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  1. fallout980350376

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    I am glad it worked out for you. A fun mod to use in VR is TDF Prostitution. Sure, you will not participate with your player character, but you will be able to pimp and enjoy the show.
  2. fallout980350376

    Camilla Valerius stuck issue

    Hi All, I have a strange problem in Skyrim SE and Skyrim VR where once Camilla Valerius leads you to the bridge in the golden claw quest she stays at the bridge for the rest of the game. This is sort of not a big deal so usually i just ignore her but it would be better if she went back to her normal behaviour like she does in Oldrim. This issue happens on every play through i have done in both SE and VR. If you merry her she will teleport to the temple of Mara in Riften and complete the ceremony and be stuck in the temple of Mara at the alter. I have tried to get her to move with various mods, such as Sexlab, and follower mods. She will initiate animations but once they are done she will just stay where ever she ended up. To my knowledge the only mod i have that modify Camilla Valerius is Bijin Wives and that is just a beauty mod that does not do anything to the scripts. I have tried searching the web for anything regarding this issue but was unable to find anything useful. Have any of you had this issue and how did you solve it? I have around 100 mods installed so i could go through a play through of with one disabled at a time but that will take more then a week so i would prefer to avoid this or just live with the issue if you have no ideas. Thanks
  3. fallout980350376

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    I think Prinyo is correct regarding your NMM. Which version are you using? I use 0.65.10 which is a beta version. (available here) https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Nexus-Mod-Manager/releases This version recognizes both Skyrim VR and Fallout VR just as any other supported game. (if you are using the old version you need to fiddle around with renaming files and moving files after mod installations.
  4. fallout980350376

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    You need to start Sexlab Light in MCM. I do not see SkyUI and MCM in your load order. Sexlab Light will start automatically if you start a new game but if you are applying Sexlab to an existing saved game you must have SkyUI and MCM. Get the working SkyUI for VR here: https://github.com/Odie/skyui-vr/releases I cannot seem to find the original MCM for SE on Nexus but the one i use is version 1.12 which works fine. I believe MCM is included in SkyUI.
  5. fallout980350376

    SkyrimVR Body

    You were right the schlong works fine on male VR Bodies. I just needed to start a new game and i had a schlong.
  6. fallout980350376

    VR set without any wireless capability.

    The HTC Vive is cabled. You need an HDMI connection feed the displays. The controllers are wireless but no one can see what you are looking at from these signals. The only thing is that you can see the image on your computer monitor. If anyone is in the room with you they can see what your are doing unless you either pop up another window in front of the mirror image on the computer or turn off the monitor while in VR. I think most VR is wired but i know that there is a very expensive option to stream to the headset, where you carry around a massive battery and a receiver on your back in a backpack.
  7. fallout980350376

    SkyrimVR Body

    Hi All, I found this VR body mod on the nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18449/?tab=files It does work but it is a bit buggy. I do have quite a few other mods installed though. I tried playing as a male body displays but no schlong. I tried playing as a female and all the female bits seemed to be there. I have the CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions for SSE and VR installed so everything jiggles and will react to touch. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21224 Sexlab Light did not initiate animations with the PC but body hovers in the air in front of you. (same behaviour as with no body installed except the body hovering) Estus equipped but the animation was just standing and did not end so do not expect this to bring sex to the PC but it does add immersion and does look cool. If any of you find some way to get Schlongs to work with this mod let me know. If i find some way of making this work i will likewise post it here. Over all i would say that these mods are fun and i will definitely keep using the physics mod. The body still needs a bit of work but it is fun to try. Italic = edited
  8. fallout980350376

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    The google drive download worked for me yesterday evening. The mega one is broken. Sexlab Light works fine in VR but PC sex does not. Perfect if you want Lyda give you a show though...
  9. fallout980350376

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    The google drive version seems to work for me.
  10. fallout980350376

    Fallout VR

    Hi All, What are some good mods for Fallout VR? I have CBBE and some skimpy outfits and a few things that helps with settlements and that is it. Are there any NSFW and sex mods that work in Fallout VR? The only sex mods i know off in Fallout is FourPlay and the versions i have used do not work well even in standard Fallout 4. Feel free to post mod lists below Thanks
  11. fallout980350376

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    Sexlab Light works fine in VR, however player sex does not work correctly in Sexlab. (you have no body and camera will move up and out of the way as it would in flatrim) Sexlab Light will power a lot of mods that require Sexlab but not all. TDF aggressive prostitution is one that works fine. With Sexlab in VR Lydia will get plenty of action and you will have a great view.
  12. fallout980350376

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    There is a build that works in another thread. This works for me perfectly. Also the Light version of SOS works fine in VR but the full version is better. I am not into the furry stuff so i have no idea about the yiffy mod. Here is the link posted there: SoS_SE_VR_DLL_2018-06-07.zip
  13. Reikiri, you are probably right about the motion sickness. To be honest sex is not fun in VR anyway IMO at least i got pretty bord with it in VR Kenojo and that game is made for that. It is much more fun to do other interactions with the women of Skyrim. Thinks like casting spells on them, pimping them and so on. However a lot of the good mods for this require the full version of Sexlab to work, and for now only light works. I would love to use DD on my followers for instance. To have have cum inflation work in Fill Her Up,, or use some of the slavery mods would also be cool. At the moment the sort of things i can do in VR is have followers engage with creatures, or pimp them, make them dance and so on but with some of the other features from full Sexlab would take things to another level. For instance i could be a mage that grows soul gems in women to create that special sword, capture and sell slaves and keep them restrained with DD and much more. As far as i can see the only thing missing to give me that functionality is a compile of Sexlab SE Beta compiled for SKSE VR and most of these mods would work so this is why i would like that even though sex with PC does not work.
  14. fallout980350376

    SOS Full is updated for VR

    MCM does work in Skyrim VR but requires a working SkyUI. Get the working version of SkyUI here: https://github.com/Odie/skyui-vr/releases You can then just use the MCM from SE which works perfectly. Some mods require key mappings which will not work as you do not have a kbd handy in VR but MCM itself works just fine.
  15. Tomko, Sexlab Light runs fine on Skyrim VR but it does not work for the PC to be part of the action. You can however use Sexlab mods that trigger sex with others and that works fine. A great mod to use with Sexlab light is SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping SE for instance. Getting Sexlab BETA to work in VR would allow some of the more advanced mods to work however. Things like Fill her up for instance, requires the full version. Sure Lydia will have more fun then you but you still get to see the action in VR and get a show with life size actors. Hopefully some immersive first person thing might work in the future but that too requires the full version of Sexlab. There was one like this that worked in Oldrim but i have not seen that in SE (or VR)