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SOS Full is updated for VR

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The DLL for the full SOS mod has been re-compiled and now the mod works with SkyrimVR. 


The revealing armors also work (but probably should be re-saved in CK).

Since there is no stable working MCM there is no access to the mod's menu. But it is not required for the normal work of the mod. 

If there is enough interest in creating a small powers menu it can be done. But for now small settings changes can be done in the scripts. 


Many thanks to galgaroth!

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Great news, thanks for the heads up. Mark me down for interested in a powers menu.

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can you see "revealing" (any) armors when in VR first-person?  JoP has only shown me the feet even after I used the xEdit autopatch script. VR body the feet I couldn't get to touch the ground despite the suggested edits (maybe 'cause I use XPMSSE ?).   

So SOS VR is for animation when you view your character (clone) in third-person view?    Just making sure it doesn't work for first-person animations still (wish).  I'm using SOS lite though would switch to this SOS VR full version I suppose. up-side?


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11 hours ago, ntblood said:

can you see "revealing" armors when in VR first-person? 




JoP is considered "not working" for SkyrimVR, it is best to avoid using it. 

From my brief testing the body added by VR body is not been seen by SOS and I assume by any other mod that uses scripting. The game is not considering it to be the PC or a NPC so it is invisible for the game itself and the mods. 

If you have problems with VR body because of XPMSSE you can try enabling VR cheating in the ini. So far I believe the only way to have a schlong on the body of VR body is to use SOS Light, but then there are no revealing armors. 

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