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2 hours ago, DocClox said:

Address Library is updated too. Let's go, people!


Not until place doors yourself or a functional equivalent becomes available. Or a future patch adds content I care more about than nice(r) maps. 


That drunken money of an interior layout algorithm should be taken out back and shot through its worthless brain. It is the single most annoying "feature" that ruins a good part of the game for me! :rage:

Since in vanilla it is worthless to ever attempt do anything with the habs so the only thing to upgrade is the Frontier's exterior and systems like reactor and weapons while keeping the super tiny one bed interior. 

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And I will since, maps aside, the changes to how nif files are handled are likely back-end stuff for content we don't have yet and won't get for months. Like the land vehicles and CK/Creation club stuff. Beth has to give me a better reason to nuke the good game I have going right now, particularly if it requires letting the drunken monkey wreak havoc on my ships again, and that likely requires the actual content updates that won't drop until the DLC and/or CK/Creation patches hit. 


As then and only then will we get to see why it was necessary. Right now I feel we're at the stage where Beth has torn down a perfectly good house but only offers a tent next to the construction site of the new building in the meantime while we get to wait and see what is built next.  

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CGM is severely broken at the moment, and I'm afraid it may be years until Expired even look into fixing it. So now it looks like we can only hope that someone will develop alternative to it, or we'll have to stick to Oblivion-style body shapes as premade meshes without capability to morph it in game.

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2 minutes ago, Allnarta said:

Exactly, and this updated version is severely unstable for a lot of players. Especially if you try to use custom ingame sliders functionality, for me it just corrupt saves.


Well to be honest I didn't do much editing. I just selectes a 'preset' changed the skin color, the hair and the beard and that's about it.


So should I remove it?

Cus I don't want to lose my saves.

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When I disabled this mod Ultimate Preset Collection for CharGenMenu at Starfield Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)  I was able to successfully use the looksmenu to edit my character using the SLM 14 console command.  For some reason that presets pack breaks something and causes instant CTD for me.


I know CGM is now working because I have the [presets] tab and am able to save my modified vanilla preset as a new preset. 


I didn't notice if there was anything different to vanilla with the body morphs - using the vanilla body.

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Using CGM with mods and having working bodyslide morphs is essentialy crucial goal for it to properly work - without it there's no sense for even having it in future general modding activity, modmakers can simply make presets with .esm file and add it without CGM to a game, using RTFP for compatibility.


And with mods CGM is definitely broken now.

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I guess we will need to wait for the CK to finally get stuff like this properly sorted. I know expired has always managed to get his looks menu mods out before the official tools. He did it with Fallout4 and I think maybe Skyrim too - but can't be sure because that was a long time ago now.


I heard he had to completely redo the fallout looks menu after the last game update.

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