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Which Version should I buy?


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I looked cross many of the Fallout mods and now I would like to buy the game.

The problem is I don't know which Version I should buy, I have read that I will need the pegi one because of nvse, but do I need to buy the one with the 6 DLC's or is the normal Version ok?

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It's simpler in the long run to get it with all the DLC's' date=' sooner or later you'll want to run a mod then find it needs a DLC, though 90% of Sexout stuff doesn't need DLC's, you may want to wait till you see it on special on Steam.



Just yesterday at Walmart, I saw the edition with all DLCs and GRA for 19.95.

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thanks for the great help' date='

I ordered the edition with the dlc's and I hope it will arrive soon :angel:


I want to play it as soon as possible:D and make use of the mods I alreday dowloaded ^^[/quote']

Don't rush into it, start and play the game a bit with a few basic Sexout Mods rather than install everything at once and not know which one is screwing your game up or what mods do what.

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