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Hello fellow Simmers,


First off let me say "I'm a CAS whore".   No, not interested in any therapy groups. What I am interested in is making the process of populating empty custom worlds easier.


My addiction to CAS goes way back, and by taking an existing household into CAS, and customizing their looks, and clothing (fucking EA nightmare bitches) I'm able to enjoy the world without those SMH experiences. This obviously started way back when my custom household would 'engage' with other sims whom wear the name 'potatoheads' well.


Okay then. Several hours later every single sim has been customized and the world is now ready to enjoy. Yes, still need to bitch slap a few NPC's as they appear but for the most part - done!


Default worlds such as Bridgeport have interesting populations and after playing these worlds for awhile, the sims become part of that world and it's hard to see replacing them - so into CAS we go... weeeeeeeeeee.


Not so easy on an empty custom world.


I've only tried Nrass populate one time, but it was a long time ago on the original Sunset Valley with a save which had aging 'on'. I noticed the town becoming empty so thought - "Okay Nraas, time to import some new blood". This completely broke the save, so it sits waiting on another option besides me going in and doing it manually.


Some worlds like Los Aniegos have bustling populations created by the world author, and for the most part - interesting sims. Others like Sunset Valley 2017 (forget exact year) are totally void of life.

While this seems interesting at first, the weight of populating a world from scratch becomes tiresome after several hours, and there always seems to be more houses to fill....


So we get lazy, go into the library, and drag a few premades/saved from the bin and drop them into the game. A bit later the world is finally done, but now when playing, it feels quite odd to see sims I know so well from other world(s), here.


Also needing to clean out the library bin often requires the loading of a particular world to 'export' a household for specific use. Sometimes I just want one person from a family which requires some clipboard action during edit world. Anyways, success usually means enough time for a couple of world loads (can be tiresome) and several file deletes once complete (necessary). That's one. Next!


I'm in the process of populating a brand new world, trying to make it realistic, somewhat gritty, but not dystopian. While I do plan on customizing each and every household, I was hoping to maybe use Nraas to fill it, then I could tweak it instead of doing it all. Plus the randomness makes for good fodder to take into CAS.


Lastly, while customization is good, this means there are no surprises unless I can keep my nose out of the traits/etc. tab. Easier said than done.


I just don't have much experience with that function of Master Controller/Story Progression. Any knowledge, experience, do's and don'ts, would be appreciated. Populate this world - does it do what it says?




Almost forgot my obligatory screenshot.





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I never liked what I read on or about any of the story progressions available.


I just took the slow and steady route.... I started to populate a whole town manually. I have been on the same safe file for many many years and across several computers.... though I don't play Sims 3 very often. But I get a couple opportunities to binge in a given year.


Anyways. I started with a bunch of celebrity sims and a couple of other sims I made custom.... Lots of extreme genetics, skin colours, races and body shapes.... I kicked out all the sims already living in Twinbrook… So its just my sims there. Then lots and lots of breeding over the years lol.  Now I am up to about 200 sims living in Twinbrook.... All of them are descended from the original twenty sims... I haven't made a new sim since the very beginning.... Lets just say peoples family trees look like tangled strings of Christmas bulbs.... lol... everyone is at least everyone else's cousin. And I use Epic life spans as well. I would say at least 50 sims have died of old age thus far... but its cool to trace the family trees back to the start...


With all the CC in there, my load times are ridiculous.... but I have managed to keep the game stable and running smoothly.... the only time it crashes is in CAS.... but the dresser and the mirror are safe for using, I try not to edit my sims in CAS anyway and leave the EA genetics alone.... sometimes if a sim comes out too clonish or vanilla I will use Nrass to remix their genetics to keep things interesting.







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I don't use any 'stories' per se, but I prefer the Nraas SP to EA's as everything seems more natural - break ups, moving, etc. I play with aging OFF. As much time as I spend in CAS it wounds me as a town ages and the EA dressing monster ? comes out of the closet, so I'm 'forced' to take these sims back into CAS and set up the entire outfit selections - again.


OCD much? ummm yeah, but I can so it's a curse and a blessing. As aging is off, natural populating isn't an option for me, so for the meantime, looks like it's handcrafted. Since I don't want 'reminders' of other worlds, I'll have to make each one from scratch. Sometimes making families this way isn't bad - just take a parent, drop the age/sex, make a few adjustments and instant family.


