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SexLab sends me flying.

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Not sure what's going on at all, I haven't made any recent changes. But I was playing a few days ago and noticed that any activation of sex via any mod indoors caused the target npc to move outside of the building as though collision had been turned off and he was stuck there whilst animated.


Ever since then, sex anywhere in skyrim (outside) causes my character to load very high up in the air above the exact same spot near some random giant encampment outside of whiterun and then fall to her death all whilst having sex with the air lmao.


The partner npc can be found right below her on the ground, humping a pile of rocks.


Anyone have any ideas? I've tried disabling various mods that I added recently, and triple checked that everything is up to date etc. Could it be load order?

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Well it's happening to me every single time :/, Sometimes I fall to my death and the game reloads or as I start falling after the short load my game ctd's. I think I'll try a fresh install without visual enhancement type mods to lighten the load a little.

if you want to avoid death at least when you start falling open the console and type tgm. this will save you from dying and you can just turn it off once you "land".

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