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  1. Special thanks to all my supporters! >> Follow me on Instagram! << >> Feel free to join My Discord <<
  2. Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/8855-arilith-in-windhelm1/ Arilith in Windhelm Arilith was brought to an old dock warehouse used as an office for registering the new comers, two guard arrived while she was waiting there, only one them sat down and looked her, other just merely standing guard there. The situation wasn't too comfortable to Arilith, she felt scared and sametime very uncomfortable, she didn't know what to expect. Standing Guard :Another Dark elf(sign).. wasn't Solstheim enough for you already.. Officer: Enough, we have a job to do.. The officer was an scarred old man, wearing blue face mark of his clan and his armour was rather unknown design for Arilith, she barely saw any other smith work outside of House Redoran's one.., she examined his armour while he introduced himself.. she looked closely of his shoulders seeing the symbol of Bear, it is for the city or for his clan? Thought she.. Harald: I am Harald Bone-Breaker, Commander of the Windhelm guards, both in the city and the docks and Captain in the Stormcloak army. Arilith: Stormcloak Army?.. Harald: Army of the Rightful King of Skyrim, you may heard we are in a war, so rudeness are expected, I have better things to do than bothering you.. but that is not why we are here, I am going to register you as newcomer in the city and will ask questions, is it clear dark elf? Arilith: Yes.. The hospitaly wasn't the nicest or what Arilith expected, while Windhelm was famous of high dark elf population, she not expected that she is not too welcomed here, Commander started ask question about her not really caring whenever its private or uncomfortable subject.... Harald: Your name? Arilith: Arilith Tilore Resdayna Harald:Your Age? Arilith: 21 Harald: Your Sexuality or wich gender or races you attracted? Arilith: I like guys, as for races I don't know really.. Harald: Well thats something I guess.. Birth place and Sign? Arilith: City of Blacklight, Morrowind and born under the Lady stone. Harald: Religion? Arilith: Tribunal of Morrowind.. Harald: Daedra worshipper like the rest of the Quarter...(spits), Where you lived and come from here? Arilith: Solstheim.. Harald: (Spits again) Ahh sorry just this place a bit dusty for me, I think you used for the ash in Solstheims.. He questioned her for a while about the basic things of her, trivial or important it was, still Arilith not really enjoyed those questions and his comments and apathetic attitude of all of her answers.. eventually he started ask in more private things wich has not really have revelance in her registration.. Harald: Your first time sexually if you had it or if not then tell that Arilith: What?! Is this really important for this? Harald: Yes I like to hear an answers or you shipped back to Solstheim..come on we didn't got all day.. Arilith answered the rather unusal question uncomfortably.. Arilith:Fine(sigh) I got bored and hooked up bit with a Thug in Solstheim, he got into debt trouble with an orc, my thug "boyfriend" set up a blindfolded sex with me, but the twist was he use dthat to pay his debt and orc had his way with me, after when I took off the blindfold realised the trick, decided to hook up with the orc and break up with the spineless thug.. Harald: So not virgin one rather a slut..(writes down) Arilith: Hey you asked, don't try judge me... Eventually he stopped the questioning her about all of her private life and started move on the actual registration questions.. and started explain the process of it.. Harald: Now basic questions are answered, we can start the actual process, sorry for it, but I like to know what kind of people I let into my city's slums.. Arilith:... Harald: We gonna look into your bag and anything you carried here in just in case, and I will question your motives and reasons coming to Windhelm, your plans, what you do things like that.. Lets start it.. Harald: Your Reasons for coming Skyrim? Arilith: The economial situation and life quality drasticly lowered in Morrowind and Solstheim, I came to Skyrim to start a new life.. Harald: Why did you choosed Windhelm? Arilith: I didn't wanted to come here, I got scammed by a ship and they brought me here.. Harald: Your former social status in Morrowind? Arilith: Noble Harald: Do you have any talent or ability you can contribute for Skyrim? Arilith: I know some magic, I can cook.. Harald: Do you have family? Arilith: I have an sister in Solstheim and my parents live in Blacklight. Harald: What was your job in Solstheim? Arilith: Nothing too much really, I worked for Wizard and for the Inn mostly.. Harald: Good I think this part is done, there are only one thing remain.. He looked up the guard and merely told him to leave.. it was a bit suspicious to Arilith He brought her in a certain part of the warehouse, quite private and hidden, room was small and had some resemble of an office room, maybe it was the dock office room in the warehouse.. Harald: Here we are there is