200 sims is good. Add in the service sims whom make 'push' appearances in my game, and it's a decent enough world. Speaking of worlds - this is just another reason I can't let go of the Sim 3 as I did with the Sims 2 (love that as I may) OPEN WORLD. It just creates so much opportunity, especially where Kinky world is concerned.


Suggestions: Merge package files with S3PE (keep master folders in case) into groups. Use Kuree's save cleaner to drop save size which bloats over time. Use Nraas MC to reset worlds occasionally. I run every EP (no stuff packs) and a metric ton of CC myself. As my game grew, I needed to learn how to manage it. I know I'm not done yet, but not much else I can do but be vigilant in large full worlds - don't go crazy with secondary or more outfits for each sim (using nraas dresser's rotate outfits).


Still, it would be nice if I had a stable 'pour a crapload of random sims' into an empty world mod. Nraas is the only one I have or heard of, but prefer some experienced input if possible.

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I spend as much time in CAS dressing sims as well.... unique outfits for ever category for a the whole town.... At least with epic aging I don't have to do it very often... I use the passion mod as opposed to KW to cut down on resources.... I also just use 666's animations to keep it trim as well. I use Nraas overwatch and I also dump everyone's inventories as well. Rest all the sims, etc.... I only have late night and ambitions though. 


I have not merged any files yet but have been reading up on it for a couple days. CC magic is what I have been looking into, is S3PE better?


I also haven't used save cleaner.... I will look into that thanks.


I uninstalled dressor I found it a bit buggy for the way I mesh accessories as part of outfits.


I have only ever heard of the three story progressions, nraas, Ea and one other.... Nraas being the best from what I have heard.



I will keep my ears open or let you know if I get any ideas. Best of luck.



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Well, I took my time, did some reading and came up with a plan. This is how it turned out.


Inside NRaas Story Progression are settings that turn on immigration/emigration. Once on, other settings control how quickly the world adds Sim(households)s and besides things like finances, allows you to select how they will be 'generated/genetics'.


I chose to use a blend of library sims to try and keep the potato heads down, which meant filling the library with the sims I wanted to use. After saving WAY too many to keep the gene pool variety interesting, yet somewhat controlled, I turned it on and held my breath.


Slowly I started getting messages from NRaas Dresser informing me of outfit 'corrections'. Okay then - it's working, just give it some time so I have families to start working with.


Moment of truth - go into edit world and start jumping to each household - tweaking each sim so I can 'deal with looking at them' in the game. For the most part, my strategy on library choices for gene pool worked. Most sims lost that generic potato head look, but like any good EA game, the fat lady just doesn't stop singing....  I now realize for this to function best - I got too many fuckin' sliders!


Ok, I knew I'd have to go into each home, and dress each sim - it's the way of the world, and I've accepted that. But now I also have to zero out a bunch of sliders to keep my town from looking like it was taken over by mutants - this is what happens when you have, oh, things like amputation sliders, height and other sliders to really 'customize' a sim, but now EA is at the wheel, and EA is drunk.....


So, while not perfect by a long shot I succeeded in filling the world with Sims whose 'genetics' for the most part are far enough from default, yet with a semblance of attractiveness. I still had to modify each sims sliders to get rid of that - EA: tweak this slider by 3, this one by 7, that one by 20 etc. Faces and most everything I left as 'rolled' unless I saw an obvious Sim whom didn't get a good roll and used too much 'generic'.


>Sliders always needing tweaking - 8 amputation sliders, Alien leg slider, Hip height sliders, foot/toe height/width sliders, Sim raise off floor slider. Others sometimes needed tweaking because of extreme settings, but I find it a small price to pay so I didn't have to go into CAS and take the SAME sim and try to make it 'unique' over and over again. Also I tend to make attractive sims, and making them 'not' while still being realistic isn't easy for me. This did the trick. It also made many 'heavier' than I would've chosen, but that was the idea to begin with - take it out of my hands and don't get carried away.


