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PS4 and XBox one are energy hogs.


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Everyone's PC here runs a lot more power than any console. The article says the XB1 uses 2-3X as much electricity as the XB360. So even if it ran 3X as much it would still only 450W (the 360 only had a 150W power supply).


How many of your PCs are well over 450W total consumption? And how many are left on all the time? I think you'll find PCs are running your electric bill up a lot higher than a console will.

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The one problem with the article (and the one made by the NRDC) is that it didn't mentioned the labelled wattage on both consoles. Actual further testing by other parties or organizations should validate or invalidate the NRDC claims.


Of course, however, the same study neglects the amount of wattage consumed by gaming PCs, which are more than either console.


Furthermore, when we're not downloading an important update or patch, we just turn it off.




I find it laughable that some bunny-suit fanboy blames the use of AMD processors for the consumption, when it's the best way for devs to port games from the PC to either console.

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