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Are there any Futa/Shemale Player Character mods?

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You add a futa body to the player with SetBody reloaded or Blockhead ( you can use all races you want, vanilla and Mod races )

If you want to wear skimpy clothes with visible dick you add come clothes / armor Mods with added dicks ( you add dicks with NifSkope to the lowerbody ), Then the player can wear the Mod clothes.

In SetBody realoded are Futa lowerbodies. Or you use the lowerbody meshes from LAPF  or from one to the mods in the posts above.


How to do it with SetBody read ( post 103 )



How to use Blockhead, read Blockhead readme and this thread





The game only "know" two genders and you can not change it. In dialogs, faction ranks and some quest entries are gender checks ( conditions) , the player is male OR female.

If you change a female player to futa the NPCs will still call you Miss, you have factions rank "Duchess of Mania" . NPCs can not detect a changed lower body mesh.



In Lovers (LAPF)  you can enable the futa setting, so a female will have a penis during sex, and use the penis during sex if she is the offender/active part.

Also in LoversRapers you have futa settings for rape.

There is a Lovers MB2 version with a futa setting, so a futa masturbates like a male.


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