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[mod] [Europa Universalis IV] Cosmopolitan Beta

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[Europa Universalis IV] Cosmopolitan Beta





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Mod requires "TGE" The Grand Exhibition (all 6 packs) to substitute vanilla pictures for larger 512x256 versions.  Please use the version of TGE found on moddb or The Great Exhibition on steam (they are the same mod).  Cosmopolitan includes Doann's advisor mod (you don't need to enable it separately, though it shouldn't cause any issues if you do).

The mod is not compatible with some mods that change vanilla files (for example extended timeline).  If you are interested in a compatible version of a specific mod inquire in the support thread or discord channel.

Cosmopolitan requires several (possibly most) DLC, but most crucially Dharma as centers of trade feature heavily in the mod and no prostitution related feature will work without them.

Download all part files (.z01 etc.) as well as Cosmo.zip.  Unzip the parted files by unzipping cosmo.zip, but don't unzip contained cosmopolitan files.  Place all contained .zip files and .mod files into your documents/paradox interactive/Europa Universalis IV/Mod folder, then enable them via the game launcher.

If you already have installed the noted previous version you only need to download the update, and do not need to download all the GFX files every time the mod is updated unless there is a specific graphical update being offered separately.

Credit to doan77 for providing 99% of the graphics used in the mod.

Main mod features

Adult Content Description


This mod features nudity in the form of "softcore" nude pictures of advisors, prostitutes, consorts, etc.  It does not feature any "hardcore" content or penetration beyond self masturbation.

This mod like EU4 (for the most part) is not presented in the First or Second Person perspective, and unlike CK2 you are not really playing a single character but rather the "invisible hand behind the throne" as is the case with most Grand Strategy games.  All events are more concerned with the context, those involved in an affair or act, and any details can be left up to the user's imagination.

Though not graphically described the mod does heavily feature prostitution, and sexual affairs taking place in monogamous and polygynous marriages as well as adulterous affairs.



The affairs of your monarch and others in the royal court can impact them granting permanent bonuses to their attributes, as well as providing unique opportunities.

Culture Specific Affairs
Certain cultures have an option for a yearly affair that can grant bonuses to the Monarchs skills or at times an opportunity to hire a new advisor.

Using Doann's advisors (included in this mod) you can engage your female advisors in an affair at any time.  This randomly grants either a unique bonus related to the advisor, or costs you -20 Monarch points for distracting them from their actual work.  Most advisor types have a three tiered modifier bonus they can apply through these affairs.



Prostitution features heavily in the mod, not only can you construct prostitution related buildings but prostitutes attracted to your capital can be hired on behalf of the country to perform a number of roles from entertaining members of the court, to foreign espionage.  Once you construct a port of pleasure or brothel district you will have access to the Madams estate and a number of prostitute related interactions.

Brothel Districts
Can be constructed in your provinces with centers of trade and will also come with a madam dependent on the culture present.  The trade good of provinces with a Brothel District is changed to prostitutes, but a modifier will make up the difference in base price from the original trade good.

Madams grant significant trade power bonuses and can be placed in brothel districts and ports of pleasure.  Madams are sometimes granted via events reflecting historically significant brothel districts, or can be made out of new prostitute modifiers (small unrest penalty) located in a port of pleasure.

Ports of Pleasure
Built in many of the game's island chains, and other areas crucial to trade (but lacking in resources or development) these overseas brothel districts attract new prostitutes from which you can train a madam to build a proper brothel.  New prostitutes can also be sent to a port of pleasure through the Import Slaves building action or appear via an event.  Cities with both a World Port and a Brothel District can attract madams for relocation from your choice of prostitute producing provinces.

Madams Interactions


Entertain Ruler - Grants 25 Administrative Power as well as a random bonus to your ruler's Monarch Points (limit one per type), a scaling power reward based on your capital's development, or a short term modifier bonus.  At times if your ruler has used this often they may get no bonus.

Entertain Foreign Dignitaries- Grants 25 Diplomatic Power and depending on your relationship may unlock other options.

  • You can improve opinion for a time
  • You can improve your trust with an ally or subject by a small amount
  • You can decrease the liberty desire of a subject by a small amount
  • You can add to the value of tariffs of a subject using tariffs.
  • If Holy Roman Emperor you can invite a smaller (less than 150 development, lower tax base and less than 2/3rds army strength) independent nation bordering the HRE of the same religion to join the empire so long as it as a very positive (150+) opinion of you.
  • If you are a neighbor of the HRE and have the same religion as the emperor and are allied with them you can ask to join the HRE.


Train Spy- Costs 25 Diplomatic Power and depending on your relationship unlocks a variety of options with a chance of failure in some.

  • Improve Spy network by a small amount
  • If they are ahead in tech you can steal progress, this requires 25 spy network
  • You can damage the trust between them and an ally, requires 40 spy network
  • You can attempt to kill the ruler, success depends on the size of your spy network
  • You can kill their heir, success depends on the size of your spy network
  • You can kill a specific advisor, success depends on the size of your spy network
  • You can kill a cardinal, success depends on the size of your spy network
  • You can infiltrate the Emperor of China's forbidden Palace and convince your choice of his consorts to escape with your agent.  This will cost 25 Diplomatic Power per consort, after freeing them you will have the opportunity to return any consorts you free to your choice of nations that share their culture.  Non-existent nations can rebel against their owner whether the emperor or someone else, tributaries can rebel against the emperor, and any independent nations would give an opinion boost.  Requires 80 spy network.


Entertain Nobility- Adds 10 loyalty equilibrium to the Nobles Estate.

Entertain Clergy- Adds 10 loyalty equilibrium to the Church Estate.


Entertain Burghers- Adds 10 loyalty equilibrium to the Burgher Estate.