So - success for the most part, with lessons learned. Although the original problem remains - needing to 'customize' each and every household in a new empty custom world. At least my creative juices don't get completely exhausted after 2-3 households, as it feels more like maintenance than creation.


tldr: gtfo

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I've tried the whole, letting (NRaas) SP's defaults "blend" facial structures, but ended up (in several cities) with people who looked more like the cavemen from Geiko tv commercials (here in the US) -- huge foreheads -- basically looking like they're deformed monsters than descendants of any existing sim.  I've tried tweaking that, cutting it's range down a ton.  I've also had to vastly adjust the skin tonal ranges and almost all the settings, because it's been frustrating with it creating sims that are devoid of color, using nude "clothes", using inappropriate clothing options... what I wouldn't give to be able to bitchslap every single CC creator out there who just lazily applies "allow for random" and ticks every single clothing option instead of logically thinking. (but that's another rant for another thread).

Anywho, @landess, what I'm wondering is how you handled ^^^ that issue as well as the (what I just ran into yesterday) issue where "it" (EA, SP, KW... something) decided to add in new copies of the chemist "career" uniform, just because the sim used the chemistry station a time or two, and now their actual job's career outfit (as horrid as it looks, still better than them going to a sports agent job with goggles & gloves & a lab coat) is now lost from the game overwriting it.

Now, as for using something to make the whole populating a world less painful -- that I've not experimented around with, yet.  This current world is Bridgeport with all, but the households that had vampires, removed from the world and a metric ton of downloaded sims (exported the sims3packs to packages to prevent duplicating common items, pulled the .sim file after importing the sims into a sacrificial world... took a very very verryyyyy long time).  I want to say that I started out with about 50 or 60 sims, but my list isn't close... (just checked the SavedSims folder, there's 61 .sim files there).

It took me 3 days to edit a few gender/age combos for those stupid (but neat) clothing pedestals from ITF as it kept crashing, the "poof" the game is no longer running type of crash.  Those "error 12" things haven't been (knocking on wood -- hard, now) all that frequent in this go-round with the game.  Been lurking here, and a few other sites, for quite a while, reading, learning.  This time if my ever running Task Manager shows the Sims process get above 2,900 MB, I save & exit.  Every time I dump those 5 cache packages in the base folder, make sure the "current game" folder is empty, move off the (WTF were they thinking) "billion" log files to another folder, so that every time I start the game it's starting fairly fresh.  I keep 2 backups, that are updated with reduced frequency, of the entire "documents" folder, just in case something really gets fubar'd.

But, yeah... an easier way would certainly be nice.  Maybe I should just turn off, completely, anything that creates new sims, but then I'd still have to deal with the stupid EA's f***ing hideous clothing options whenever one of my sims' career advances, well, *that* and creating NPCs isn't exactly something I relish doing.

I think the slider f-up, that caused all the deformed facial (caveman) sims, was as a result of part of NRaas's suite not using the other part's slider range increase (been too many years, I think that 4x increase was in there somewhere, but don't quote me on that. lol) and not auto-adjusting the ranges.

This game, like I'm sure yours did, took the better part of a full week, working on it about 12-20 hours a day, before I was ready to actually start "playing" the game.  I'll have to give your "merging CC packages" thing a try, but I'm still 90% sure there's one or two in there that aren't good.

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22 minutes ago, jdw6 said:

I'm wondering is how you handled ^^^ that issue

I haven't quite got a handle yet on how NRaas and KW actually choose what to manipulate or give options to do so with consideration to the 'hidden' outfits. Different NRaas modules (Dresser/MC/etc.) seem to show less/more options when trying to customize the game/clothing. Naked, Singed special, Beekeepers special, Halloween special, Etc.  Plus KW adds it's own as it sees fit - school outfit, whore outfit...


The game tends to dress new/imported Sims and any Sims needing a 'new' outfit somewhat randomly always using murphy's law to choose the CC you'd least mix. This is why I've resigned to dressing them myself. Facial customization is necessary since new sims always have the exact same features with weight/muscle and skin tone/hair(color) differences.


How you ask? After setting a Sim, I use MC/Intermediate/copy clothing between categories to 'back-up' any outfit important to me (great tool for quick filling a sim closet) so when something changes - like a career outfit after promotion, or possibly age up, you can easily 'overwrite' the new selection by MC/Basic/Remove outfit, then copy another backup, and you're safe from heartache.


