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SL Animation Loader won't show up in MCM

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So I'm not sure what I did wrong, I downloaded the mod along with all its dependencies as well as ran FNIS, for some reason it won't show up in the MCM even after

I tried setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1. Because of this I can't run any of the SLAL animation I have installed, even though FNIS detects it. Someone help pls.

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ohoh, that doesn't sound good.


in case you use also creatures:

On a new game:

> activate SLF first

> activate creature animations in Sexlab

> save/reload

> only now activate SLAL animations


That's the basics.


Except for Jcontainers I don't think it will help with the MCM.


Topic visitors might be able to help more if you:

> post LO

> post FNIS output

> what mod manager you use?

> did your SLAL MCM ever showed up?

> does your Sexlab work unrelated to SLAL?

> do other mod's MCMs not show up? (if a mod with MCM fails to initialize it can prevent other mods from initializing too)


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My Sexlab works without SLAL, though without SLAL Animations.

Other mods with an MCM menu seem to be able to show up.

Yes, my SLAL MCM did show up at one point, but can't remember when.

I use Vortex as my Mod Manager.

As for the LO and FNIS, I'll be posting that soon, otherwise this is all I can write for now.

I really hope someone can help me.

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