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Ulfhednar Mate (werewolf, companion and sex mod idea)

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     This mod idea is loosely based off of the Viking Ulfhednar a form of Berserker who fought for Odin and who's spirit animal was that of the wolf unlike their cousins the Berserkers who's animal spirit was the bear and mostly was associated with Thor, they fought in packs, experts in night time operations, gorilla operations. Now for the Skyrim lore the Ulfhednar are an ancient race and group of werewolf warriors who are the vanguard of Hercines army however their numbers are small and only a few remain, hiden in Solstiem. They wear the wolf pelt of their fallen comrades to give them strength and to put fear in their enemies, however due to their warrior nature and nature of the beast they favor the strong even more so when it comes to breeding and mating, and they stick together as a pack and fight as one.


Now where the mod idea comes in, this can be used as an alternative of becoming a werewolf out side of the Companions, could also have a plugin for Live an other life mod. Or even additional dialog options if you are already a werewolf and harbinger of the companions, remember the Ulfhednar admire strength. How it would work is after coming upon a book talking about the Ulfhednar of old, you may get a quest to search for any remaining Ulfhednar in Skyrim or Tamrial where you come across the camp in Solstiem where if not a werewolf you can ask to join them, you would be tested for your combat ability and if you impress they will allow you to join after swearing loyalty to the pack, Hircine and becoming one with the beast a werewolf, further more after this you will be partnered up with a male Ulfhednar warrior or even the Chief him self as a mate, to bear his children (being female can be used) and to continue the line of Ulfhednar and ensuring the future of the pack. 


Additionally if you are a champion of Hircine you may be given the task by Hircine to help our his loyal warriors, however unknown to the Dovakiin that help would includ bearing their children and being a mate to the Chief. Now as for other features once you become a Ulfhednar you will gain extra abilities as you are not longer a slandered werewolf, but the favorite of Hircine, you get additional strength, weapon speed, sneak buff and can eat raw meat without getting sick, have hightened senses such as being able to see life forms, having increased senses, increased stamina so on, and the ability to transform more then once per day. Further more you can get the ability to use werewolf howls all be it a weaken form in human form and the ability to morph parts of your body in human form such as claws ( have something similar to the khajiit or Argonian skill for unarmed fighting) to aid in battle and strengthen your skin to help reduce damage done by weapons. However a down side is with this increased power you are also more susceptible to the moon and when the moon is fullest you may turn into your beast form with out control (Moon light tales mod, would also allow you to customize your werewolf skin).


Also upon becoming a Ulfhednar and becoming a mate you are marked by your mate with paint and tattoos to signify your statues with in the pack as a mate and warrior. (Ziovdendian Bodypaint - Designs of the Lupine - RaceMenu Overlays mod) and seeing how the Ulfhednar don't really require armor due to their ability to increase their toughness of their skin, their increased speed and strength and focus on gorilla warfare which is fast past, they prefer to wear light to medium armor to no armor out side of maybe boots and gauntlets, also being a werewolf you will be transforming and the less you wear the faster your transformation as you don't have to un-equip so much armor. 


Now for more features as you are now a werewolf you give off hormones when you are in heat or aroused and the other Ulfhednar can sense this, so if you are too aroused or in heat the other Ulfhednar and or your mate may do something about it, and as your job as a female Ulfhednar is to help give birth to children to ensure the future of the pack your mate and the other Ulfhednar will make sure you live up to that role as well. Now as a member of the pack and or a mate of one of the Ulfhednar you can take them out as a companion on quests and adventures to aid you in combat, as you remember Ulfhednar fight in packs. Now for a simple slavery plugin option and more BDSM orientated option as well. You can be sold to the Ulfhednar who desperately need female werewolfs to mate with  or females in general they can always turn you into a werewolf if you are not one already, and then keep you as a bitch who's sole purpose is to be fucked and used to breed future Ulfhednar, to ensure you don't escape you will be locked in restraints, a collar, and kept in a cage when not being used. (can have Sanguins Debauchery plugin for this or other mods) further more you may be locked in a petsuit to make you crawl like the bitch you are, have a tail plug inserted to make you look more like a dog, and be muzzled aka gagged so they don't have to listen to you whine.  


Links to mods mentioned and others that may help with this if you do create it. 

https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34615 - Mantle of the Silver Hand for Werewolf Pelt/cloak as seen in the image.

https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69671 - Being female nexus addition

https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59463 - Moonlight tales - Werewolf and Werebear mod.

https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97284 - Ziondendian Bodypaint, also seen in photo


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