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Immaturity in General (Rant-type Thread)


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Just a place to rant about people.


I'll start. Not going to mention any names, but I've saw many threads on this site already with people flaming and baiting. One question is why people like that are allowed on here, but this is not the place for that. Second, I find the music industry quite immature as well, with their taking of people who have a LOOK instead of any talent. Taking their machines and turning them into stars. Reminds me of flipping houses. Now, about teachers. I'm sure i'm not the only one who has had complaints about teachers. I find it quite immature though, that the majority of teachers often ignore questions proposed by students about either why the material is worth learning, or about the teacher being an ass about work. That's my little unstructured rant for now, i'm sure after a few posts i'll have more to say. Your turn.

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about the flaming, no comments.


about the music industry... i agree, but as much as i dont like it, its the way it is. mainly because people allow that, so, its not exactly the industrie's fault. if people want crap and i can get rich by selling my crap, of course ill be eating beans till my ass explodes so i can became rich and people get their beloved crap.


about teachers. i myself met some good teachers, but i agree that there are some that need to grow up... or jump from a bridge instead. if possible.

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Guest flingingfeces

Customer service these days is horrible. I've been lied to by people that are just to damn lazy to help you out and they treat you like dog shit if you say anything about it.


How these people have jobs I have no clue. I'm so glad I can shop online lol

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about teachers. i myself met some good teachers' date=' but i agree that there are some that need to grow up... or jump from a bridge instead. if possible.



I said the same, many times, about some of my former students :cool:



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I'm sorry, but most of the people I've seen who complain about immaturity are, themselves, the most immature.


I resemble that remark.  Except for the "I'm sorry" part - i do not resemble you being sorry.  Instead, I resemble me being sorry.


I often find myself dealing with situations where so many things are wrong that I do not know where to begin.  And if I mention the obvious parts I feel like I am detracting from the real problems I am trying to describe, but if I do not mention the problems I feel like I am tacitly approving of those problems.


So, I will instead mention that I agree with the original rant even though I can see how people might take it wrong and get upset thinking that it was a different rant that could have used the same words.  And, I will also agree with the people that get upset even though I would really rather that they understood the rant instead of taking it wrong.  And, I will also happily agree with anyone that thinks that people shouldn't take rants the wrong way.  And, just for completeness, I will temporarily agree with anyone that thinks I am writing nonsense here, but I will also secretly wish that [and this only applies for limited values of "you" which probably should not include you] you had understood my ideas instead of whatever idea you came up with when you read this.


I hate this post already.  [For limited uses of "hate", shaded with frustration and silliness.]

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