I use MC/Settings/CAS/? <I forget the exact name but it allows the game to show hidden parts. Now you have access to anything the game uses to clothe any profession or service sim. While in this section of MC, I also allow more than one accessory per location - same with make up. You can increase slider values as well to great effect. Look around, it's a good place to make the game 'your own'.


As far as populating the towns - I play with aging off, so it's a lot like watching a TV show, shit happens, but not much changes. Because I want EVERY sim in the world to be 'appropriate' for the theme I try to apply to a world, I have to 'customize them. But making each one from scratch is tedious while satisfying. I just started a new world, and after my earlier experience, I really wanted something less taxing.


Using NRaas SP to do it worked, but I learned a few caveats. By utilizing the Library as a source for the gene pool, and choosing % settings within the mod itself - then filling the library with Sims I wanted to use instead of Generic and complete Rando's helped generate a town full of sims that I could work with. This kept my need to make them different and not be mutant more organic with less work and only basic 'maintenance' since EA still tweaked any slider it could get it grubby little paws on...


Once the town was nearly full (good to have some empty houses so SP can move/break up sims around town) I turned it off - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


>I only merge CC I 'know' is good, any generally batch together those from an artist/author. I try never to merge anything that likely will update.

>Kuree's save cleaner

>Kuree's save cleaner - just in case anyone missed it.

>S3PE is a great tool to somewhat modify packages besides merging them

>Kuree's save cleaner

>Besides resetting the entire town (not total annihilation just beneath it) occasionally, knowing when the Sims 3 begins to load up it's memory was important to not losing 'work'.


ANYTIME you open another section of the game, it uses more memory. So each time you: Edit World, CAS, Build/Buy mode, Travel, the game will add to the 'running' memory being used as well as increase the size of the next save file. Did I mention you can use Kuree's save cleaner to fix the last part of the problem? By knowing the game gets 'closer to crashing' each time you use one of these sections, it's best to save, close, clean, restart, and load to keep issues to a minimum. Your own experience with your system, and game, will determine when you go about this.


Obligatory screenshot:





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Ah. Dang. Hoped you'd figured out a way. lol The MC "copy clothing between categories" thing I'd not yet played with. I suppose I could put a backup of the career outfit in outdoors, since I don't have fall/winter enabled... but I think a recent-ish tweak adjusted when those outfits trigger and I finally switched into Spring... started setting up this world's run 24-Nov and have a Summer of 28 sim-days. It just went to spring 25-Jan... that's with running this thing an average of about 12 hours a day, daily... I think someone might have a case for me really needing to get a life outside of the virtual one I've created. LOL


Took me a good (ok, painful) several months to finally have read/tried enough things to understand that even though I've got a frigging monster of a system (i7-8700K @ 3.7GHz OC'd to 4.6GHz w/ 64 GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 1060 w/ 6 GB RAM) that can handle stitching 40+ full-size 28 megapixel images in Photoshop while streaming videos in Edge and having 20-30 tabs open in Firefox, to realize that EA f'd up horribly by making this only a 32-bit game, even though VIsta had 64-bit support and Win-7 (that should've been available to bit game companies at the time as it was just a few months behind TS3 on release date) had even better 64-bit support.  Worse, it seems TS3 is pretty much single threaded, so not just a cap of 4GB theoretical (realistically gotta drop that for EA allowing for OS, so right about 3GB max), but performance as well.  Isn't helping I've got a 5120x2160 that I can't play this full-screen in due to EA not having good support for that scaling, so I've got it windows at 3840x2160... and all the detail settings maxed.

But, I digress... the work I did a few months ago dropped the Mods folder from 8.5GB down to 6.67GB, but there's still a ton I could get rid of if there was an actual decent way to sort thru, but, well, even the best options I could find didn't live up to my expectations & caused (me) more issues than I wanted. It's still on my long list of things to do, but sorting CC isn't quite as much fun.


