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new vegas slomotion/lag


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I just did a fresh instalation of new vegas and installed some of my favorite mods.   Everything seemed to work fine.  I think i've got my loadorder working correctly and i'm pretty sure I don't have too many intensive mods installed, unless i'm underestimating sexout. I've been installing mods for many years on games like fallout, oblivion and skyrim.  But i've ran into an issue i haven't ever had just now. 
Whenever i play new vegas for perhaps 15 minutes give or take my game starts to slow down.  and i don't mean the regular lag.  Although there is some lag mixed in there probably it feels more like the game has simply slowed down.  And the strange part is restarts don't work.   The only way to get back to normal speed is to completely restart my whole computer.  Which I think is a little strange.  
all i did that isn't visible in my loadorder is remove  a few sentences from start_menu.xml

    <!-- BEGIN Added by Project NEVADA -->
    <include src="includes_StartMenu.xml" />
    <!-- END Added by Project NEVADA -->
Because of an issue with mcm that is now fixed.
I also added a few lines to fallout.ini in my documents to get rid of some weird mouse acceleration in menu bug. 
I didn't change anything else so my problem might lie with my mods.
here is my loadorder, I hope someone might be able to help me.


[X] FalloutNV.esm
[X] RZW_Master.esm
[X] RZW_Portables.esm
[X] DeadMoney.esm
[X] HonestHearts.esm
[X] OldWorldBlues.esm
[X] LonesomeRoad.esm
[X] GunRunnersArsenal.esm
[X] ClassicPack.esm
[X] MercenaryPack.esm
[X] TribalPack.esm
[X] CaravanPack.esm
[X] Momod.esm
[X] Project Nevada - Core.esm
[X] Project Nevada - Equipment.esm
[X] SomeguySeries.esm
[X] Weapon Mod Expansion.esm
[X] WME - GRA.esm
[X] WME - DLCs.esm
[X] Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.esm
[X] ELECTRO-CITY - CompletedWorkorders.esm
[X] ELECTRO-CITY - Highways and Byways.esm
[X] New Vegas Redesigned II.esm
[X] D.E.I.M.O.S..esm
[X] Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp
[X] NevadaSkies.esm
[X] Caliber.esm
[X] Companion Core.esm
[X] SCAV.esm
[X] RobCo Certified.esm
[X] Sexout.esm
[X] SexoutCommonResources.esm
[X] SexoutSlavery.esm
[X] msexBase.esm
[X] SexoutPregnancyV3.esm
[X] SexoutOffSpring.esm
[X] SexoutLegion.esm
[X] SexoutDrugging.esm
[X] SexoutSoliciting.esm
[X] Reload.esp
[X] Rearm.esp
[X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
[X] Performance Of The Gods.esp
[X] RZW_RecordCollection.esp
[X] RZW_VideoCollection.esp
[X] RZW_SimpleGrab2.esp
[X] RZW_BookCollection.esp
[X] Readius_NV.esp
[X] The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
[X] HiddenBunker.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Dead Money.esp
[X] MercWanderer.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Honest Hearts.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Old World Blues (No Cyberware).esp
[X] Project Nevada - Lonesome Road.esp
[X] NewVegasBounties.esp
[X] NewVegasBountiesII.esp
[X] TheCollector.esp
[X] Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Honest.Hearts.Grunt.Patch.esp
[X] Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Leveled.Lists.esp
[X] Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Store.esp
[X] FlashlightNVSE.esp
[X] NVR- Recommended.esp
[X] New Vegas redesigned- Honest Hearts.esp
[X] WeaponModsExpanded.esp
[X] WMX-DLCMerged.esp
[X] WMX-ArenovalisTextures.esp
[X] WMX-POPMerged.esp
[X] Weapon Mod Expansion.esp
[X] Project Nevada - WME.esp
[X] WME - GRA - Weapon Integration.esp
[X] WME - GRA - Vendor Reform.esp
[X] WME - GRA - Unique Integration.esp
[X] WME - GRA - Just Guns.esp
[X] GRA WRP Compatibility Patch.esp
[X] WME - GRA - Complete.esp
[X] WME - GRA - Arenovalis.esp
[X] WME - GRA - All Weapons.esp
[X] WME - DLCs.esp
[X] WME - DLCs Arenovalis.esp
[X] WMX-EVE-AllDLCMerged.esp
[X] hunter.esp
[X] Russell.esp
[X] TheInheritance.esp
[X] Holster.esp
[X] NevadaSkies - Ultimate DLC Edition.esp
[X] Delay DLC - DM + HH + OWB + LR + GRA.esp
[X] Portable Tent.esp
[X] Holster Gear.esp
[X] RearmRebalance.esp
[X] Rebalance.esp
[X] ReSort.esp
[X] ReloadCalX3-1.esp
[X] Portable Tent - Reload.esp
[X] Sunglasses Shipment.esp
[X] Tailor Maid - NV.esp
[X] w44Satchels - Full.esp
[X] Gunslinger.esp
[X] RZW_RecordCollection_OST.esp
[X] RobCo Certified Friendly Hit Fixer.esp
[X] 1911.esp
[X] Reload_Prospector.esp
[X] SmallerTalk.esp
[X] SexoutZAZ.esp
[X] Sexout-Wear-And-Tear.esp
[X] SexoutCheckMeOut.esp
[X] SexoutBreeder.esp
[X] SexoutSound.esp
[X] msexVeronica.esp
[X] msexFort.esp
[X] KDC_Companions_Removable_Armors.esp
[X] Sexout Certified.esp
[X] populatedcasino.esp
[X] SexoutConsequences.esp
[X] SexoutFadeToBlack.esp
[X] SexoutFiends.esp
[X] SexoutKhans.esp
[X] SexoutKings.esp
[X] SexoutNCR.esp
[X] SexoutPowderGangers.esp
[X] SexoutWorkingGirl.esp
[X] SunnyCompanion.esp
[X] SexoutOffspringDialogue.esp
[X] MojaveDelight.esp
[X] SexoutMissMoo.esp
[X] SexoutSpunk.esp
[X] Shake-The-Dope-Out.esp