only one thing remain now.. She looked at the table it has a big ledger of names and money, paired with the same questions and similar answers, althought there was only dunmer girl names there.. Harald: Write your name and your answers there and we are officially done and register is done too. Harald: Now the unofficial part, take of your clothes.. Arilith: What? No! Harald: It is me who decide who enter regardless the stupid process, if you want to enter my city do what I say.. Arilith did what he asked and took her clothes, as much she hates it, she not really want to go back to Morrowind, she did not expect any good from this scenario, already felt something was off in the hole time she spent in the warehouse.. Harald: Good.. Arilith: Whats Next? He just smiled while looking at Arilith naked back, looked her like a meat, an object.. Harald: You know I am just tired of all kind of stranger scum arriving in my city, especially dark elfs, argonians are useful in the docks for beast like they are, they should be grateful to not become skinned boots for our troops yet, but your kind of not a beast like them.. You dark elf are just a lazy scum who not even help Ulfric's great ambition to restore Skyrim to its former glory, dark elf men would make a good canon fodder work the Stormcloaks... Harald: Dark elf womens are good for morale boost for our soldiers, you know we have to a wage a war against the Empire and our moral is not too happy, such thing is crucial, now kneel.. Arilith started find herself a very bad situation she never was, listening his words almost make her vomit, she already knew what will come, she knew this person not gonna let her into the city where he abuses his authory just like that, he already took off his clothes.. Harald: I took off my armour.. you are far the most pretties dark elf wench I brought back here.. Harald: Turn back, i want see your naked body in front.. Arilith face was full of despair, and same time desperation as bad and horrible the situation, she has no choice, she can't live a life back in Solstheim, she has no money, no food and barely even clothing, she can't allow herself to deny the request of the horrible commander.. Harald: Ahh beautiful, rare sight too see one of you even matches nord women.. Now the last task of our unofficial bussiness.. Arilith: So what you want me to do it? Harald: Come closer.. Arilith went closer standing eye to eye with his cock, she felt disguisted, humiliated and pathetic.. Harald: Suck it.. don't be shy, buy your way for the slums of the gray Quarter, all of you dark elves are whores, whore your self out like your Queen did the past.. Arilith shallowed all of her pride she felt about herself and started suck his cock, she had no choice, even if she refused at best she would sent back, at worse killed by him, and he would use the authory of his to make it never happen, this thoughts went over in her head while giving him a back.. Eventually he came to her mouth, she shallowed all of it like she did with her own pride and self worth.. He took his armour up again, and grabbed her clothing and bag, left like nothing happened.. Harald: Welcome to Windhelm, I take your belongs as a gift for our war effort, do whatever you want, I do not care it.. good luck not freezing to death girl and thanks for the moral boost.. She sat there after it, not even realising her belongings are lost forever, sat there silently, remembering the teachings of the Tribunal and how could she become stronger in the situation like this.. silently chanting her plea to them.. Arilith: Azura, Boethica, Mephala guide me in these dark moments and show me how can I make it strength, please.. Eventually she got herself together thanks to her faith in the Teaching of Tribunal, after all of her shame, humiliation, desperation, her feels eventually turned into silent anger sitting on top of a box.. Arilith: I should burn his dick, that what would Mephala would suggest me, Boethica I am sorry I was weak, Azura forgive me.. I promise I make myself stronger and not allow this happens again.. Eventually one of the argonians found her while she chanted and sat silently.. He was suprised and scared the same time, suprised finding her and scared what gonna happen in her being here of the infamous Harald's office.. Argonian: By the hist, you gonna freeze to death girl, here take some rags up.. She was relieved somewhat, it was maybe luck or her gods helped her, she don't know, but someone decent person found her in the cold hostile place of Windhelm and Skyrim.. Arilith: Thank you.. Argonian: Both of our kind hated by these Stormcloaks, at least we stick together.. Argonian: We should leave here now, you don't know what Harald do with the dark elf women here, you should hide in the Gray Quarter.. Arilith: Well it is a bit late for that, but I agree I should leave this place for somewhat nicer. End
  3. That Armor is unreliable, take this instead. Part 1: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-2461-shitty-armor-13/ Part 3: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-2550-shitty-armor-33/ More to come.