What I've also taken about a full week (with very little sleep) to do is to extract out every single ITUN and _XML tweak from every mod I had found, went to the original Gameplay.package, pulled the original files & made the tweaks the way I would've done them.  That removed several hundred package files.  I check with Sims3Dashboard after any mod install.  Save Cleaner bit me in the ass a few times (killed the photos that were on the walls/desks showing their romance along the way), so I've avoided it since.  This was surprisingly less hard than I expected, just time consuming, and not everything obeys the settings... prob some scripts (*ahem* KW, SP) changing things.  I even went so far as to looking at the source for NRaas's mods (found on github, maybe outdated) which gave some more insight. KW's source? ha.  Was gonna try a dll decompiler, but haven't got there yet. ? 


If I know I'm gonna be doing heavy CAS work, I save, exit, clear caches, and start fresh before doing it. Then I repeat that every 1-3 outfits. If I ever try to do a full set of everything for a sim, it'll either just dump or not let me save (err12). This, and the length of time I have to wait before I can do anything (as it loads CC) tells me what I already know: I have too much.


The disabling aging thing I didn't do, as I'm wanting kids to grow up.  Instead I have NRaas Relativity speed at 5 (default was what, 27, so basically 5x slower, if it wasn't a curve that it seems to be) and an "epic" lifespan... for most ages. (1572 sim days lifespan)  So that is the TV analogy over the course of a few seasons where the actors do sorta change. lol

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Just now, jdw6 said:

 think someone might have a case for me really needing to get a life outside of the virtual one I've created. LOL

I know for certain that the §1.1 million this household of mine has would make my life easier if that was real USD. sigh ? 

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20 minutes ago, jdw6 said:

The MC "copy clothing between categories" thing

Is aptly named but somewhat misleading. Simply put - it's a cloning mechanic which allows the copy to be placed in a number of outfit style choices by adding it to the end of available outfits. So just copy a custom career outfit to 'itself' and there will be 2 identical outfits with the game defaulting to the 1st one. Then when the outfit is changed by the game - you 'kill' it, the second one 'drops' into it's place, and then you just copy it into itself again.


I run relativity at 9. Still fast enough so things 'happen', but not so fast as to spend 5 hours in a bar waiting on a drink. 2 hours to ride the elevator, etc. BTW, I have mods to shorten both those examples as well... game needs love.


If graphics aren't a problem, and they sound like they're not, you should look into using S3HQ.exe  It increases the ingame resolution for textures making all those 'nice' CC look so much better. It has no effect in CAS since CAS is already using HQ. If you can't find it, let me know, and I can msg it to you.



You know you been playing the sims too long when you try to rotate a screenshot.

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1 hour ago, landess said:

Is aptly named but somewhat misleading. Simply put - it's a cloning mechanic which allows the copy to be placed in a number of outfit style choices by adding it to the end of available outfits. So just copy a custom career outfit to 'itself' and there will be 2 identical outfits with the game defaulting to the 1st one. Then when the outfit is changed by the game - you 'kill' it, the second one 'drops' into it's place, and then you just copy it into itself again.


I run relativity at 9. Still fast enough so things 'happen', but not so fast as to spend 5 hours in a bar waiting on a drink. 2 hours to ride the elevator, etc. BTW, I have mods to shorten both those examples as well... game needs love.


If graphics aren't a problem, and they sound like they're not, you should look into using S3HQ.exe  It increases the ingame resolution for textures making all those 'nice' CC look so much better. It has no effect in CAS since CAS is already using HQ. If you can't find it, let me know, and I can msg it to you.



You know you been playing the sims too long when you try to rotate a screenshot.

Ah... that (outfit clone) does sound helpful.

Yep, time adjustments are (likely) 90% what my mods are... I should actually put a stopwatch to check game vs reality... (pre-post edit) Looks like it's about a 9-second sim-minute. I expected longer. lol


S3HQ I'll try to find. I'll ping ya back if I can't. Thanks for the idea.


My issue is more trying to move things around in other programs (like google maps, windows explorer, etc) with holding down the right mouse button... At least I'm not speaking simlish to humans... yet.

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Exhausting yet satisfying - slow and steady so I don't get burned out. Progress is being made and I'm quite happy with the quality and realism of the sims so far. They are all unique, with some genetic SIMilarities between family members without the generic look.


Generic genetics - just sounds wrong.


