rape and Arroks Tricycle are not in Sexlab Good to Change

Wass even better would be a setting in the MCM menu



I see some familiar animations with different names.  So, do foreign language version have different animation names and if so, is there a way I can get the specific animation that is language neutral?

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Animation names shouldn't be changed/translated, it's specifically for this reason that they weren't converted to translatable strings like all of the MCM was awhile back. Changing the animation name would break any scripts relying on the name for selection.


Eventually I'll probably add a "display name" setting for animations that can be translated without breaking existing mods that call by their original names, but it's not a priority at the moment.

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