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wickedwhims can't

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8 hours ago, zildilman said:

Jens wicked jobs is broken permanently so get rid of it.....

as well as these...

Woohoo/Pregnancy Mods Error

Outdated mods related to pregnancy or Woohoo™.

Known mods that cause issues like this:
- Remove ArtUrlWWW Pregnancy Mega Mod,
- Remove Inteen (teen pregnancy/marriage mod),
- Remove Babies for Everyone,
- Remove Risky Woohoo Mod,
- Remove Get Naked for WooHoo,
Any other mod related to pregnancy or Woohoo™.

You also have all the fallen mod.....you need to get rid of this as it's illegal in a lot of countries....Turbodriver regularly reports people to the authorities for having this I believe...


This needs looking at too.though a game update may fix this....

ColonolNutty's Mod Warning

Potentially broken ColonolNutty's mod relative to WickedWhims.

Outdated Tunable Resource Error

Outdated Tunable Resource requires removing.

Tunable Game Resource with name 'mixer_social_KissCheek_targeted_romance_alwaysOn' contains incorrect/outdated information.

This also needs looking at....


As I said....get rid of all the fallen mod....or you could be in trouble......


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