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    SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 4 - October 9th, 2018

    I use Skyrim VR and it runs fine with SexLab Light, but the full versions will not load because the game version and SKSE are the wrong versions. Is there away i can overrule this to get SexLab to load in Skyrim VR?
  2. fallout980350376

    Skyrim VR

    Thanks for your reply to my post, prinyo. This is exactly what i was looking for as i am still new to VR and most my Skyrim modding has been in Oldrim. It is true that the controllers look like hands most of the time in Skyrim VR which is cool IMO, making the gameplay experience in Skyrim more immersive then in Fallout VR. I had not seen there was a newer version of SOS, i was using the one that i had in Skyrim SE which was quite recent but not the newest, so my bad. (And thanks for letting me know) I did spend 4 hours trying to find a solution for SkyUI and all i found was the Chinese version. Do you have a link to the version that works and i will replace the link in my original post so i do not send noobs like myself into the spiral of SkyUI pain that i went down myself? (Found it): https://github.com/Odie/skyui-vr/releases I did not try Flower Girls yet as i was focusing on getting a similar experience that i am used to but i will definitely give that a try. And yes TDF AP works great in Skyrim VR. I just use the SE version: I use Sexlab Light and was using SOS Light though after reading your post i will graduate to the full version of SOS. Regarding teleportation in the game, perhaps i was a bit harsh. It does have its place, however for me it is immersion breaking and i do recommend using normal moving but using the trick to only move in the direction your legs are facing to avoid motion sickness. I think the teleportation system has its place if your play area is very small or you play seated or if you are using an other VR setup then the Vive. From my understanding the Rift and PSVR deal with the play area in a different way using a bunch of cameras you do less waling around within the area. Then Teleportation would not be as immersion breaking. I still feel the opening sequence in the horse cart is uncomfortable so i have start another life installed so i can skip that next time i start a game, though i have not tested that yet.
  3. fallout980350376

