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League of Legends armors and weapons


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I made this kind of request topic at the Nexus forums, but no one it seems wants to do them. Dunno if they're afraid of C&D orders from Riot Games, but I doubt Riot would do that.

While there is the Fiora armor on Nexus, that's the only League-based armor on the site. And I think that we should have more.

In particular, there are at least 2 armors I'd like to see made for Skyrim from LoL: Leona's armor, and Lux's armor.

Here are some pictures of what they look like:


EDIT: Leona armor and sword finished! Check it out!



There's also a site available with a 3D model viewer, in case you need those details.


I lack the modeling skill to make the armors, so I'm hoping someone with a lot more talent could take a crack at these. I might also put up more pictures with other Champions, but you can tackle those at your discretion.

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There already is an Ahri one. A couple of them. One I'd REALLY want to see is Shyvana's armor. 


Though, maybe someone could also do something like adding in their spells or at least their ults into Skyrim.

Where can I find this Ahri outfit?


EDIT: Found a picture of the Ahri outfit, but it's for Oblivion, not Skyrim.





Not sure where to actually find the outfit file, though. I don't think it's available on Nexus. If anyone knows, let us know. Perhaps someone would be willing to convert it from Oblivion to Skyrim.

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Good news, people: I've gotten a very well-done retexture for the Leona armor that Shadowtroop made. messiasmummo was nice enough to make it for me, and did a great job.


HOWEVER, I do not yet have her written permission on whether I can redistribute it. I am currently asking her about it, but unless she actually says "okay", I don't plan to redistribute it (I don't want to get in trouble at Nexus over it).


If she does say yes, I'll try to upload it here (or at least tell you guys where to get it).


In the meantime, here are pictures of her work:



Nice, huh? Really brought out the lines. Unfortunately, there's no shield or sword (Shadowtroop's mod didn't have those). Someone else will have to design the meshes/textures for those.

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