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A comprehensive mod that displays graphic icons representing the target NPC's gender, sexual encounters (options for LAPF built-in), status of being essential or respawning, enslaved status (options for LAPF or LST built-in), pregnancy status (options for  TamagoClub built-in), and more.




None of the mods for the special features are required, and it isn't even dependencies for Oblivion's own .esp for use... granted, who'd play this without Oblivion.


It does require OBSE 20+


As this system relies upon tokens carried by the actors encountered, the use of LoversNpcStsSync is highly recommended. Actors that have been defined with the respawn flag will refresh themselves after a time and lose all flags it may have gained. The LoversNpcStsSync mod tracks these actors  and restores these flags.



You have the option to use the MenuQue version (2.0) or the older Pluggy Version (1.5)

For the Pluggy version you would want Pluggy 125 at the very least.

* From Haama (Co-Creator of Pluggy): Use the lowest version required for your Pluggy mod(s).


The previous Pluggy rendition is still available, but no longer being updated.



  • (Any Systems)  Know the gender of your NPCs if masked or unmasked
  • (Any Systems)  Know the actual Race of your NPCs if cannot determine
  • (LC 2.5+ Req)  Know the gender of a creature if gender is defined
  • (Oblivion Req) Identify NPCs that are Essential, Respawning, and more
  • (Oblivion Req) Know which of the four main guilds the NPC belongs
  • (LAPF Req)     Discover the NPC's sexual history
  • (LAPF/LST Req) Identify enslaved NPCs in various states
  • (Tamago Req)   Identify menstrual states of NPCs
  • (Tamago Req)   Know the NPC's gender drives
  • All options can be enabled or disabled in the INI file
  • All options can be placed where you want based on the INI settings


All the features can be enabled/disabled within the INI file supplied.  The position of all the features are based on a modest 1024x768 monitor, so definitely feel free to edit the .ini file to suit your tastes.


  • For those wishing to use the Pluggy edition, Pluggy can be found here .  Afterwhich, rename the OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dll to OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_Hud.dll. The other OBSE_Elys_Pluggy files within do not need renaming. Only the .dll itself to activate Pluggy's graphic capabilities.


  • For those wishing to user the newer MenuQue edition, MenuQue can be found here.



NOTICE FOR PLUGGY EDITION USERS:  While Pluggy is used in various mods, some players have encountered crashes caused when entering load doors when the .dll has been thus renamed.  This cannot be helped. Still, there are other mods that do use Pluggy's graphic capabilities even with this issue known.


This will not be the last update.  I do intend to add additional content some time.


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    OBSE 20, Pluggy 125 - or MenuQue


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to version 1.1


The release was hurried, but version 1.1 is already out.


The INI file itself had a bug in it, not that it was designed to work with a mediocre 1024x768 resolution, but that it was missing entries if anyone wished to scale the hud icons.  Within TamagoPlayerHud, the icons automatically scale down 75% from their native 64x64px size.  With DukkyActorHud, you now have the option to leave them be or properly scale.  That, and there was a minor tweak  I needed to work out with the font name in the INI, a font used for the feature that lets you identify the race of the subject NPC in your crosshairs.


Oh, don't be lame and just go and make a straight line along the bottom.  You can arrange the icons how you want.  They could be vertically along the right side of your screen if you want... and you don't need all of them enabled.


Meanwhile, I did clean up the code handling the in-game quest variables and instituted an error-check system.  Invalid INI values will be corrected, either ensuring switches are either 0 or 1, RGB codes are in a 0-255 range, and even values to accommodate computer monitors up to a 5160x2160 resolution (that's big).  Granted, the HUD software cannot detect what size monitor you have, so don't set the icons too far out of your monitor's resolution, okay?

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Is there a way to increase the icon size above 100%?


First, Monitor resolution: 3840 x 2160 widescreen.


Once I found the icons in game at their defaults, I started moving them by changing the ini x-y coordinates. I also changed the size settings from 75% to 100%, but they are still way too small to be of real use. Changed race font size from 24 to 36, little easier to see but still small. They are about the size of the face icon => 😵


Looked at DAHMain script, but wasn’t sure if this might be the way to go.


Not using any other mods, that I know of, with HUD settings. In fact, I had to change the pluggy dll name per the read me to get this started. Using Pluggy Version 1.32.

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change pluggy dll ?? To OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD.dll  ??   Really?  Please NO !

Then it is a Mod I will never use. Pluggy Hud is a game crasher. I tried it many times, different Mods needed Hud, but I always changed it back to Pluggy-No-Hud and played without these mods.

