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  1. I'd also like to offer my belated thanks for this build. Some additional things I had to find out that I thought might be useful for others (sorry if they're obvious): If you can't get to the main menu anymore after installing the mod (music plays but screen stays black), this may point to a cracked game. (Like others, I also wasn't exactly eager to shell out full price for a lazy VR port of a 9 year old game... But it turns out that once the Steam DRM code is removed from the .exe, SKSE doesn't recognize it anymore and SKSE-dependent mods fail to load. It's not just possible but also incredibly easy to crack the game without removing the DRM code (that is, keeping SKSE working), but let's leave that aside If you use VRIK and find your balls spinning like crazy even while standing still, you can fix this by applying some Havok ini tweaks.
  2. I can confirm that the updated file mentioned by piotrykrzewo fixes the invisible body problem for the fur, leather and ebony armors. Since the file is indeed rather hard to get to if you don't know Japanese, I'll take the liberty of reuploading it here. BU-Brainsperm.7z Thank you brainsperm for creating these! 精子脳さん、この装備を作ってありがとうございました!
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