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New All in one skeleton


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Well, on thirty seconds of testing I can already name 2 problems, one bad and one funny.


With Amra's new animations installed, The Skeleton causes infini-dick. Also, it's mentioned in The Skeleton's description that it can cause "havoc oddities" with essential NPCs. Theres an example pic in the pictures section of boon standing in place bent over like he fell asleep on a counter. That particular glitch kicks in at ragdoll phase after sex, both parties look like sparring manequins with their feet nailed to the floor.


Breasts behave normally as they would with a BNB compatible skeleton installed.


All in all, I'd say this new skeleton has potential for us, especially over in Breeder with support for working wings and tails and such. Just need to work out infini-dick.

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The problem is not the skeleton, but the bone names to make animations. The real problem is some skeleton has different names for dick bones so if you use this skeleton and amra animations is using a different name for dick bones then that is the problem,. Adding these bones in with the exact name from the other skeleton should fix this part better.


 also this skeleton is missing allot of other options the other maximum compatibility skeleton had so in all by using this skeleton you are actually going 1 step back.

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