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Got a minute to point me in the right direction?


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I'm a little overwhelmed by all of the fun mods offered here.  I'd enjoy wading through them to find some good ones for me, but I never seem to have enough time.


I've used the AP mod found on the Nexus, and it was a lot of fun for a while.  But I didn't use 90% of the mod, and the 10% I used was never quite smooth enough that I could use it wo always thinking about how to set up an encounter that would work right.  I finally had to let go of AP and uninstalled it.  (I missed it, though, and wound up adding it again.  Then removing it again.  <lol>)


What I'd like (just my wishful thinking here), is a mod that would let me enjoy some loving occasionally wo the need to load up a big mod that shows up a lot in the game.  I don't need any quests, or fancy sex, or play dungeons, or cat houses, or any of that stuff . . . I'd just like a simple mod that'd let me invite myself into somebody's bed when I'm wanting the company.


I've seen lots of talk about the Lover's Lab Framework, but I can't tell if that'd be a good way for me to go.  I've also seen some talk about AP, and I'm wondering if you guys use that.  (Maybe you use it with the Framework??)


If one of you guys has a few minutes to advise me here, I'd really appreciate the help.




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If all you want is to be able to ask people for sex, with no fancy positioning or requirements for romance and whatnot, you want "Sexout Sex Lite". For a few more positioning options, get full "Sexout Sex".

You can sexualise Willow with "Sexout Willow", for the full girlfriend experience.

For a girlfriend experience without her following you around, go visit Inga in Primm with "Sexout Affairs".


There are many more detailed options available, but this set should get you started to see if Sexout is the sex mod for you. As usual, be sure to read the original post for each mod to see what requirements are needed for each one. Everything requires at least SexoutNG and Sexout Common Resources. 

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Maybe he did but the question was posted in the Fallout section :)
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THANK YOU, everybody, very much for taking the time to help me here.  (I've been gone a few days, so pls. excuse my being so slow responding.)


About the confusion over Skyrim vs. Fallout, . . . my mistake.  I was asking about info for Skyrim.  When I posted the question, I thought I was still in the Skyrim section.   


I'm going to get the LL framework for sure; sounds great.  I'd actually like to start with something like Sexout Sex Lite or Sexout Sex, but I'm not sure if you guys are telling me that Sexout is for Fallout or Skyrim.  I'll find it and see.  Some of the other mods like Aroused sound terrific, and I'll probably wind up with something more "advanced" later on, but I've found that I do better with the mods if I start with something simple (and reliable) to see if a mod of the sort is right for me.


Again, thank you guys for your help here.  I'm eager to see how some of these mods work. . . .



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