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Mod creators should say in their mods descriptions if they allow their mod to be added in a pack.


This way we would have entire packs of mods installers which people would put together to create THEMES of packs.


This simple thing would save the entire community millions of hours, yes mathematically correctly speaking.


This also would make skyrim moded accessible more massively, since people who would never go through the effort of installing several packs would actually install a pack of mods wich changes the game withing a theme.


So instead of compatibility, you would say my mod can be added in pack or installed together with these mods but not with these... This way could actually also pick on the theme you want your mod to be on. So basically a modder creator would have even more power over their mods, not less as at first look it might seam.





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lol so you want to follow the Nexus lead?

  • What happens when a modder decides to remove thier content?
  • What happens when one mod updates and the others that are needed don't, and no permissions are given on the mods to update it elsewhere?


12 minutes ago, shakedownmaster said:

This also would make more modders join

yea? How that working out on the other site?

The best modders in the game are already here. Just goes unnoticed because we don't create 1000's of followers that look like underage girls, which seems to be what everyone else is looking for elsewhere.

It goes unnoticed because people will not admit they use the mods here, so they will be on the site for years without saying a word.

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On 7/11/2021 at 12:20 AM, shakedownmaster said:

This also would make more modders join and a new content creator roll exist, pack creator.



Give me money for making a five second pastebin



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I made a few of these for my own use, for when I reinstall. It's useful for your own use. But would be quite disrespectful for mode makers to share them, it's like "white branding" them, if I did put a significant number of hours on a mod of mine I'd hate it.


If you show less respect and gratefulness to mod author, you'll simply have less/less updated mods.


Beside, the last thing we want is make what we are doing too accessible. As we say in my country: to live free, live hidden. Writing modding/setting things up guide is the best road to go.

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