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Any good 3DS Max tutorials? (and a small favor)

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I recently got a hold of a copy of 3DS Max, and I was wondering if there were any good tutorial videos aside from the official/professional ones. I understand I'm not going to learn this in a day or two, but there's some really basic stuff I'd like to do which I'd like to jump right into while I learn the broader basics. I've seen a few that have come up in Youtube searches, but some of them were kind of flakey or had horrible audio, so I figured someone here might know where to find better, if less popular, videos/tutorials.


Right off the bat I goofed and apparently got the wrong version of 3DS Max, because I read that there's no .nif plugins for versions past 2012? Is that right? So I'm having to export from nifskope as .obj and import those. Could I model/tweak something in 2013, then have a 2012 user export it as a .nif? Also, It'd be great if someone experienced could help look over the final build when it's done and give some advise or point out errors, because as a first try it's going to be a damned mess.


Here's what I'm trying to do...


Turning this;



Into something a bit more like this;



And here's what I've got so far...






It's not going to be super-detailed, but a lot more true to life on both the exterior and interior. So that means I've got to find some antique furnature models. I've seen a few sites before where you can download 3D models for free, but I never payed much attention to the names of the sites at the time. Are there any really good ones I should be visiting, and will there be any problems bringing them into FO3? I've already picked over the Nexus for whatever resources I could find that look like they might be useful.

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There is tutorial section:



Even  though most them are skyrim based i don't see how different it would be to fallout or even oblivion. it is just the export or import but other then that those tutorials should also work for fallout.








There could be more but i am not 3dmax fan.

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Thanks D_ManXX2, I appreceate the links, but I already know there is a tutorial section here and can do a simple forum search.


I'm sure those links will come in handy later, but for right now that's not really what I'm looking for. I was hoping for suggestions on video tutorials that are easy to understand for beginners, that cover the most useful/used functions, and some general use tips and shortcuts from a perspective of experience. A lot of the video tutorials on Youtube are pretty bad quality - with either accents/voicemasks so thick I can barely understand what's being said, or are completely unedited off-the-cuff rambles that can loose a newbie easily in the errors, ums & ahs & WTFs, oversights, and random telephone calls.


I just wanted to know if anybody had a "diamond in the rough" video tutorial series that had helped them learn the ropes or were generally just of really good quality which covered the most useful functionality without being too technical.

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I am confused. 3Dmax has it's own full Tutorials section on Youtube witch will go to all aspects from 3dmax makers themselfs. Witch blender was missing. What have you been searching for ??




There videos looks fine for me even there audio sounds fine too me. Maybe you been searching the wrong tutorials ??


Also Canderas here one loverslab has it's own tutorial section since he seem more 3dmax advanced. Skyrim has more advanced users for 3dmax so it will be best to do forum search read some of the posts since there is wealth of information.




Canderas has helped many new comers to 3dmax. So if you have questions it will be good to read some of his posts and youtube videos

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