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Any skintight jumpsuit replacer/alt mods?


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Are there any skintight jumpsuit mods at all, not necessarily latex now or things like the mantis Zero suit. Basically anything that clings to the skin more than some replacers seem to do, expecially for the radiation/space suits and the Old World Blues Stealth suit. While a lot of these replacers have some skimpy and revealing outfits, the jumpsuits and overalls don't really follow this except with an open front.

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i don't think any of the jumpsuit replacers are skintight, because they just generally aren't in the first place, if you want them to be so your gonna probably have to get creative. what i like to do when im bored, is go download some really nice looking armor and load it up in the NVedit, copy its mesh path for female biped model, and paste it over an existing armor entry, making all that type of armor look like what i downloaded. doing this you can make your jumpsuits anything you want, including some random skintight suit you find, it no longer has to be a "replacer", you make your own.

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I'm looking for ones that fit in with the game so the Zero Suit isn't really an option. Basically stuff from a Vault suit to power armour that is basically skintight rubber/latex/whatever with a few pieces of armour not covering anything "important".


@ DeadSomething

Do you know what they are called?

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