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you really think so?  Alright i'll try.   what should i do to fix it for now though?  do i just delete a bunch of saved games?   because it even "lags" in the menu before loading anything.  Well i'll give it a shot. It's true i have a lot of savedgames on my pc from older installations.  i'll let you know if it works.  thanks for the help anyway! 

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Well i deleted the savedgames since i saw this too late, and now am only saving on new slots.  doesn't seem to help at all.  If anything I think It might have slowed down faster this time, though that might just be paranoia.  Is there any known way to fix my issue?  I'll try completely cleaning out my save files and starting a new game, but i somehow doubt it'll work.  Not even sure if it's a saved game issue seeing as it happens on fresh starts aswell unless i reboot my pc first.  

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@Nyaalich: I hadn't heard that... I delete the old ones periodically, and haven't had any problems... yet.


@liamvt: To help track it down, try disabling all of your mods and loading your game and see if that helps. If not, try disabling and starting a new game and see if that helps.

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@D_manxx2   that's exactly the kind of slowdown i mean i believe.    I already tried disabling momod and all the sexout mods, which are probably the only ones that could be causing this issue. i also disabled electrocity and nevada skies.  I will try disabling all mods in a minute.    this issue happens in every cell, even after a fresh game in doc mitchels house if i haven't restarted my entire pc.   Everything else works fine, but ik feels like somehow my pc is just allocating less memory to fallout every time or something.   savedgames loading times used to become unbearably long too but with some mods like stutter remover i managed to tone that down to normal.   Deleted all my saved games just in case by the way and started a new game while saving in new slots.   

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I haven't had much time to check things out properly.  But i think it might be saved game bloating?  I don't know much about the subject but i disabled all mods and started a new game.  It worked just fine.  Then i re-enabled all the mods at once and loaded that saved game.  It still seemed to work properly.  then i loaded my other saved game and it happened again.  SO i went back to the new one and after a few minutes of playing the issue returned.   Not sure yet what's causing it but could it be bloating?    I also found out i have another issue i had once before with sexout.  male body textures are gruesomely ugly and deformations are everywhere.  It looks a bit like multiple textures are overlapping.  Any idea what happend there?

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