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[Solved] Quest Alias Not being filled Help!!

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I have a non-optional quest alias pointing to the unique actor Idgrod RavenCrone (Jarl of Morthal).  If I set this alias as non-optional, none of the aliases get filled.  If I mark her as optional, all aliases get filled except her.  I get to the stage where I am supposed to talk to her, run to Morthal and look her in the eye (I.E. she is not dead), but the quest alias is not filled.   There are 4 other aliases pointing to other skyrim basic actors (Olfrid Battleorn and Idgrod the Younger are two) that do get filled and are marked as non-optional.  Why just this one??????


If I start a new game, the quest alias gets filled.  I can probably add some script to manually fill this alias, but I hate clunges like that.


Can anyone shed some light on why this might be happening?

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