Daimyo Introduction- Costs 100 Diplomacy and available only from Japanese prostitutes, will arrange a meeting with a Daimyo allowing you an opportunity to form a PU.  The Daimyo does not have to currently exist and can rebel with your support.


Entertain Merchants- Available via the entertain building in provinces where you or a subject owns a center of trade.  Target countries with a merchant and a significant (1%+) share of trade in the trade node.  Grants you a trade bonus, if no other major traders exist who have not granted you a bonus your brothel district itself will get a province modifier helping with trade.  Can also arrange a contract for your goods in the area which will pay you a scaling amount depending on their markets and your production of the good in the trade node.

Encourage Colonists- Available only if you have "New World" prostitutes.  Encourages colonists to move to your colonies in the region if you/your subject have any, otherwise grants a scaling diplomatic power bonus based on a colony there.

Entertain Troops- Adds 25 Military Power and grants a bonus to owned, or subject owned provinces in an area with your soldiers stationed giving manpower, supply limit, garrison growth, banners if applicable, and regiment recruit speed.  Accessed via the entertain building in any province with troops present.


Entertain Sailors- Adds 25 Diplomatic Power and grants a bonus to owned, or subject owned provinces in an area with your ships stationed giving sailors and ship construction bonuses.  Accessed via the entertain building in any province with ships present.

Spread Anathanism- Available in Anathanist nations.  Will aid in converting provinces with prostitutes in the region targeted.  Once converted can also grant a trade bonus Propagate Anathanism in any node in the region that has an Anathanist brothel district.  This enables the Trade Policy Propagate Religion if you meet the other requirements turning the trade node into a center of reformation that will spread the religion.


Polygynous Estates


Though strictly forbidden in much of Christian Europe at the time throughout much of the world the practice of taking multiple wives, at least among the ruling class or those with great wealth was common.  From the Forbidden Palace of the Chinese emperor's, the great harems of the Ottomans or Indian sultanates, the Shogun and Daimyo's Ooku and the multiple wives of rulers in much of Africa and the New World polygyny in many forms was widespread.

A polygynous ruler's harem or wives are determined by the culture or cultures found within the nation's borders with the exception of certain estates allowing for the purchase of additional concubines from a slave market in the Black Sea, Barbary Coast, Horn of Africa, or South China Sea.

Christians, especially their rulers are strictly monogomous though Christian nations with the mod can convert to a new more libertine religion, Anathanism if the influence of the Madams estate is great enough and the court has hired European prostitutes during the current ruler's reign.  This religion uses a church power based system of aspects to customize the religion.  Once all 3 aspects have been chosen you can further reform the religion to allow the wives estate similar to New World or African cultures.

Harem Estate
Muslim and non-Muslim Indian nations can access the harem estate which mostly features interactions between the harem and the ruler, including the ability to influence kharma or piety.  Too high of influence in the harem on a ruler along with stagnant growth of their harem can cause unhappiness, but also unlocks the ability to purchase additional concubines for him/her.

Forbidden Palace Estate
China and many other nations in Asia have a forbidden palace estate that works much like the harem with the exception of purchasable concubines.  If you are the emperor you can also impact your mandate through Palace estate interactions.

Ooku Estate
Like the Forbidden Palace estate Japanese culture nations cannot purchase concubines for their ruler, but each daimyo family existing or destroyed can provide a wife to their controlling Shogun's Ooku and the Ooku can also act to impact your nation's isolationism in the direction of your choice if it is influential enough.

Wives Estate
Anathanists, New World and African cultures share the wives estate which does not allow purchasable concubines for their ruler, but are unique among the polygnous estates in their willingness to utilize their wives to influence trade and diplomacy by entertaining dignitaries and merchants of your choice in a similar fashion to prostitutes, though primarily targeting nations trading within your borders rather than your external trade efforts.

Personal Unions


The mod offers personal union opportunities (with you as the Senior partner in the union) not only for Christians but between nations of any nation.  These unions can be formed through a royal match (Diplomatic action) for yourself or your heir, or an event resurrecting a nation in rebellion against your enemy during wartime.

Every culture in the game is represented by a different possible set of pictures used for the personal union and future interactions with your subject.  If you already have a personal union with another nation of a culture (or at times a group of cultures in some places that share a set of pictures) you will be unable to form a new union.

These will not be inherited automatically, but Christians still have access to that vanilla version of personal unions with other Christian nations through Royal Marriage.  All others use a new subject type based on the target's culture and these can only be inherited via diplomatic annexation.

Personal Union Subject Types
Personal unions in different regions may differ slightly to reflect unique traits of vanilla subject types in that area.  All mod subject unions (not those given through Royal Marriage to Christians) start with a tribute system and lack the ability to set military focus or control trade.  These abilities can be regained however with the Strengthen Union diplomatic action.

A standard personal union (not Strengthened) will take into account all other vassal type subjects when considering its liberty desire (and will count against their's).

A strengthened union will only take into account its own liberty desire, and will not be considered in other vassal type subjects' liberty desire calculations.

Personal Union Diplomatic Actions

-Strengthen Union
Only available in high trust personal unions, this will upgrade the subject type.  You will lose the collect tribute action, but gain control over their military focus during war as well as the ability to set tariffs and divert trade.

-Military Aid
Fortify their capital province
Train their troops or build ships expanding their force limit in exchange for ducats. 
Send a military advisor costing your current advisor and transfer 250 military power to your subject. 

-Economic Aid
Send a Diplomatic or Administrative advisor and transfer 240 monarch power to your subject
Send a trade mission costing development in a high value trade good province you own in exchange for ducats and increasing the trade power of your and your subjects' centers of trade in the node.