I noticed the game lagging considerably, but realize this is because Story Progression is working in the background creating and finally adding the 'new' households. I know this because eventually I get a notification from NRaas Dresser that adjustments have been made to 'Blah-blah'.


If I now go into edit town mode - I can eventually find the new household - switch to them - make my 'edits', and play them till I get a new notification. As of this post, the town Is about 1/2 full, including around 12 custom households I created from scratch, which is what brought me to the events this post references.



I did add my recent version of the 'Goddess Kyaa Chimera'. The Sim is so unique I'd be remiss not to add it to the population and get it a job as a porn star ( I use the Porn/Prostitute Rabbithole career mod as well ).





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It sure looks like it. I downloaded mine from a Sims site with their own CC. Same place I got custom upper and lower eyelashes which can be found in make-up/eyeliner. Trying very hard to remember the site/'team' name. Memory fails me.....     I did get the impression of elite-ism from the site though.



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3 hours ago, landess said:

It sure looks like it. I downloaded mine from a Sims site with their own CC. Same place I got custom upper and lower eyelashes which can be found in make-up/eyeliner. Trying very hard to remember the site/'team' name. Memory fails me.....     I did get the impression of elite-ism from the site though.

? Sadly eliteism runs rampant a lot of places.  Worse in techies.  lol  sigh.... I need a new career.

I ran it, it looks like it only updated the GraphicsRules.sgr file (for me, in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 3) to exactly what I already had manually changed it to... unless it only succeeded in making a backup of the file.  It did barf a little on me, so there's always the chance it didn't quite do everything it was wanting to do.

I got this when I ran it.  I dug into the source a little and found that it kinda phones home to check for "updates", and that is what failed.  Basically it's looking for a version file on sourceforge (which does exist, still) but the URL structure is no longer the same, thanks to sourceforge changes a few years ago.  (That's also a relief, b/c when I started this response I thought it was doing more.)


Do "awtmk" or "S-Club" ring any bells?  (found a url in the source, but other than comments mentioning s3hq, no links to it on the blog listed).  Does look like it went and created registry entries, though... SMH.  WTF for?!?  An ini file is so much cleaner.  Reference comments I made on here somewhere about devs wanting to force updates etc etc.  LOL

I wasn't really in the mood, but I did check the code further & verified that the GraphicsRules file is the only thing it's updating.  Dang.  I kinda was hoping it did something more. (shrugs)  Anywho... putting all this here for others down the road.  The slider thing gave > my monitor's sizes, so I didn't adjust it from the default of 2048 x 2048.


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1 hour ago, jdw6 said:


Thank you.


While I don't and never will program (magic isn't as fun when you know how they do it IMO), your insights and 'exposures' are most interesting as looking under the hood means nothing unless someone can point out the little things.


I ran the 2048 w/512pix myself to add more while being 'safe' and never looked back. And that exception 'did' come up today as I was checking my settings, so in the past when I used it, apparently that function worked. But Yes, it was S-Club, where I picked it up.


You really should check those eyelashes - they are pretty amazing, but you'll want sliders to help them match eyelid shape and position. The elite-ism I refer to was a post I made suggesting if they offer a 'program' to remove EA default lashes, they 'should' offer the file as a back up to reverse the process which as is, would need a new install to fix back to factory.


My post was deleted unceremoniously - I guess it 'tainted' the fanboi look of all the other posts.....

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On 1/27/2020 at 9:16 PM, landess said:

>Kuree's save cleaner

I forgot to ask:  v 1.1 or a newer version (which I thought were broken)?  I also thought I had kept 1.2 & 2.? but I just checked and only have 1.1 (may 2014 exe date)
Maybe what I'm remembering is that the v2 was only if you had TS3 1.69, and since I'm on 1.67 I had issues w/ that newer version. (edit: I did all that research June of last year, so the memory's are a bit faded.)
edit: searching on here it looked like at one point you were using v2, also I see some posts saying some that worked while others had to find a v1 of it

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7 hours ago, Moses Martin said:

Most people who use the Steam or Origin versions cannot use version 2.2 and have to resort to v. 1.1

Being All disks/no Origin ( I hate even giving that a capital letter - grrrrr ) means I had no knowledge of this, thanks for information many can use.

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