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Idle animations

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Can you make separate NPCs use their own idle stances


Wanting to give some of my custom NPCs the beggar idle or something similar.

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Yes with BlockHead (OBSE Plugin)

See https://www.loverslab.com/topic/96849-block-head-on-going-tutorial/

It is a player tutorial.


If you want a NPC use a idle.kf you  put the idel kf in the data\meshes\characters\_male\SpecialAnims  folder.

Rename the idel.kf to

Idle_BLKD_PERNPC_"Mod name"_"NPC ID".kf


If you want Thoronir  from the Oblivion esm use  a Idle you reame the idle.kf to



If you want to a idle.kf for Sir Henrik from Knights of the nine.




Or you change the esp ( the Oblivion esm you can not change, you have to create a patch)

In the NPC data you can add in the KFFZ animations the idle you want.

The kf must be in the SpecialAnims  folder.

Here how you do it with TES4Edit ( example , the player (is also an NPC! )




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No! The ID is in the esm or esp

Player is  00000007 and no Mod can change it.


You check the IDs in CS or TES4Edit


Here TES4Edit


You load the esp / esp

You open the tree and "Non-Player-Characters"

You see the NPCs

You need the Form ID ( the Ref ID can be changing. If you have NPC without names, like Bandit, and he/she will used by often in game. Then there is the same "FormID" Bandit with different "RefIDs" in the game.

You must add the animation to the FormID, all Bandits with the same FormID will use animation.



!!!!!  And the first two numbers must be 00 !!!!  The first two numbers are the load order ID, never use the two numbers in the renamed kf files!!!





!!!! You see the yellow-green NPC ! That are overwrites from the Oblivion esm ( they start with 00.

If you add kf files to those NPCs you must use



The other NPC in the Kights esp



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