Never again Pluggy Hud in my game.  I keep LoversSexSense with changed vanilla xml file. Text instead of icons.

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Might wanna wait for someone who studied this than a nay-sayer to answer.



Hrm... okay, so a modification MIGHT be in line.


I hope you like how symmetrical the system is.  :D  Throughout, I added plenty of comments to describe system functions.  However, you only looked at DAHMain.... and not at the scripts that create the HUDS themselves.


You will see within the script DAHInitCreateHud,.....   a lot of Call statements.  Each one to its own individual HUD, be it the Tamago HUD, the Drives HUD, the Guilds HUD.... etc.   At at the bottom of each, you will find something akin to this:


    ;; =========================================================================
    ;; PHASE 4 - Hud graphic scaling and debug feature =========================

    ; HUD Drives - 75% of original or original scale
    if (a3dah.hudActorDrives == 0)
        if a3dah.Debug != 0
            printC "DukkyActorHud: Could not create pluggy VISUAL hudActorDrives."
        if a3dah.DrivesScale == 1
            HudS_SclX a3dah.hudActorDrives 0.75
            HudS_SclY a3dah.hudActorDrives 0.75

Note the last few lines.  For this example, the Drives HUD icon is being stretched (or actually condensed) by 75% both horizontally and vertically.  Rather than 0.75, you might want to set that to 1.25 or 1.50?  I don't know exactly how big you wish them to be.


However, each HUD is individual, and you would need to do that for each.



2 hours ago, Melamkish said:

First, Monitor resolution: 3840 x 2160 widescreen.

And I guess it's a good thing that I set the checks to recognize 5160x2160 resolution maximums.  :D

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The problem is Puggy Hud not your Mod.

I only have the change the dll to OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD.dll  , without a Mod that use Hud , and I get more game crashes.


EDIT:  and I do not use a nVidia card  ( the HUD crashes warning in the Pluggy readme )


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Be that as it may for you, this issue is not a game crash.  The only issue being brought up from a user is the issue with fixing the size of the icons.  There are people that use TamagoPlayerHud and this system is based on the same techniques... in fact, the versions I have made have been studied intensely and plan to further clean and maintain.    So please, remove personal preferences from derailing and attacking this mod.

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Have you read my last post ?


I only have to change the dll to OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD.dll  , without a Mod that use Hud , and I get more game crashes.


I only rename the Pluggy dll to OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD.dll  , WITHOUT INSTALLING A NEW MOD  and I get more crashes , like it is mentioned in the pluggy readme (Known Issues)

The problem is Pluggy HUD. Yes, this has nothing to do with your mod. I've had this problem for more than 12 years, with 3 different computers/graphics cards (nVidia and AMD) , different pluggy versions and installed games. So the crash warning in the Pluggy readme is justified and not just my personal opinion.

I only wanted to say that I can to use your mod because of the fucking pluggy Hud dll . Yes, I've already tried out Pluggy Hud with my current computer and installed game.


In my first post I just wanted to express my disappointment that I (and all other people with Pluggy Hud crashes) can't use your mod because of the shitty pluggy hud.



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Pluggy does have issues as it stated in the read me that it could cause crashes, but, thought I would try it again.


I did look past the DAHMain script to the ones you referred to, Just wanted to check before I tried to tweak tomorrow.

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The mod looks very good. I looked at the icons in the folders, I like them. Also the ini settings.


I can delete all my posts and write:  "Please a menuque version"      But I'm sure then the question comes up: "Why?"   And then I would post everything about Pluggy again.


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This system was designed using the basis of TamagoPlayerHud, itself designed to work with Pluggy v 125.    Oddly, I find it entertaining that v132 was uploaded to Nexus mods on November 2009 while 125 (which I use) was uploaded a year later in 2010.  Perhaps by popular demand?


The ICONS are still going to be in the works.  I am completely unsatisfied with the versions I am using for the Sex History icons... working with fairly... shapely icons in desaturated and sepia-ed pink/blues with the Oblivion contemporary tan gradiated borders.  And the Egg/Fertilized/Implanted icons too need some definition to make them appear more separate. 


Insofar as some overlay options, the SPERM overlay to be specific, I need to have a separate offset system.  This is because the sperm graphic is different in size and doesn't automatically align with the womb glyph depending upon the glyph size.  I may need to add this adjustment to other glyphs such as the Shield/Contraceptive Protecion symbol.


The "Scale" feature will apparently STOP being a simple 0/1 (on/off) switch, and become a floating point value.  Hey, @Melamkish?  What size did you figure was fine?  I'd like to have that bit of accommodation into the value safeguard system.