  4. Requesting a Worthy Weapon An usual day of the local blacksmith workship of Windhelm, the heat is high and weapons are forged, they are quite busy recently. The head of the smithy, Helga is watching over the process, looking at her workers at the forge. She is devout follower of talos and favors the Stormcloaks goals. Frea approaches the smithy. Frea: Here we go... She greet Helga Frea: Its been a while Helga.. Helga: My My, our new Berserker approaches, whats brings you here Frea, need a weapon? Armor? Frea: Well Helga, I need a weapon, more specifically one what is worthy for a berserker of Eastmarch. Helga: Warhammer, Axe, Zwei-hander, Claymore, Battle Axe? Wich kind of weapon you thought? Frea: Well I let you choose it. Helga: Got it, come back tomorrow it will done... Frea: Thank you Helga, as soon I get it, I go some bandit hunt collect some skulls, then I pay up as usual.. Helga: Of course... Frea: Until tomorrow Helga.. After that talking Frea took her leave, Helga is get ready to work. Helga: Hmmmm berserker weapon, well a simply axe is more than enough.. She started walking towards to her workers, but ger eyes noticed something. Helga: Girl what are you doing?! Hermir: I started working on the berserker's weapon maam... Helga: I didn't even gave the instruction for that, you are too eager... Oengul walked towards her, interrupting her berating of Hermir. Oengul: Helga don't be harsh on her, she just bit eager for doing the berserker girl's weapon. Helga: Fine... we will work at night on the weapon... Oengul: Ohhh I see... That Night Helga was on the smithy bench naked bending over. Preparring the night weapon forging. Helga: Come on we need get started already. Oengul: Don't worry honey I'm here. Helga: We need give all love to the weapon, to became a worthy for her. Oengul: I know.. Oengul: Ahhh your ass is still damn fine.. Helga: Instead of looking you should put the blade in the sheat... Helga: Ahhhhhhh!!! Oengul: Damn yeahhh!! Helga: Harder!! Ahhhh!! Oengul: Ohhhh! Helga: Yesssss!!!! Oengul: I love smithing with you!! Next day Helga finished the weapon, it was a waraxe a simple but sturdy one. Helga: Good morning, Frea your weapon is ready to slaughter. Frea: Good morning. Helga gave the weapon to Frea, she grabbed it and already thought it was fine, Helga was a bit worried. Frea: This is a fine weapon, a worthy one, thanks Helga. Helga: Well just don't breaking with your mostrous strenght like the others. Frea: Don't worry dear Helga, this time it won't, I be careful, I will go to try it, after I return you get the payment. Helga: Have a fun with it. Frea: Thanks. Helga: Until Next time Frea, I predict that axe will last only 1 week(sigh), I don't even know why you even bother it with that strength. End
  5. I get a CTD as I'm walking down the passage way from Windhelm's farm to Windhelm's doors. I don't get any error, and my game doesn't CTD anywhere else. I have fast traveled to all of the other holds and have had no problem. Its in the same spot every time. In spoiler is my load order. It cannot be running out of memory. I use Crashfixes, SSME, and ENBoost with 15874 MB allocated into VideoMemorySizeMb in my ENBLOCAL.ini (is the value i got from DX9 VRAM test). My specs are as follows: CPU: i5-4690kGPU: GTX 1070 SC2 8GBRAM: 16GB DDR3OS: Win10Skyrim.esmUpdate.esmUnofficial Skyrim Patch.espDawnguard.esmUnofficial Dawnguard Patch.espHearthFires.esmUnofficial Hearthfire Patch.espDragonborn.esmUnofficial Dragonborn Patch.espUnique Flowers & Plants.esmClimatesOfTamriel.esmApachiiHair.esmApachiiHairFemales.esmApachiiHairMales.esmhdtHighHeel.esmRSkyrimChildren.esmTERAArmors.esmGray Fox Cowl.esmRaceCompatibility.esmDERDeepElfRace.esmFixedEyeAdaption.espBless_Tinuviel.espHalo's Poser.espGPPoses.espaxegooddaysir.espnocturnal robes.espSkyrim Particle Patch for ENB - Flame Atronach Fix.espSkyUI.espVivid Landscapes.espSRG Enhanced Trees Activator.espClimatesOfTamriel-Dawnguard-Patch.espClimatesOfTamriel-Dragonborn-Patch.espWondersofWeather.espVivid Snow.espRegional Snow Ice.espEnhanced Landscapes.espLegacyoftheDragonborn.espCastle Volkihar Rebuilt.espRelationship Dialogue Overhaul.espCollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.espimmersive roads.espBook Covers Skyrim.espDawnofSkyrim-AllMajorCities.espUnique Shops and Stores.espEnhanced