Seeking Allies Decision
In times of war you can enable the Seeking Allies decision to search for possible pretenders who will ally themselves to you if you support their immediate independence.  These are one time events only available when you are occupying the capital of a currently non-existent nation in your enemy's territory (at least one per culture is possible).

This can be disabled via another decision at any time.  Since the events are available only one time, it is recommended you do not leave it on unless you are looking for a pretender in land you will occupy in this war.

Anathanist Religion


The mod's religion can be converted via a disaster that occurs when your madams estate reaches 100 influence and your court has hired a European prostitute at least once during your current ruler's reign.

Anathanists nations whose madams influence goes above 100 can use the opportunity to gain a large amount of church power at the expense of other estates' loyalty.

You can convert others and your own provinces using promulgate religion trade policy (similar to existing Muslim trade policy) in any Trade Nodes where you have the trade modifier from prostitutes sent via the Spread Anathanism Madams Estate interaction to spread the religion from your own or other anathanist centers of trade with brothel districts as well as a majority trade share.




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    The Grand Exhibition mod (all 6 modules), Dharma DLC


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Version History



Cosmopolitan Estates 0.908


Cosmopolitan Universalis Estates 0.906


Work in Progress




Mistress and Polygamous Estates/Marriage/Personal Unions




Added estate support for lost cultures like Jan Meyen (they can build forbidden palace)

Estate support for new madams changes


Known Issues:

-Birthing a nation with the Seek Allies sometimes (or all the time?) gives them no religion


Previous Changes


Added the following new cultures to mistress/polygamous/PU content

    (pretender nation when seeking allies if they don't exist)

    Cornish (Cornwall)

    Icelandic (Iceland)

    Mexican (Mexico)

    Frisian (Friesland

    Lower Saxon (Brunswick)

    Sorbian (Lusatia)

    Bosnian (Bosnia)

    Slovene (Cilli)

    Dalmatian (Ragusa)


Added back formable nations for Subject Nation decisions (if any missing let me know)


Changed Pretender event for Silesian to Gloglow and added formable decision for Silesia


Added CB if your mod PU's break for any reason (including you declaring war on their ally)


-Fixed build cost loyalty bug for polygamous and mistress estates

-Fixed estate disasters

-Fixed Khorasani/Afghani/and Baluchi consorts in polygamous and mistress estates

-Removed double event from strengthen unions

-Fixed procure for Swedish and Finnish consorts/mistresses

-Fixed missing pictures for some random marriages from Indian culture group

-Fixed the icons for loyalty/influence for estates (thanks vjmdhzgr)

-Removed +20 adm from Visit __ at court (polygamous or mistresses)

    This is to balance it with Visit Consort home province.

    Still gives either +1 monarch point (max of +1 per type), or scaled x2 in capital of that type

    Visits cost -1x monarch points for base tax, manpower and production


Cosmopolitan Buildings 0.908


Cosmopolitan Universalis Buildings 0.908


Work in Progress




Buildings, Madams Estate, Colonial events (requires estates and main)




Entertaining Merchants changes

    Fixed Currently Entertaining Merchants trade modifier (these should be deleted, if you still see them afer using entertain merchant let me know)

    Added extra merchants at 2, 4 and 6 provinces with Entertaining Merchants


Removed old satisfied army events (redundant as entertain building+entertain troops does same thing if troops are present in province)


Fixed Entertain Building not firing event to send a prostitute the first time you used it with Entertain Troops in a province


Entertain Dignitary changes

    Entertain Dignitary now also allowed if you have +30 improved relation (vanilla improved relations from diplomat)

    Entertain Dignitary now gives scaling modifier for improved relations, discovered spies diplomatic impact, and up to 3 additional diplomats (at 2, 4 and 6 provinces)

        This modifier is based on number of foreign capitals with a prostitute who has at least some satisfied relations (improved relations option, +20 is given when you send a prostitute, this lasts 2 years)


Entertain Colonists changes

    Now has scaling modifier that grants additional colonist for every 2 colonies with encourage colonist modifiers (up to 3), and scaling native assimilation


Entertain Nobility, Entertain Burghers and Entertain Clergy Privileges added    

    These give +10% to loyalty equilibrium their estate lasting 3 years

    Only available if Madams influence is greater than 50%

    Costs standard scaling prostitute ducats rate + 25 Adm Power

        Prostitute is unavailable for the 3 years she is influencing the official


Known Issues:


Previous Changes


-Entertain Dignitary Privilege added

    Enables Entertain Dignitary Diplomatic Action

        Send prostitutes to foreign capitals, improve opinion, gain DIP based on their capital, improve trust, and various other options.

            Options depend on opinion and other conditions

            Exploit connections awards DIP scaled to their capital and the scaled relations opinion modifier (given from improve relations)

                Ranges from x1 to x5 at +100 Satisfied Relations

-Brothel Tax Privilege added

    Gives Ducats equal to 8 years of production in all non exempt Brothel District provinces

    Costs 10 Loyalty

    Also gives modifier granting up to +5% tax modifier depending on # of provinces with Brothel District                

-Exempt Brothel District Privilege added

    Exempts a brothel from brothel tax, also reduces province's tax significantly

        Grants Madams loyalty and -20 influence


-Fixed trade icon and religious icon bugs

-Added Encourage Colonists privilege (have to click each time)

    This is only available from the event given fake new world prostitutes generated when you colonize there 

    These will give you dip points based on size of colony and a modifier that increases colonization (each menus is region specific)

-Fixed Madams disaster which allows Anathanism (if you have hired and patronized European prostitutes)

    Spread Anathanism madams privilege targets centers of trade, gives them modifier to increase conversion

    Once converted CoT gives trade modifier necessary for Propagate Religion Trading policy

    Choosing Anathanism will spawn rebellion if you have any cardinals in each of their provinces

-Can now choose to do nothing disasters will end when they go back under 100 influence


Brothel districts can now be built in capitals


**Entertain (building)**

While Entertain Merchants privilege is active you can send a prostitute to any province with a center of trade using the Entertain building (action) in that province.