The ReadMe is going to be further expanded.  For example, the fonts allowed for the Races HUD feature may only be those within your Windows\Fonts folder and only those with TTF extensions... (Arial, Times New Roman, Etc.).  I so wished it would use Oblivion's.  Now if there is an Oblivion TTF.... I'd happily add it to the package.


An in-game manual for the icons will also be created.  Hehehe... I do like making books so.


And for others, I intend to add more comments throughout the code.  Call it a learning experience for those interested.

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One of the pluggy read me notes about an issue causing crashes was going thru load doors. At one time I had massive CTD’s. When I tried to solve this, I got rid of every HUD type mod, and also disabled autosave on travel. Problem went away and incidentally the Pluggy mod I have is Pluggy Dev v132 d/l’d 8/2014.


Now for the icon size issue.


12 hours ago, LongDukDong said:
PHASE 4 - Hud graphic scaling and debug feature


I don’t think the icons are scaling upwards. I changed every value in each one of these. Essentially, no changes.  Here is what I used. The mod seems to work, saw some changes as I tried sex with an npc, but the overlay part was very small.


2.0 (200%)

10.0 (1000%)

20.0 (2000%)

50.0 (5000%)

Font size change is working, set it to 60


Also, on one test as I was getting ready to take screen shots, opened the console and saw nothing but errors. Enabled debug in the ini and took a screen shot of that one also.


First pic is a little wide, scaled to 1/3 to show icon size set at 50, in comparison to the full screen.





Second pic has the console error.





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clarification one item
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Well, you can disregard the part about not scaling.  After the above post, It occurred to me -


; This determines if the Hud Icons are reduced to 75% of their default size

; Default = 0 (0 = OFF, 1 = ON)

  set a3dah.GenderScale to 0


Since the original 0.75 was what changed,

set a3dah.GenderScale to 1

I re-enabled this and could only see the corner of one icon in the lower left.


Got hung up on the word 'reduced'.


After a store run, will re-scale everything and double check the console for any errors and post what size seems to work better.

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😃 Good news and slow news.


Script error not a problem. Going thru the ini, the enforce protection for TamagoFertilityClinic Contraceptives, was still set to 1. I don’t use it, since have always used Lovers Modified Contraceptives.


Set it to 0 and no more script errors.


So far, I have scaled to 2.0 (200%) and may be big enough. Later will try 3 out of curiosity, but the slowest part has been getting the icon x-y coordinates set. Finally close, and can post my numbers when satisfied.

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Melamkish said:

Well, you can disregard the part about not scaling.  After the above post, It occurred to me -


; This determines if the Hud Icons are reduced to 75% of their default size

; Default = 0 (0 = OFF, 1 = ON)

  set a3dah.GenderScale to 0

This portion of the code and the INI file is going to be different in the next version.  The value 'a3dah.GenderScale' will no longer be an on/off switch, but the actual scale itself.  In your case, you would set it to 2.0 ;)  Maybe 3,0?


For this, the system will acknowledge legitimate values from 0.5 to 3.0... this even smaller than the original, and scaling the HUD glyphs to a 32x32 image size. 


DANG, THEY ARE TINY ON YOUR SCREEN... okay, maybe 5.0 :wacko:   Now tell me.  Isn't Evenia and Rannock hot?  And Petra....



1 hour ago, Melamkish said:

Script error not a problem. Going thru the ini, the enforce protection for TamagoFertilityClinic Contraceptives, was still set to 1. I don’t use it, since have always used Lovers Modified Contraceptives.

A script error?  That's unexpected.  Technically, the Enforcement system to test if an NPC has a contraceptive by way of TamagoFertilityClinic first looks to see if (1) The INI value is on, and also looks to see if TFC is itself loaded:


    if a3dah.EnforceProtection && a3dah.TFCBool



By all respects, the system should ONLY execute if both conditions are met.  So I will reluctantly make all conditions within the DAHUpdateHUDEnforceData script a double IF block to ensure this issue doesn't continue.  IE,...

    if a3dah.EnforceProtection == 1
        if a3dah.TFCBool == 1


Now to look into the Lovers History Icons.


h3 h5 h6 h10 RAPED Raped the Player By Player - Copy.png


Early rendition of "RAPE"... I may zoom in a bit for more detail on the upper body of both participants, especially with this one having a a hand around the other's neck.  At this scale... it's not that clear.


Okay, it said you posted 20 minutes ago when I started, and now 58?  Man, I take my sweet ass time to compose a message......