    Skyrim VR

    Hi All, I recently got a VR headset and of course the first thing i did was to get Fallout VR and Skyrim VR and started modding them. I thought i would put my experience in a post on the forum so it will be easier for the next to play with Sexlab in VR. First of all to mod Skyrim VR, you will need to get NMM 0.65.10 available here: https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Nexus-Mod-Manager/releases This version supports both Fallout VR and Skyrim VR so no mucking about with manual installations or using your Skyrim SE as a template and dragging things from SE to VR and editing files manually. Of course as soon as you say mods you want SKSE and there is a VR version available here. http://skse.silverlock.org/ Once you have this up and running it is time to add the fun stuff. Most SE mods work fine in Skyrim unless they modify the interface. This brings you to the biggest pain point in Skyrim VR. SkyUI SkyUI does not work and therefore no MCM, and that stops a lot of mods from even starting up. There is a Chinese port that does sort of work and will get MCM running. Once running mods that require MCM will start and run just fine in VR, however there are some serious issues running the Chinese SkyUI that will break the gameplay. On the plus side All mods that i have tried that work in VR will start and work with the Chinese SkyUI. On the minus side: The key mappings are for a keyboard and not Vive Controllers and some mappings do not work even if you use a keyboard You cannot save the game, quick save does work however Trading does not work, you cannot switch to yourself, you can however loot and buy. On occasion (very often) you will not get completely out of a menu and you will need to use the exit button again (grip). While this is the case the game is frozen. However if a menu has closed or does not display it will sometimes remain frozen and the only thing you can do is to quit the game. The only menu you can get to pop up is the main menu where you can quit to desktop. Using Hide-SkyUI does work however key mapping still does not work correctly on the controller and you still have the game paused bug that you cannot get out of. My recommendation is to only have SkyUI VR (Chinese) running if you want to play around and use mods that have a hard requirement for MCM but you will not be able to play the game with this running. You can get the SkyUI VR (Chinese) here. (DO NOT USE) http://www.mediafire.com/file/pedn5b2ph2i563d/SkyUiVR中文测试版.rar ###UPDATE### There is a new version of SkyUI for VR here: https://github.com/Odie/skyui-vr/releases The fun stuff: Sexlab 1.63 Beta will not start because the game is the wrong version, even if you do have the Chinese SkyUI VR installed. However Sexlab Light will run perfectly in VR. The same is the case with Slongs of Skyrim, SOS will complain about a missing DLL however the light version works perfectly. CBBE works perfectly as well but so far i have not gotten Clams Of Skyrim to work properly but the textures map just fine making the women beautiful. Creatures mods also work fine for those of you into that sort of thing. If using the arousal based mods that hide the slongs when not in use you will need SkyUI VR for that to work, and it does work just fine when SkyUI is running but of course no Slongs when it is not. There are some creature mods that have the slongs out at all times and there of course you have no issues with animations. I did not used DD but i did get some nasty error messages when i had it installed. I was playing with SkyUI at the time so i think it was more that MCM became unavailable after DD was active. I think DD is unstable in SE as well though, so sort of expected. Using Sexlab. Sexlab runs 3rd person doing animations and your character is not rendered in VR. you will hover forlornly up and away from the action while your partner looks like they are fucking air. So sex with the PC does not work. However you can trigger followers and other NPCs to have some action that you can watch just as if you are there. You can either use the Matchmaker other spell or TDF Agressive Prostitution and hire prostitutes that you can pimp out. Estrus works fine in VR. Watch bandits be raped by tentacles in glorious VR. There is even a VR version available on nexus. Gameplay: Playing Skyrim in VR is awesome but motion sickness is an issue. basically moving in the direction your body is facing is fine. This is no different then riding in a car or a train. We are used to that and it does not cause a problem. However moving sideways or riding a horse or in a carriage is a problem. Basically your body expects that if the ride is bumpy you feel the bumps. Moving to the side will feel like you are drunk and too much of this will have you need a rest from VR for around an hour. There is a teleport mode that you can use but that sucks so learn to only move in the direction your body is facing and don't ride horses. Overall verdict. If you can afford it, get Skyrim VR and mod the hell out of it. Once someone gets SkyUI to work properly in VR it will be better but even with the light versions it is still awesome. I think there was a first person mod for oldrim that worked with sexlab. It might be worth digging that up and seeing what that is like in VR and if it works at all, however as the controllers are your hands that might make you look like an Indian god.... Feel free to share your experiences with sexlab in VR below
  4. Hi All, Is there anyone who has any ideas on how to make a mod that will allow a male vampire lord to rape just as the werewolf in Sexlab Werewolves? Thanks
  5. fallout980350376

    Extra Pocket

    I posted some time ago regarding this mod, but there was no response back then and my question still stands: Is it possible to get a function to use the extra pocket of female followers? Would this be hard to do via dialog (preferred) or spell? If the original mod author does not want to add this to the mod, does anyone else know how to add this in a second mod? If no one wants to make this can anyone give pointers on how to make this in the creation kit? (the only mods i have created my self are a few followers that i have not released as there are plenty of extra followers that are way better) Thanks
  6. fallout980350376

    Extra Pocket

    I often play as a male with female followers and/or slaves. It would be really cool to use their extra pockets to carry these extra green apples, skulls, dwemer artifacts etc. Thanks
  7. It sounds a bit, from all the silence, that there is such mod. How difficult would it be to create such a mod? Most of the modding i have done is editing meshes in nifscope, editing textures in gimp and creating a couple of followers in creation kit. I have not done any scripting in Skyrim or done anything with the SexLab API. All i want is to have a hot key that i can use while in Vampire Lord melee mode that i initiate a rape on whoever is under the target. It sounds like a simple task but i do not know were to start. I had a quick look at the scripts in Sexlab Warevolves however that is somewhat more advanced because that also has a feeding effect. (Not that this could not be fun to have a rape count as a feeding, decreasing health of the victim and perhaps also applying the vampire secution effect on the victim though these things are nice to haves) Thanks
  8. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2381-fill-her-up-netimmerse-override-compatibility-patch/
  9. Hi All, Is there a mod that will allow a male player to rape while in vampire lord form similar to sexlab werewolves? As i understand it animations and framework is already in place so if no mod exists how easy would it be to use sexlabs werewolves as a template to give the same features to the vampire lord? The only thing that i see as a problem is when the vampire lord is is in blood magic mode he will be flying and that might screw things up (in the bad way) if an animation is triggered so the option should only be available while in melee mode. Thanks