Once a prostitute is sent she will apply a modifier Entertaining Merchants for 4 months in the province.


While a prostitute is in the province and Entertain Merchants is active you can reapply the Entertaining Merchants province modifier and get 3x the province's DIP points for the standard prostitute cost (scales based on influence and your income)  This also activates the Diplomatic action Entertain Merchants with any country trading in the center of trade's trade node.


**Entertain Merchants (Diplomatic Action)**

Has no ducat cost (you already paid her to entertain merchants).  


Opens an event menu where you first choose which center of trade/prostitute (in case you have multiple provinces entertaining merchants you share with the Diplomatic Action's target).


Then gives you Options which cost varying levels of Diplomacy points


Diplomacy cost/ducat reward can seen for each option in this menu (additional positive modifiers also will be granted after selection)


**Gain Trade Advantage**

Slightly lowers their trade power, gives you scaling trade power in node depending on their trade share and yours


**Push lucrative deal for ___ (various valuable trade goods like )**

    - gems

    - incense

    - spices

    - silk

    - cloth

    - ivory

    - tropical_wood

    - gold

    - glass                    

    - paper                    

    - chinaware    

    - prostitutes


Each is only possible if you have that trade good in your own provinces in the trade node and they do not (in that trade node).


This costs a scaling amount of DIP based on their trade share, their # of centers of trade, the power of those centers of trade


You then gain ducats based on production of that trade good in the node, scaling depending on their trade share, their # of centers of trade, the power of those centers of trade


These deals are available from them only once a year per qualifying trade good.


This option also gives them some trade power in the node and your provinces with that trade good a slight increase in trade value.


Entertain Sailors

-Entertains Sailors, gives sailor like rewards and DIP


Known Issues:

-When building the following:


    Royal Visit

    Import Madam


from macro builder (rather than province) 

does not show additional costs and effects other than modifier

Can view these when building in province only.


Religion icons on advisors are out of frame


-Added newer building UI from a4hryou

- -Added hire prostitutes to court from Korea

Like all prostitutes the 6 menus can be unlocked with trade or occupation of their home region,

 and *regionally from yours or your subject's madams


Unlike the others which are specific to having madams in certain areas or regions

they are based on development in all Korean provinces owned or subject 

(150-230).  This was done because Korea usually owns all of Korea in most games.


Previous changes:


- All madam modifiers are temporary, but brothel districts will respawn default madam

- All madams hired to work on behalf of your court/government last 50 years

- Entertain, Recall buildings added

- Now able to visit the home province of Mistresses and Polygamous consorts using Royal Visit building (and appropriate privilege)


Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.9967



Work in Progress

Train Army military aid now requires you have at least 2 artillery units

Changed Anathanism disaster to add 3rd option to put it off until a later time.

Prostitutes Banned from Court was not actually banning prostitutes from court.

Added Check Availability interaction to madams estate to see where your prostitutes are if you have sent them away.

Added Entertain Merchants option for Prostitutes

    Entertain Merchants targets any country with a merchant and at least 5 trade share in any trade node where you (or your subject) has a brothel district.

    If no countries are available, the brothel district province gets a bonus from small trade.

Has standard cost
Gives 25 Dip points

Bonus +5/+10/+15 Trade Power bonus from target country in node depending on their trade share.

Prostitute is unavailable for 1 year.

A similar version will later be available for Wives estate in New World and Africa, brothel district not required.

-Fixed some East Indies prostitute events not checking to see if they are already busy.-Fixed some Thai prostitutes not launching prostitution options if you had no other prostitutes from Indochina

Previous Changes (0.9961-0.9966)



Fixed Pomeranian Theologian affair.

Fixed prostitute missions not finding areas of the Near East

  • Affected those that are considered in Europe (Anatolia and parts of Persia) unless other options from Persia/Near East/India/East Indies were also available.
  • For example an Ottoman Empire that had not taken Constantinople yet.

Changed Costs/Rewards of Military Aid with personal unions

  • -250 military power cost lowered to 100 (150 for fortifications), also grants 5 trust.  Grants 5% less ducats (except fortifications).

Fixed it so royal match works with all heirs (honeymoon events and the new consort should take place after they assume the throne).

Added 5 mutual trust to economic aid options (sending advisors + power) with a personal union

Fixed trade mission option under economic aid (should work now anywhere hopefully)

  • Trade mission allows you to sacrifice 2 base production in a target province (gold, or a high value good that they do not have), for 20% yearly income as well.
  • Requires they at least one center of trade, or 50 total development to unlock.  It can be used once every 25 years on a subject.  Also gives a trade bonus, and bonuses to their centers of trade.

Adjusted monarch power and ducat rewards for economic aid options.

-Fixed English Theologian picture
-Fixed MENA Navigator, Naval reformer, and natural scientist pictures
-Fixed Pommeranian affair pictures

Added form England for PU's (if England doesn't exist)

Added Unrest to other owned provinces of the same culture when constructing slave markets
-Exception for overseas provinces that ARE a primary or accepted culture (colonies for example)

-Fixed picture rotations for European PU's and Polygynous estates
-Fixed Crimean advisor affairs
-Fixed pictures for Prussian Commandant affair
-Fixed Prussian natural scientist and Saxon Theologian affairs
-Fixed a couple issues in Southern/Eastern European polygynous estates with menus missing an option








Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.996



Work in Progress

-Fixed base reluctance for request advisors (available from certain culture allies/subjects) to -100 instead of -1000
-Fixed brothel tax ducat reward for large brothel districts
-Fixed Noble province selection localization and options
-Fixed certain honeymoon options that weren't working and cancelling the honeymoon if in Europe

Added Second honeymoon option in affairs
-Go on another honeymoon with your wife instead of an affair, if you have a monogamy fetish


Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.995



Work in Progress


Added South/Central American random marriage/royal match support

Convent Affair changes
    Added new events with multiple theologians to convent affair (7 of 51 possible theologian advisors in convent), gives double reward every time while she is employed

    Convent affair advisor chance reduced from 50% of the time to 33% of the time.