Landscapes - Barren Marsh.espThieves Guild Redone.espBHTNF_Eli.espSkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB.espWeathered Road Signs.espSoS - The Wilds.espSoS - Civilization.espSoS - The Wilds-PatchCoT.espExpandedSnowSystems-CoT.espVividian - Weather Patch CoT - ESS.espVividian - Extended Weathers - CoT.espSupreme Storms - Cot Version.esp83Willows_101BUGS_V4_HighRes_HighSpawn.espMage Outfit Texture Overhaul.espHothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.espSoS - The Dungeons.espHothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.espGuard Dialogue Overhaul.espSummermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.espWintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.espaMidianBorn_ContentAddon.espNPC_Overhaul_V_1_.espUSKP_NPCoverhaul_Patch.espImmersive Weapons.espPrvtI_HeavyArmory.espDawnguardArsenal.esparrowsmith-dawnguard.espaMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.espRUSTIC SOULGEMS - Sorted.espSmoking Torches.espdD - Enhanced Blood Main.espdD-Dragonborn-Dawnguard-EBT Patch.espdD-Reduced Splatter Size.espdD-Reduced Wound Size.espDeadlySpellImpacts.espTiwa44_SpiceGear.espSkysan_Icicle.espElementalArrows.espDaedraHuntress.espRealistic HD Beverages.espLadyKdCirclets.espWhiterunExterior.espDesyncBirdsOfPrey.espSolitudeExterior.espRaceMenu.espRaceMenuPlugin.espLindsMerEyes.espLindsHumanEyes.espIridumEyes2.0.espKS Hairdo's.espBeards.espBrows.espBijin Warmaidens.espBijin NPCs.espBijin Wives.espSerana.espSkyrim Ladies - Astrid.espConvenient Bridges.espZIA_Complete Pack_V4.espMen of Winter.espMen of Winter - Compatibility Patch.espCollege of Winterhold NPC Impovement.espRSChildren - Complete.espRSChildren_PatchUSKP.espMore Interesting Loot for Skyrim.espClockwork.espSMIM-Merged-All.espDBM_MoreInterestingLoot_Patch.espfallentreebridges.espDBM_HA+IW+IA+DG_Patch.espTacticalValtheim.espAyleidPalaceNEW.espEnhanced Landscapes - Patch.espkonahrik_accoutrements.espElisdriel.espFarmhouseChimneys.espSkyFalls Dragonborn Small waterfalls.espRealisticWaterTwo.espRealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.espRealisticWaterTwo - Waves.espWatercolor_for_ENB_RWT.espSkysan_ENBHorseTrough.espVigilant.espMorning Fogs.espRealisticWaterTwo - Dragonborn.espFNIS.espBlackSacramentDBReplacer.espBattlemage Armour.espCeles Nightingale Armor.espPyro Armor.espResplendentArmor.espScarletDawnArmor.espSeraphineHuntedArmor.espSotteta Necromancer Outfit.espVSCiriProjectTW3.espSoS - Civilization-PatchCoT.espDr_Bandolier.espTiwa44_Minidresses.espTiwa44_Minidresses_Dragonborn.espRevampedExteriorFog.espDual Sheath Redux.espHearthfireMultiKid.espHearthfireMultiKid_LastName.espdD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.espImmersive Citizens - AI Overhaul Lite.espLostGrimoire.espSunRune.espFreckleMania.espRAIN.espDisparity.espImperious - Races of Skyrim.espImperious - Disparity Compatibility Patch.espTAotB - New Facial Hairs.espRaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.espThe Ningheim.espLindsHumanEyes_Ningheim.espPrvtIRoyalArmory.espSkyrim Flora Overhaul.espVerdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin.espFS_Skycutter.espFS_SwordOfTheSeeker.espArtifactsOfBoethiah.espDBM_ArtifactsOfBoethiah_Patch.espEquippable Tomes.espSkyrim_Ice_Shader_Fix.espRealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Dawnguard.espRealisticWaterTwo - Dawnguard.espOMageStandalonePack.espBlackSacramentArmor.espGiftsOfAkatosh.espForgottenMagic_Redone.espGray Fox Cowl - Alternative Start.espHighHrothgarWindowGlow.espLustmordVampireArmor.espValkyrieSwordShield.espTacValt_EnhLandPatch.espDaedric Reaper Armor.espNightingale Prime remaster.espCleanArrowPlayer.espOrdinator - Perks of Skyrim.espkonahrik_accoutrements_db.espTERA Weapons.espDBM_VigilantPatch.espDBM_RoyalArmory_Patch.espDBM_DPA_Patch.espDBM_MOW_Patch.espDBM_ZIAComplete_Patch.espAlternate Start - Live Another Life.espFarmhouseChimneysLAL.espBashed Patch, 0.espDual Sheath Redux Patch.espDynDOLOD.espCant get spoiler to work.I cannot think of anything that could be causing the problem. Please look over my load order and tell me if there is anything that needs to be fixed that is causing this problem just at Windhelm. attached is a pic of where it CTDs. Like if I were to take 2 more steps it would CTD. Always in that very same spot.
