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please help


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19 hours ago, das_knauf said:

i solved this easily 2019 but i just forgot how to solve this i know it is easy but im a bit short with nerves so can anybody hit me with advices i tried almost everything out of ideas please help


The "DX8" error message is misleading b/c the problem rarely has anything to do with DX8/9.


But if you're getting this on Win10, you need to install the "DX9" support files AND the dotNet 3.51 support files to get Hook working on Win10 with DX12.

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ok i installed c++ redistributables and i solved the error problem and it enters the game the sreen turns black but shortly after few seconds game crashes again...now i need to do 1 more step and it will work but im out of ideas,tried almost everything installed bunch ofeverything...any suggestions for mee??could be the main11.fx the problem??

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A crash right before the room loads usually means either something in the room is throwing an error or the room itself.


Does this occur with EVERY room with H5 support or just one in particular?


Launch VX in "OpenGL" mode and see if the problem goes away.

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