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Pregnant body mod


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That's great job !!!

This is much better than the previous pregnant CHSBHC, because there's no clipping when the character in action with AP mods.

But i thing the breast is too big for me if i set 100% weight, and the belly is too low, because there's too much space between the breast and the belly.


Can you make smaller breast (about 40% weight) but with 100% weight in the belly. Because i like the look of pregnant teen.


It's better if you give the certain armor that fit in this pregnant body.

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So considering that the original poster created this thread last year and hasn't replied to it since then is it fair to ask that if someone else has this mod could you please repost a link for it. Also can we find out if this is definitely for the CBBE body or UNP, etc. 

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i wouldnt say make a whole new mesh just make a wieght scale so that pregnancy mods can be made and push forward because the only thing close to it are the script based mods but they dont change the physical body


this would also help so you dont have npc walking around with the same body as you unless your using a custom race that comes with its own body

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