  6. Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/8990-arilith-in-windhelm4/ Arilith in Windhelm The Guest decided to leave in the evenings, they were hastely, even Arilith was suprised why they left so early, the entire corner club remained empty, the owner went upstairs asked Arilith to come with him.. since they have much to discuss in these dark times of the year.. Arilith followed him, he quickly introduced himself and greeted the young dunmer girl, already preparing stating his intentions... however when Arilith mentioned her name, he seemd a little bit joyful for a few seconds.. Hlaalu: Just call me Hlaalu, my family name, but you need no more to known about it, whats your name? Arilith: Arilith Tilore Resdayna.. Hlaalu: Resdayna? Ahh you from that house... Arilith: You know it? Hlaalu: Everyone know it who lived in here, but that might be good thing for you. and for us. Arilith knew this talk with him, not gonna be pleasant, she wanted him to get his point, she just merely desired to get over everything and be done with her day... Arilith: So what is this about my life here? Hlaalu: Ahh yes, you know we have a tight community and work here is rather few snd sparse for the dunmer, I just gonna state your options here and get you ready, til your first coins we gonna feed you then you gonna feed others, things are dire and bad here, but we dunmer stick together for our own sake... Arilith started wondering aboutt he jobs, she secretly feared to getting back to servitude or worse, whoring herself out to others, not even counting the chance to the hateful nords, while she thought about this she noticed the Imperial flag and armour in the room.. She decided to take a chance and ask about it, after all there is a civil war and having imperial flag and gear is not the wisest move... what if the nords found it, what they gonna do with the dunmer here... she started worrying.. Arilith: May I ask why you have here Imperial things?.. He was not even suprised of the question and calmy give a mere answer for it.. Hlaalu: My house was Great House once, closest ally of the Empire, some of us served in the Legion and the Empire, so did I, my former armour the flag I served under.. even name Resdayna wasn't stranger to the Imperial Legion.. He looked up the Imperial flag, stood silently a bit.. then he continued his answer.. Hlaalu: This civil war is not gonna last to long maybe few months, I heard Imperator Magus himself, Gauis Magnus leading the imperial forces, rebels have no chance against someone like him, Stormcloak regime 30 year tyranny is closing its end, but if he comes to here everything will burn, you may better off leaving, we old stay Windhelm is our home, no matter what Ulfric thinks... He resumed back tot he previous questions and subject..after giving answer and the same time a new worry for Arilith... Hlaalu: Back to the real matters, there are not too much work here, Nords "nobles" looking for servants, and prostitution is something I would not suggest in these times, its way too dangerous and only guards have some money and they are scum, we barely could afford it unless you want food as payment, but young girl you not here for that are you.. you came for new life, not misery.. As the options come, Arilith felt there are nothing what would she do any of it, she was slave already, no more servitude and her body is no trade goods.. there must be something else, even if it means danger, Arilith knew she had magic at her disposal..she rather risk her life with freedom than be humiliated and chained again for a few coin.. Arilith: Is there other option? Hlaalu: Monster and bounty hunting, Raynil did it that til... well he is with Azura... Arilith: I take that.. Hlaalu: Are you sure? Arilith: Yes, I trained under a Telvanni wizard's servitude, There are magic under my command.. I am not defenseless Hlaalu was suprised, it was longtime ago he heard something like that, Arilith noticed a minor light in his eyes, even slight joy he decided.. Hlaalu: There was a person before you, who was like this, he decided risk his life than be serve the nords here, Raynil , you remind me him.. maybe Azura sent him back to us... I help you.. Arilith: Thank you.. your friend seems meant a lot of you, I am sorry to hear he is no longer with us Hlaalu: Raynil Resdayna, a relative of your