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Noob install help

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So I had to do a wipe of my computer and reinstall everything.  I am really new to TK17 and did not put much time into figuring it all out.  I re-installed the VX game.  Now I for the life of me can't remember how to install the update.  Also there were settings that I had to do last time.  I think there was something with 4gigs also and something in the binaries folder.... There use to be a step by step process for all of that but I can't find it. 


I've looked here but it does not seem to cover updates etc... https://sites.google.com/view/tk17documentation/home


Sorry for the noob question just want to get up and running again.

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To update, simply replace the original files with the copies in the Update archive (there should be a ReadMe inside telling you the proper location(s).)


That's it.


Regarding the 4GB patch, that is now built into the Options Manager. Simply load the OM and in the 2nd sectionon the first tab ("TK17 VX Options"), you'll see two versions of "enable 4G executable." Check the first one (not both), click "Go!" to apply the patch.


There is a minor bug in the OM, so you may have to do this twice to get the box to stay checked.


The patch will allow 32bit TK17 to access a full 4GB of memory instead of just 2GB (reducing "Out of Memory" crashes.) Having more than 4GB in your system makes no difference.


Sorry I didn't mention it in the documentation. I didn't cover the Options Manager, just use of VX itself.

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