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Belly dance Costume and CBBE Manga Vanilla Replacer (updated 23/5/2016)

Guest thunderiaz

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Guest thunderiaz


First of all this mod isn't finished. And I am not being able to manage the time lately to finish it but it is still 100% functional. I created this mod for personal use and wasn't planning on releasing it. But I am receiving many requests. So I am releasing it.



This mod has been updated on 23/5/2016. So please redownload of you have downloaded it before.




Things still needed to be fixed:


1. The costumes support only 100 weight. So characters and NPCs with weight less than 100 weight will have slight neck seam. Need to create 0 weight versions.


2. Some costumes have some clipping.


3. I haven't finished skirt texturing for vanilla costumes too (skirts already have textures just not the textures I have planned them to have).


4. I wanted the skirts to be HDT Physics enabled. But my 3D Max Havok content tools giving me hell. 





What this mod contains:


1. Belly Dancer costume: Its based on CBBE Manga TBBP body. It has many parts. Some can be crafted under hide tab and some under Jewelry tab. These costumes are extremely overpowered and magically enchanted. You can breeze through legendary difficulty wearing them. All parts just require Leather Strips to craft.


2. Two Weapons: A greatsword (a varinat of Ebony Blade) can be crafted under Iron and a Dagger (a varinat of Mehrunes' Razor) can be crafted under misc section. These weapons are extremely powerful and magically enchanted. Can kill anything in a few swings. You need a lether strip to craft any of them.


3. Vanilla armors and costumes: It contains all the vanilla Armors and costumes (includind all DLCs) based on CBBE Manga body and TBBP enabled. They are all Long Skirt version. They use vanilla texture. So if you want to install any vanilla texture replacer those will work with these costumes.


4. Nude Body Replacer: It also contains a XL Boobed Nude replacer. If you don't like it then just install any nude replacer you want based on CBBE.


5. Animations: It contains all the required TBBP animations like idle, walking, running, swimming. It also contains combat animations (not TBBP enabled).


6. Skeletons: It also contains all the required skeletons for female, female beasts and female children (skletons based on XPMS extended by Groovatama).


7. Infinite Torches: It also boosts the normal torch lifetime to infinite. One torch will last forever.


8. Invisibility ring: it also contains a ring which grants invisibility as long as you wear it (can be crafted under jewelry section using leather strip).


All this things are packed in a BSA archive (optimized with BSAopt) for easier installation and uninstallation.




Very Important:

Back up your savegame before installing any mod. If anything goes wrong you can then uninstall the mod and if required revert to previous backed up savegame.



How to install:

Just copy the data folder of this mod to your skyrim directory (Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim\) and overwrite if asked. Then enable the esp from skyrim launcher. It doesn't support NMM or other mod organizers. If you have any mod which changes vanilla costumes, skeletons or animations then move the esp from this mod lower in the load order. As this mod uses BSA you can install any loose file based mods which replaces vanilla armors, costumes, animations if you want. 



How to uninstall:

Just untick the esp and then delete all mod files of this mod from skyrim data directory.




How to make it work (requirements):


It requires all the DLCs and skyrim version. Otherwise it will not work. 


1. Install any CBBE textures. I suggest SG Female Textures Renewal (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35267/?). If you already have CBBE textures installed you are good to go.


2. As this mod contains all the required skeletons you don't need to install any (skletons based on XPMS extended by Groovatama). So if you have any female skeletons installed previously then delete them (delete any skeleton file from Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female\) and then copy the files from this mod. If you still want to install any then install a skeleton which supports TBBP (that goes for female children too) but you will have smaller sized boob.


3. As it have all the animations required you don't need to install any. If you have any animations installed it will work with the mod as long as it supports TBBP or BBP. If you are not sure then delete any files from "Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\female\".


4. Finally Install and run FNIS (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/?).


5. It's better to have HDT Physics extension (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/?) installed but not required for this mod. HDT PE will make the boobs bounce while using combat animations included in this mod. And also if HDT collision object installed then these costumes will have havok collison.


6. For any of the above required mods make sure you also install the files required by them too. Read the instructions carefully from those mod's pages.



