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Books, Paper, Reading...what?


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Yeh there are still people like me that sometimes(would love to do it more but i don't read much any more for many reasons :( )still read books made of PAPER :) .


At moment im reading book called Hitch 22-Christopher Eric Hitchens, between gaming.


Do you guys still read real books?

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Call me old fashioned but I think paper books just have a feeling that electronic ones do not...

It's just not the same, reading an actual book than wasting your eyes looking at a white background screen

It's more comfortable to have the feeling of turned pages and the capacity to carry the text

Sounds silly but it just is... at least I get that feeling

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My mom's family likes to pass books along so I usually get them that way, mostly mystery/thriller types (lots of Dean Koontz).


I agree that physical books are more comfortable to read but I think e-books are more convenient for obvious reasons, though it really gets irritating trying to read them on an LCD display. E-ink readers are nice though.



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Paper books all the way.  I spend so much time everyday with a computer that I'd loose my mind if I had to use a damn ebook reader.  I got hooked on reading at an early age and have never been able to break that addiction.  When I am reading a book or series that really reals me in, I tend to read pretty much every waking hour that I don't absolutely have to be doing something else.  I've been known to skip sleep and food and read during my lunch break at work.  


They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  I did that long ago, however nothing has changed.  I guess I'll have to break down and read the book on that to see what the 2nd step is cause it doesn't seem to have happened yet.    :P      :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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Yes I do! It's mostly with comics and manga but I do come across some interesting novels now and again in the stores. I got into a lot of things I like for because I saw these books while passing by to the manga section. Plus with the manga in particularly, I can boast to my friends about my collection of shelves!  :D You can't really do that with e-books...  :-/

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Sadly, I tend to get most books on my kindle these days. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It's very convenient and the screen is amazing. I thought it would be a strain on the eyes but it feels exactly like paper and ink. But there really is no substitute for a physical book in your hands. Especially a nice, flexible paperback :D


When I really, really like a book I've read on kindle I go and buy a physical copy, too.

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I'm reading some Robin Hobb right now, the "Farseer Trilogy". I went into complete tool mode and saw that George R. R Martin said about it that those books were like "diamonds in an ocean of zircon", and being the Martin fanboy that I am, I bought them all. 


Pretty nice, but still shy and relatively childish on the morality level. Feels like the author is always trying to shove philosophical values in your face instead of concentrating on the plot, so shit is going everywhere and I would be bored already if not for the big mystery of the trilogy that is conveniently being talked about every 5 pages so you'll keep turning them. 

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