    Positive effect (standard random +1 ADM/DIP/MIL to ruler, or 3x points based on
    capital if already received the monarch bonus) is now applied every time even with advisor.

Added event for new world countries after contact with Europeans.  
    A radical priest or pastor in the colony has exiled all the prostitute women and sent them to die somewhere in the hinterland.
    Option to give shelter to the prostitutes and to let them operate business with traders in your centers of trade if you have any, gives immediate access to madams estate even without brothel districts/prostitute trade good.

    Disabled building of brothel district and port of pleasure for New World countries unless they have prostitute flag.


Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.994



Work in Progress

Added form Maya PU decision for mayan culture subjects

-Changed some of the advisor affair modifiers to refresh the final version when using the affair after getting all 3 versions.
-Fixed some forbidden palace menus
-Fixed Inca picture rotation
-fixed some missing diplomatic advisor affairs localizations in south america

Convent affairs
-Changed possible reward to 3x your Capital's MIL/DIP/ADM power



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.993



Work in Progress

Requires GFX_update_1.zip for new advisors (if you have not yet downloaded it which contains
GFX file 14)

Fixed Convent affairs
-Affair has a 50% to return a standard affair bonus or an opportunity to hire a discount theologian

Fixed MENA prostitutes "Attracting new prostitutes to [Root.Capital.GetCapitalName]" event that gives you tips if there are more possible
prostitutes you can hire elsewhere.

-Fixed picture rotations on Indian harem/PU events
-Fixed some missing options in harem/wives menus
-Fixed option for Asian consorts when player had none in polygynous estates (in India and Europe)


Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.9921



Work in Progress

Requires GFX_update_1.zip for new advisors (if you have not yet downloaded it which contains
GFX file 14)

Changed AI acceptance values for Royal Match diplomatic option
    +40 Loyal Attitude
    +20 Highest Trade power in their Capital region
    +50% of your Prestige
    +20 Enemy or Rival of their Rival
    +20 Target Country is Bankrupt, and your treasury contains at least one year's worth of their income
    -20 Different Culture Group
    -20 Different Religion
    -50% of their Prestige

-Fixed localization for many new Theologian affairs
-Fixed crash for Seize Control of Dynasty decision for PU subjects
-Fixed no options for MENA brothel if not turko_semitic or persian with only MENA prostitutes

Known Issue:

Building a convent does not provide you with the events as they are not done.

Choosing the option will just give you the modifier for a year but no chance for theologian/reward.


Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.992



Work in Progress

Requires GFX_update_1.zip for new advisors

unzip GFX_update_1.zip and place cosmopolitan_gfx_14.zip and cosmopolitan_gfx_14.mod into your mod folder then enable them in launcher or mod manager.

Added affairs for Doan's new European Theologians.  50 cultures.

Added Irish primary culture to possible subject/allies with Request Allies.
-Changed Request Advisor Diplomatic Action accept/reject criteria

-Fixed Leila from Hormuz pictures
-Fixed honeymoons after getting Southern European consorts into a polygynous estate
-Fixed random Korean wives/royal match random option hopefully
-Mod buildings now take 12 months to complete (export buttons still instant)
-Fixed Sicilian and Portuguese picture rotations



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.991



Work in Progress

Added affairs for Doan's North American, and Prussian (culture unique instead of Europe base) advisors

Added Honeymoon/Random Marriage events for North America

Royal Match and PU honeymoons in North America should also work now.

-Fixed seize control of dynasty event for Personal Union subjects
-Lowered chance of being caught in an advisor affair
-Added other legitimacy equivalency effects to caught event


Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.99



Work in Progress

Updated Doann's Advisors

Changed Spacing on prostitute event localization (between reward/type)

-Fixed sorting in European marriage so that polygynous estates should no longer get
random African or no honeymoon when they get certain European consorts into their harem/wives etc estate

-Fixed option for Asian consorts with wives event while having no Asian consorts
(A couple southern European and MENA consorts were giving this flag)
This will not fix it retroactively you will still have the country flag if you
already got it from a Castilian, Leonese, Bashkir or Mishary consort.

Prussian advisors currently unavailable for affairs (adding new culture unique affair events)
Many European theologians will have different portraits than their affairs (will also be included in next update)



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.9899



Work in Progress

-Disabled all gentlewoman captured slaver introduction events for Muslim religion group
-A few couple localization fixes
-localization text for encourage Colonists in prostitute events


Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.989


Work in Progress

Added Sweden pretender event for Seeking Allies
(if Sweden does not exist and you occupy Stockholm)
You cannot have both this and the Gotland PU
Choosing to form a PU with one will prevent the other from firing.

-Added more formation decisions for subjects
    Form Japan
    Form Sweden
    Form France
    Form Ireland

Updated tutorial for personal union and fixed the trigger for pop up
    appears during seeking allies or after first union if tutorial enabled

-Disabled a couple of not working train spy options (all should work now)

Also updated the file details page with some more information about features.  Should be accurate.


Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.988



Work in Progress

-Added formation decisions for subjects:
Reform Great Yuan
Restore the Mongol Empire
Support Manchu Identity
Qing Dynasty
Form Mughal Empire

Possible if they are your subject and meet the other requirements.

