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A big thanks


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I finished CLS after 35 hours and i must say that is one awesome mod. It had it's funny moments and also it had WTF!.. i didn't expect that moments. Once such moment was at the end of the game.


And as the title said i would like to say i big thanks to all that worked on this project and made such an amazing mod. Thanks. 

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I will use this thread to say a big THANK YOU to Grumpf, great mod.

Doing the hunt at the moment and i am having a great time playing it. And the animations, oh the animations, amazing work :)

I usually play as a male character and i can tell that this was made for a female character (especially my ass can tell :D ) but,  from the conversations they know i'm male and  i don't mind doing sacrifices ( anal ones :D ) for the Goddess :P

Once again

Thank You Grumpf.

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