Edit:  Better 'in the works' versions...


Sex             Raped

h1 h2 SEX - Copy.png  h3 h5 h6 h10 RAPED Raped the Player By Player - Copy.png 


Not 'Toned' to fit... but more definition.  And I need Raped(sex with player) and other variants. FUN, eh?

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Here are my impressions of icon size.


I started with a factor of 3.0 and finally got the icon placement satisfactory. And this was trying to keep the icons aligned like the originals.  A scale of 3.0 seemed a little large, but might be good if someone wanted the icons to run up and down the side of their monitor instead of clustered near the bottom.


For my monitor (again - 3840x2160 widescreen) a scale of 2.0 seemed the right size with icons clustered like the original.


Someone with a larger monitor might try 4.0, maybe 5.0, but that might be pushing it, and it would take some adjusting of icon coordinates.


Below are my recommended starting positions for icon x-y coordinates. These looked good in-game and, of course, could be changed if needed.


And before I forget, I had the Race text font size set at 48 in bothe tests.


Scale of 2.0 (200%)



set a3dah.DrivesHudX to 3400

set a3dah.DrivesHudY to 1650


set a3dah.FlagsHudX to 3100

set a3dah.FlagsHudY to 1650


set a3dah.GenderHudX to 3250

set a3dah.GenderHudY to 1500


set a3dah.GuildsHudX to 3250

set a3dah.GuildsHudY to 1650


set a3dah.HistoryHudX to 3400

set a3dah.HistoryHudY to 1500


set a3dah.RaceHudX to 3100

set a3dah.RaceHudY to 1800


set a3dah.SlavesHudX to 3550

set a3dah.SlavesHudY to 1500


set a3dah.TamagoHudX to 3550

set a3dah.TamagoHudY to 1650


Scale of 3.0  (300%)



set a3dah.DrivesHudX to 3300

set a3dah.DrivesHudY to 1700


set a3dah.FlagsHudX to 2900

set a3dah.FlagsHudY to 1700


set a3dah.GenderHudX to 3100

set a3dah.GenderHudY to 1400


set a3dah.GuildsHudX to 3100

set a3dah.GuildsHudY to 1700


set a3dah.HistoryHudX to 3300

set a3dah.HistoryHudY to 1400


set a3dah.RaceHudX to 2900

set a3dah.RaceHudY to 1850


set a3dah.SlavesHudX to 3500

set a3dah.SlavesHudY to 1400


set a3dah.TamagoHudX to 3500

set a3dah.TamagoHudY to 1700


I really do like the fact that the race of the NPC is shown in game, 😃 but will take a little while to learn what the icons mean when they change their picture.


3 hours ago, LongDukDong said:

DANG, THEY ARE TINY ON YOUR SCREEN... okay, maybe 5.0 :wacko:   Now tell me.  Isn't Evenia and Rannock hot?  And Petra....


Hot isn't the word for these girls!🤣

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The sperm effect around the Tamago hud WILL have a fix in the next edition.

STILL working on history icons like the ones I presented just some hours ago.

rrrrAPE.png   W Raper.png


Technically, most history is whether the target raped, raped you, was raped...  a LOT of rape going on.  And who is highlighted and who is saturated will define which is which.  Not bad for a "NOT" pixel artist?

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Posted (edited)

Dukky this looks really nice. I hope someday Hama figures out what is causing the load door crashes and updates his mod. Have you considered using Menuque instead ? I know Tamago requires Pluggy, but you are the maintainer of Tamago now. :) Looking over my own load order, it seems the only mod I use that uses Pluggy, is Tamago. It would be nice to get rid of Pluggy.

Edited by Sladen2019
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Puggy don't cause crashes or load door crashes. It is Pluggy HUD. As long as you don't rename pluggy dll to _HUD.dll you won't have any crashes.

And I think the Plaggy Hud problem was the reason why someone created Menuque , a tool for menus/huds.  


And I thought pluggy is used by many (lovers) Mods for arrays, strings and ini files ???

But modern Hud mods use Menuque (like HUD Status Bars)

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, fejeena said:

Puggy don't cause crashes or load door crashes. It is Pluggy HUD. As long as you don't rename pluggy dll to _HUD.dll you won't have any crashes.

And I think the Plaggy Hud problem was the reason why someone created Menuque , a tool for menus/huds.  


And I thought pluggy is used by many (lovers) Mods for arrays, strings and ini files ???

