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Hey, so I thought I followed the instructions correctly to install sex lab, FNIS, SKSE and the XP32 skeleton (for Special Edition), but each of the three times something has fucked up. If I load a save, everybody is standing completely still, unable to walk, and I am mostly see through. If I start a new game, I spawn in driver seat of the carriage, and no one else spawns. 


I think that I'm fucking up the Skeleton install, but FNIS keep having the same three files not work, a sexlab.hkk, sexymove.hkk, and the animal one. Now I have nuked my skyrim files three times now, really hoping for this to work now.


I have been using manual installation, except for the last time, when I used vortex and I couldn't get skyrim to start, even after disabling all mods.


Any have tips or idea where I might have fucked up? 

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You're installing stuff wrong, or installing the wrong stuff. For starters you talk about Special Edition, yet you post in tech support in the not-Special Edition section.


If you're just starting, check the monstrosity I wrote about installing mods with MO2, it's for Special Edition. It has all the links you may need, instructions and screenshots to guide you through the install and setup of the basic stuff.

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Move to skyrim SE tech support.


Are the mods you are installing for skyrim SE or skyrim LE? You can't use skyrim LE mods with skyrim SE unless you convert them to skyrim SE just like you can use skyrim SE mods for skyrim LE unless you convert them to work with skyrim LE. Some LE mods have been converted to work with skyrim SE.

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