Download link(Copy the link and paste it on another tab or window,don't directly visit them):



Video and Pics:




















Optional Hip Shake Idle:

This Idle goes very well with these costumes.




Download links:





If you are enjoying the mod then if possible please share links to screenshots and videos of your game running this mod.

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Guest thunderiaz

Hi, Im trying to get this mod to work, but i dont know whats wrong, I installed it like the readme instructed, but the Bethesda logo starts up and the game crashes after that, no start screen, I have thr right version and all of the DLC's. Please help?


Uninstall my mod and then try to start the game. If still the game doesn't start you've messed up some other thing. This mod doesn't contain any scripts, only meshes, textures etc. So it wasn't supposed to happen. Make sure you have the right skeleton. If you have any skeletons installed previously or any mod that changes skeleton remove it. Then install this mod and try to run. Remember to run FNIS at last. Also use BOSS to fix your load order. As this mod is esm, move it up before any esp and last in the esms in load order. 

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Guest thunderiaz

oh, hey, another question, there are smaller textures of the tops of some cloaths on the skirt bottoms, did i do something wrong?


No. As previously mentioned, I haven't finished texturing yet. And when I'll be able to I don't know.


and i was also wondering, is it possible to dissable the skirts?


You can the delete the skirt in nifskope. But then the characters will be butt naked. You can copy and paste other pants or mini skirt made for manga body in them but you have to make sure they are butt weighted. Otherwise they will either crash or have clipping. Go to "http://www.loverslab.com/topic/10270-conversions-for-manga-body/" and find some CBBE conversions and try.

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Guest thunderiaz

hi i use the body ADEC - TBBB +MANGA BODY


THE CBBE not like me because I felt that the torso was not great but seeing the photos I really liked your work just a question can install with NMM ?


I think so. But I haven't tried. It's really simple to install. Just copy the data folder to your skyrim game directory and if asked then overwrite. Then enable the esm from skyrim launcher. Remember put the esm before any esp.

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Guest thunderiaz

Hi there,


this mod is ... AWESOME, thanks thunderiaz.


But i have one problem. The extension are not in my possession.

There is no other way to use for your mod?


I hope for a good response.

(over and out)^^


This mod will require Dawnguard at least. It should work without Hearthfire and Dragonborn but I haven't tried. If you have dawnguard then you should be able to run it.


You can use BSA extractor to extract the bsa from this mod and copy the contents to your skyrim data directory but don't activate the esm. In this way you will be able to use the vanilla costumes but not the Belly dance dress.

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Guest thunderiaz

Thanks thunder,


your suggestion works. I just noticed that the Novice Robe, which are found in Helgen, crashes Skyrim.


I've picked up those robes with no problems. Remember to copy the skeletons and animations from my mod too. Or you can use XPMS skeletons upto 1.93 version (2 has scaling problem) and any TBBP animations..

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Hi thunder,


This time your proposal did not go on. But it does not matter. Mages are not my category.^^


But I saw that in your videos the boobs look more like "rockets". And in my Skyrim they are lowered by a few degrees.
Have you since changed some private data for you?


Greetings Masterlance.

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Guest thunderiaz

Hi thunder,


This time your proposal did not go on. But it does not matter. Mages are not my category.^^


But I saw that in your videos the boobs look more like "rockets". And in my Skyrim they are lowered by a few degrees.

Have you since changed some private data for you?


Greetings Masterlance.


No. I think you have a different skeleton than mine. Or maybe a different hdt PE xml. I am using default hdt 14.28 version.

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Guest thunderiaz

when ever i try to make my character naked or equipped certain gear it seems my game closes on me. not crashing i can re-open it no problem. Its just that it closes the game entirely for some reason. Im using steam to play my game if that matters, the only other mod i got is a mthralling mod. You choose to be a vampire with obtainable thralls blah blah blah. Anyway is there a way to fix this bug? 


This mod requires some additional mods to function. Make sure you have installed all the required mods mentioned at first post. I'll try to recreate the problem and if i can i'll fix it. But I can't manage much time lately so it may take some time (I am sorry).

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