Added Encourage Colonists Madams interaction
-Requires "New World" prostitutes (may add other colonial areas later)

Changes to subject types

Christian PU's remain untouched from vanilla.

Personal unions can now declare war on their own, some are region locked but they will rival and declare war against or even ally with other nations which you do not have to join.  Some like Daimyo can declare war on your other Daimyo subjects.  You can as the overlord however enforce peace even if they are the attacker.

Personal unions have two possible levels.

The first considers the strength of all your vassal type subjects in its liberty desire.  But strengthened personal unions consider only their own strength (and that of any nation supporting their rebellion) and do not count against the liberty desire of your other subjects.

Strengthen Personal Union diplomatic action
(Requires utmost trust)

-Removes the Tribute Actions for personal unions (if applicable) replaces with Military Focus
-Grants ability to raise Tarriffs
-Gives Divert Trade subject action
(both levels of personal union can be diplomatically annexed still)

-Fixed MENA Statesman advisor missing localization
-Tartar culture group advisor affairs should now work



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.987



Work in Progress

-Brothel districts can now accept new prostitutes from send slaves action like a port of pleasure
-Export/Import madam should allow you to move all madams types (requires level 3 center of trade)
-Fixed port of pleasure logjam with both new prostitutes/madams from send slaves (should not be possible if one of that type exists already)
-Fake New world prostitutes will grant a madams province modifier



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.986



Work in Progress

-Fixed remove advisor for affair for Japanese, African, Indian, East Indies, East Asian, South American and Irish
colonial governors, diplomats.  Also some army organizers, and army reformers.
-Fixed localizations for some wives estate cultural consorts
-Fixed picture rotations for African PU/wives estate for all cultures
-Changed trade bonus from Spread Anathanism name to propagate anathanism for clarity
-Changed PU option through royal match to require less than 150 development in target



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.985



Work in Progress

-Fixed heir option for royal match to trigger diplomatic action
-Fixed Shona wives estate option



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.984



Work in Progress

-Fixed picture rotations for several African cultures
-Fixed advisors for Acholi, Takama, Bena, Nubian, and Beja cultures
-Fixed Royal Match to consider wives estate polygynous rulers also




Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.983



Work in Progress

-Added wives estate option for Pagan religion in Europe (if using custom nation or something)
-Fixed Wives estate for Southern European Anathanists
-Fixed Horde and others ability to start madams estate with foreign madams only
-Fixed Tang Seeking Allies event
-Fixed Rwandan option in wives estate
-Fixed Rwandan picture rotation in wives estate




Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.982



Work in Progress

-Fixed Seeking Allies pretender PU spawns for Otomo, Ito, Akamatsu, Shimazu



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.981



Work in Progress

-Fixed Indian statesman and Indian Inquisitor affair events.

-Fixed a looping prostitute spawn in China.



Cosmopolitan Universalis 0.98



Work in Progress

Added Fake New World prostitutes

(no colonization bonus interaction available yet, next patch)

-Re-added the female advisor chance options to Cosmopolitan Options
(Female advisor chance also increases with each ruler degeneracy event and
the bonuses last 50 years, even if the ruler dies)




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Hi sound great. Im a little bit confused, as one of the prerequisits is Dharma dlc and this EU 4 not CK2?

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Yes, it is for Europea Universalis IV.

EU4 doesn't currently have its own section so it is posted in Crusader Kings.

It requires Dharma DLC (possibly some others for certain content, not sure), it also requires the mod The Grand Exhibition which can be found on  here:


You need all 6 modules as they replace vanilla event pictures with larger versions.;

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Thanks for uploading. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just play luck but after initiating the have an affair option, my heir just died. Playing as a holy order so I chose the next heir whereupon he also died. This continued for the next 10 or so heirs after which I restarted as Castille. Again I used the have an affair option and this time only one heir died. Like I said I don't know if this is because of the mod or maybe I was extremely unlucky.


Apart from that, enjoying the mod, keep up the good work.

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Hmm that is very strange, I'll keep an eye out it hasn't happened to me and I haven't seen it reported.

There is only one event that I know of in the mod that kills your heir (when your heir's explorer/conquistador is killed).  I'll disable it to see if that fixes the issue, but I would think this would have been obvious as you would have gotten an event pop up with an option that killed him it wouldn't just kill them in the background.

If you run into the issue again try to send me a save before it happened so I can try to replicate it.

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Here you go. Not much to the save, started the game as the Teutonic Order, let it run for a year, until I got claim on the Barbary States, then clicked have an affair. Chose affair with a noblewoman and heir died, followed by choosing a new heir, then him dying within a couple days. Might be something exclusive with how monastic orders decide their succession ?


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I don't know how the affair would be affecting it.  There is just nothing about that event that affects heirs.  But I'll take a look at it and see if I can't figure out what is wrong.

Well I tested it for 4 years and didn't get anything like that no matter how many affairs I had.








I wonder if it might be something else, I've never played monastic orders, but 38 is pretty old for an heir maybe you just got unlucky.  I don't think it is related to the mod though.

I did notice that the "get married" decision when choosing nobles wasn't finding a dynasty, but getting married through a noble affair (or the normal waiting game) both worked.  I'll see if I can't fix that.

I also noticed that you had really high burgher influence so visiting a brothel would be hard without a disaster, maybe I should reduce that or something.  I was assuming most European countries had low burgher influence to start but maybe German states or the orders in particular are unique having much higher starting influence.