But modern Hud mods use Menuque (like HUD Status Bars)

I am aware already that the crashes are from renaming the dll to its hud variant. I keep my pluggy dll named OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dl always. I have avoided hud mods thus far, but this one looks really nice and can be helpful. Unfortunate that its needs pluggy dll to be renamed to _HUD. Tamago is the only lovers mod I can think of that uses Pluggy. There are probably more though. Dukky might know more on this. The only negative thing I can see about Menuque, is the comments and bug sections are closed off at its Nexus page.

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Posted (edited)

There are other Pluggy mods out there for the Lovers with PK environment.  LoversRaperS for one uses pluggy to load and save custom INI files, though that is not HUD related.  However, TamagoPlayerHud is one that has, since its Graphic inception, that does use Pluggy for HUD applications.  'Course, you have Customizable Hud Components, Battle Fatigue and Injuries, Eat and Sleep, SimpleHUDClock, and others that are also Pluggy at Nexus.



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to version 1.5


More patient was I with this release of the Pluggy reliant HUD, a notification regarding Pluggy's HUD capability and issue now in the main post for those interested, This issue can not be helped, though Haama (Pluggy's co-creator) appears still active and responding. 


♦       ♦       ♦


The INI file itself is still formatted towards a default and mediocre 1024x768 resolution as this was the same resolution that TamagoPlayerHud was designed, this not changing in the near future. 


The Icon Scaling system has been completely changed.  No longer is it one where you turn on or off the 75% icon scaling, but where you set an actual scaling value ranging from 0.5 to 3.0.  Now the icons (most of which currently 64x64 px in size) can be shrunk down to 32px in size or increased to 192px in size.  Perhaps I will increase the range even larger to 5.0 (or x5 times in size). But the largest vertical resolution I have seen on monitors has been 2160px, and the current 3.0 max size appears adequate.


Certain accent icons, such as the Contraceptive/Protection icon for TamagoClub, or the QuestNPC flag for Oblivion itself now has their own offset values. And by this, you can set whether their X/Y offset is 0 and more centralized, of adjust them to be more towards the left, right, or whatever. Do pay attention to the Icon Scaling you give your icons when adjusting these values.


In keeping with a naming convention (ie D.A.H. for DukkyActorHud), all the HUD graphic filenames have been renamed and begin with 'dah'.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but there is a bright side.


Some of the graphics for the HUD display have been thoroughly remastered.  Of special note, the Sexual-History Hud graphics, apart from the V (for Virgin) status, now depict a general couple involved in the targeted actor's sexual history.  Whether it be consensual or otherwise, there are letter-based indicators (S-Sex-w-Player, V-Rape Victim, VP-Victim-of-Player, PR-Player-was-Raped) and contrast factors depicting the form of coitus the target has been involved.


One additional guildhall has been added to the Guilds Hud, this particular guildhall assuredly not affecting any others.


For those confused about each HUD display icon, a book is added to the player when the mod begins (added only once). Written by (um.. fictionally) Bumph gra-Gash of the Bruma Fighters' Guild, the book describes many of the icons and explains their nature.


♦       ♦       ♦


Other options I am further considering for the future:

  • A master HUD: Basically a graphic all others go atop. And with that, the master HUD's x/y coordinates would shift all the others about.
  • A Game-Time clock.  I mean, how often do you keep checking the time with Wait or accessing the menu?
  • Increase Icon scaling to 5.0 (again making it possible to have hud icons at 5X the size... or 320px size?)
  • Various LAPF mod support:  Cannot Rape (LoversRaperS denial flag) being one.
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Posted (edited)

MenuQue Edition Warrants

BUMP to 2.0


For certain individuals that would so want to play with this hud, but feared issues using a Plugyg-based HUD to spy upon an NPC's special criteria and states, the new MenuQue edition of DukkyActorHud is now available. 


Um... same features... same icons.  ALMOST the same INI file (some tweaks).  And all the graphics are stored in a BSA file, the Textures folder with the myriad icons no longer needed.


And the second thing I ever did with MenuQue.


The previous edition written with Pluggy still exists within the download, version 1.5. But it will no longer be updated. Of any more work, the only thing I can think of adding would be support for more fonts if I can determine the best and cleanest manner how.

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BUMP to 2.1


This new version now utilizes MenuQue's ability to access non-standard fonts kept within the Fonts\Extras folder, those fonts that uses two files (one with the .fnt extension, the other with a .tex extension). Up to twenty different fonts are supported, including those from HUD STATUS BARS, though none are included in the package.


NOTE:  You may have difficulty if more than 32 fonts (or 64 files) are within the Fonts\Extras folder, particularly those that may be checked later in your list (in the same order as their ID number).

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