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Small update:



Cosmopolitan 0.50.1

Patch notes



-Added 4 loading screens courtesy of Doan
-Added Degeneracy tutorial
-Added Anathanist tutorial
-Changed Popular port with sailors trade modifier to "Anathanist brothel sermons"


Noblewoman Affairs
-Doubled event pop time for noblewoman affair.
-Increased positive event chance to 50% from 33% (25% monarch point loss, 25% caught)
-Noblewoman affair modifier was sometimes hidden (fixed)
cosmo_noble_woman_affair given localization "Noblewoman affair"


Advisor Affairs
-Inquisitor and Artist ruler modifiers were hidden (fixed)
-added Castilian natural scientist to European affairs
-fixed Aragonese colonial governor pictures


-Reduced Burgher Influence gain from 10 to 5
-Reduced the length of influence gain from 4 years to 3
-Brothel 2nd menu, option C now gives 10% yearly sailors instead of naval tradition


Barbary Markets
-Reduced manpower gain from modifier (on first upgrade) from 10k to 1k, added 10% privateer efficiency


Ports of pleasure

-Fixed title localization for Macaronesia
-Added port of pleasures
Greater Antilles (Jamaica etc.)
Lucayan area (Bahamas etc.)
Hispaniola (Tortuga etc.)
New Orleans
Indonesian Islands
Indian Ocean Islands



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I also had an dying heir, that happened after i had the event with the abducted noble daughter right at the beginning of the game.

I was playing Byzantium and it took a while to get a new heir, who will also need another 18 years to become adult, so i don't know if that death happens more than once.

Of course it could have been an accident and not be related to the mod, but usually you get an event that gives the reason for the death (hunting accident or illness) but i got only the "your heir has died" message.

The mod version was 0.5.0, i'll start over with the 0.5.1 mod and see if it happens again.


Edit after a few more game starts: It seems the abduction event at the beginning can sometimes lead to a dead heir but not in every case, at least not for me.


Also as Byzantium there are a few potential issues, no advisor affairs at least at the moment and until you maybe retake Italy  (the CosmoAffairs.txt file has no "culture = greek" in it) and also if you destroy the Ottoman Empire (which is the typical way to survive as Byzantium) their harem is most likely gone and even with a victory over them while they exist, you get no access to the harem, because they hate Byzantium to much.



So sadly Byzantium might not be the best country to play this mod.

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So at this point I really don't think the whole heirs dying thing has anything to do with the mod.  The event you are talking about (that introduces you to the barbary trade) doesn't kill your heir, and there is nothing that increases the likelihood of your heir dying as far as I am aware.

I already took out the one event that could kill your heir (which now allows your heir's conquistador and explorer to die and it not actually kill your heir), but if this was what was killing heirs there would be a pop event for it so it would have been obvious.

As for greek culture and advisor affairs, they aren't listed because Doan has unique advisors for Greek cultures but we just haven't gotten the pictures together for the affairs yet.

This is also true for Prussian and Austrian cultures, and Welsh (though Welsh will be added in soon).

As for Byzantine and Ottomans if a lot of people want to play as them I could adjust it so the forced invitation from war is heavier, but I felt that the Ottomans being their arch enemy probably wouldn't want the Byzantine ruler sleeping with their concubines no matter what.  And yes once Ottomans are destroyed the harem and concubine content is gone (at least until I add in the Forbidden Palace content).

I should note though that if you simply send them a gift (even a small one) you would only be 305 off, and if you maybe work on opinion/military strength a bit you could probably get the invite.  Sending them concubines (requires you to have barbary state subject) grants +100 per concubine type sent as well.

If you or anyone else has an issue with heirs repeatedly dying let me know and if possible try to grab a save right before it happens where you can replicate it, I'm puzzled why I can't seem to replicate it even with saved games like the Teutonic order save.  It also doesn't seem to be widespread among the other people playing the mod on discord.

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Regarding Byzantium, it is mostly about the advisors.

The harem can be solved by keeping them alive as an one or two province vassal in an area you are not really interested in or maybe even feeding them persia over time.

About the heirs, it is not always happening for me, so i assume it is the core game that just doesn't like old heirs.

I'm playing as Brandenburg/Prussia at the moment and the first thing i did, was disinheriting the original heir (because he is the same age as the ruler) and the new young heir did not die.

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If you aren't playing ironman you can always reload if it screws you up (or just cheat and add_heir, heir_age 18 or whatever).

As for the harem I did a little testing and was able to lose outraged attitude (they got threatened attitude instead I think from army size difference and mil tech).  That did the trick as it removed the -1000 from them having outraged/hostile and gave a positive bonus for threatened.

I'm working on the next update for sometime this weekend 0.50.2, though you will have to redownload the entire file for it again as I'm adding a lot of pictures, and changing the file names (going to 6 files instead of 4) in the future I'll release a patch alongside the full version so hopefully that cuts down on the file size needed for downloading future updates quite a bit.

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Enjoying this mod and it is a huge improvement over the original version you put out. Keep up the good work!


A few bugs I've found related to decisions so far. I started off as Clanricarde in Ireland and since the start whenever I get married there a multiple Honeymoon decisions I can take. It started at 2, but after I spread into England and Scotland in increased to 3. All seem to work fine however.


Second is I have a decision prompt to set up a port of pleasure in Hudson Bay that no matter how many times I click to endorse the venture, nothing happens and the decision stays as available. I thought maybe there were multiple spots it could be in, but after 20+ tries and a few reloads of my save, it is still there.


Third may not be a bug as my empire is quite large now, but in upgrading my ports of pleasure this decision never clears. I've cheated in well over a million gold and spent in upgrading my ports, but it is still there. Again this could just be me still having some ports that haven't upgraded, but something to look into.


Lastly is after I upgraded the Algiers slave market the event where it downgrades by 5 dev fired twice (a month or 2 apart) and now the scroll bar on the decisions screen fails to work. I can't see the decisions at the bottom though all the decisions that are visible seem to work. This persists across reloads of both the game and the save.


Hope this helps some and looking forward to updates.

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Hudson Bay


I'll take a look at the Hudson bay decision, the other ones I have tested are working there must be an error in that one.  The way it should work is that once you or your subject owns a province in the Hudson Bay area you should see the decision, enabling the decision should launch an event asking you if you want to build a port of pleasure in the province.  You can select not this province, and then it will temporarily flag that province keeping it from being eligible this should disable the decision if it is your only owned province in the area, otherwise the next time you use the decision it will cycle to a new province.

If it wasn't even launching the event it is probably a simple typo in the decision.

I thought I had the scroll bar on the decisions fixed for good, I think it is probably due to too many major decisions at once.  If you happen to have a save from when it was broken that might help pinpoint the cause.

Barbary market upgrade


The Algiers slave market event you are referring to I think is working as intended, but I need to obviously update the localization to reflect how it works now, as it's not really an upgrade any more so much as it is a sell off of slaves.

People were having an issue where if they sent too many slaves to the Barbary pirates Algiers would grow to like 200 development, so that event should fire every time Mitidia (Algiers) gets to 15 production it will then reduce the development by 5.

I'm guessing if you are having it fire so closely together that you were getting a lot of captured slave events and sending them there?  Were they from devastation?  It seems like people are getting a lot more devastation related slaves than I anticipated.

I also wasn't expecting people to use the barbary market quite as much as they do (I thought once you got your own slave markets people would opt to send them there, and then on to their colonies).  What I'm planning on doing is reducing the spam from capturing slaves to have it check for any neighboring provinces where you had a captured slave before it fires, this way slave capturing from devastation will only happen in pockets rather than every province.  This should reduce captured slaves from war by about 4x.

I'll also change the Algiers production reduction event to be -10 instead of -5 that should keep it from firing quite as often.  The other option would be to give it a closed market modifier similar to how the mod's other slave markets work to lock you out of it for a period of time, but I think I'll try these changes first and see if it solves the issue.

I should have a new update out in the next 12 hours or so, I'll get these fixes in and a few that people have posted on discord.  It will also be changing all the subject types, if you have an existing campaign there will be an event to update your personal unions to the new versions so you shouldn't need to restart if you don't want to.

I appreciate the feedback if you notice anything else that seems off let me know.

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New update:

Cosmopolitan 0.50.2

Installation Instructions



Restructured mod files

Unrar, then place all 7 .zip files and 7 .mod files in your mod folder.  Do not unzip these files.

Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europea Universalis IV/Mod




Patch Notes



Ports of Pleasure
-Fixed error with Hudson Bay port of pleasure event (typo in area scope)

Barbary Pirates
-Event "A terrible and properous trade" changed to "Algiers slave market overflowing"
Production reduction increased from 5 to 10 to reduce event frequency
-Devastation related slave capturing now checks for neighboring province with recently captured slaves to reduce spam in long wars of occupation

Daimyo Personal Unions
-Changed subject type to new tiered personal union system.  Existing personal unions from older saves will get an event to convert to new subject type. (compatible with older saves)

Request Advisor
-Fixed localization error in options in one of the Menus mixing up diplomat and colonial governor.

Japanese Brothel
-Disabled buggy 4th and 5th menu until Daimyo are ready (should be next update hopefully)

Noblewoman affairs
-Some noblewoman affairs were giving wrong chance, fixed so positive is double that of negative monarch point or getting caught



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Sorry if this is a dumb question but when you download it there are 3 parts, do i unrar all three parts into my mod file or do i only unrar part 1 as part 1 has 7 while the other 2 dont 

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It's a .rar file that is broken up into parts so that it is small enough to upload on loverslab.

When you start to extract the first file it automatically extracts all 3 files, which will then give you a folder that has all 7 actual mod files (and their .zip archives).

Put the 7 .mod and 7 .zip files in your mod folder.  The .rar is just to compress it for uploading here.

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Uploaded a hotfix to address an issue with military aid decisions not showing up for Japanese personal unions.

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0.50.3 Patch notes

-2nd Menu, Option B changed from military power to 0.5% army professionalism
-Japanese brothel now 5 pages

Japanese Daimyo
-Fixed issue with some event images not showing up properly
-Added the following Daimyo introductions to Japanese brothel and as personal union opportunities:

  Hide contents
  • Akamatsu
  • Kono
  • Satake
  • Yamana
  • Amago
  • Tsutsui
  • Utsonomiya
  • Chosokabe
  • Date
  • Asakura
  • Kikuchi
  • Ikeda
  • Takeda

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0.50.4 Patch notes

Advisor Affairs
-Fixed issue where Portuguese, Galician, Basque, and Catalan Colonial governors had no picture for their affair event.
-Fixed issue where localization for naval reformer was missing from advisor affair menu
-added advisor affairs for 144 more cultures, should now cover all cultures except those in North Africa/West Asia, steppes, and New World.

Noblewoman Affairs
-Fixed Greek, Italian and Irish noblewoman affairs to have more than just 1 dynasty and name for mother/daughter (a reminder you can suggest what you think would be more fitting names on loverslab or the discord for this or anything).

If you already have version 0.50.2 or greater installed (meaning you have 7 mod files) you can just download the patch version and don't have to download the entire mod.

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So currently this mod is focusing on Iberia colonial nations. Does that mean if I play as an easteuropean nation like Hungary, I may miss about half of content in this mod?

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No it's not focused on Iberian colonial nations.  Every European nation has appropriate names etc. for them when having affairs with advisors etc.

If you don't colonize you will obviously miss out on stuff related to colonization but you could still have affairs with your female advisors, marriage stuff, and as Hungary you could do the Barbary/Ottoman content as well.

on an unrelated note:
Next update we'll be adding buildings and changing the way several things work as a result.

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