house and witch hunter of these lands, now after his death, girls came back with his house name on it, this is good omen, Azura guided you here, and she will help you on those coming struggless, there murderer and may even monster roaming this city, ask those spineless Stormcloaks about it, ohh before you go go upstairs to Raynil's room get his gear, it is rightfully yours.. He sent Arilith to Raynil's room in upstairs, it wasn't really special in the eyes of Arilith, it wasn't even resembled anything dunmer, just an usual room in skyrim as he stated. It was strange to be in the "family" property she thought.. Arilith: So this is his room.. Strong sorrowness went upon Arilith, she felt it upon every step, while Hlaalu Owner didn't told too much about this Raynil, she saw he was clearly a important person for the entire community even maybe for her family... Arilith: Even if I didn't know him, it is sad to know another member of my family is already with Azura.. Arilith decided to drop of her clothes, after all she getting Raynil's gear, no need for rags anymore.. she knew, she gonna wear dunmer clothes again proudly... Arilith: Finally these nord rags was humiliating already for me... She went closer to the wardrobe, where all of the gear of the former witch hunter's is, she slowly walked there.. Arilith: I feel like a graverobber a bit...like descreating my own ancestors She hesitated a little bit, but eventually decided to open it... Arilith: Time to take this.. Moment she opened all hesitation and doubt dissapeared, only pride of hers remained, and she took the gear from the wardrobe.. Arilith: No point being guilty for his taking gear, this is rightfully mine as his living relative and even Azura would agree this, and even Raynil too It didn't take too long til Arilith put everything up on her, it was rugged old jacked with enough leather padding to take a few deadly hits, armour already saw many battles and monsters, she felt it. Raynil had a strong silver sword forged by the hated nords, he's gear is more than enough to help Arilith in the monster huting, paired with her magic she learnt, she is capable to handle those bounties... Arilith: I wonder if he been alive now, would be take me with the hunting or even teach me... I don't think its really matter now.. Arilith: Thank you Hlaalu and Raynil Resdayna, even if it most dangerous thing I can choose for job, I can remain independent from servitude and other works... Arilith looked closely to the sword, blade itself was old enough like everything from Raynil, blade slew many monsters of skyrim and many people who stand its way, while Arilith never learned swordmanship, she knew this blade eventually will teach her... Arilith: Silver is good against many abomination from Morrowind, I wonder if it true for Skyrim.. its seems one of the family heirloom are in my hands in some sense.. not everything lost after all of my house.. After everything, she finally felt her time in skyrim truly began, her adventure and her new life just started now with all dangers and struggless... Arilith: Well Skyrim, I ready for everything you throw at me... Eventually the night has come and Arilith after finishing thinking on all potential struggles and dangers she need face in the future, she merely went to sleep with the rest of the Quarter, Arilith first day in Windhelm was finished something she waited ever since arrived.. but the night wasn't that silent as.. Who's there?!! Nothing, just stupid noises.. Even this torch is burned out, what a great night.. Screams.. What happened here?... Its one of the town guard...its Svana, she been descreated and murdered, by Talos its horrible! she been ravaged by something else.. End
  7. Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/8910-arilith-in-windhelm3/ Arilith in Windhelm Arilith started thinking about her plans and future life, and what should she do in this City, and she realised she had no such things, she never really thought ahead that much, all she wanted to start a new life far away from her former owner and former life in Morrowind. In the far she saw the Gray-quarter, little alley where the nords put the dunmer like she, many things went in her mind, many questions, but one thing she wondered the most, how all of us fit in that place and how crowded it will be, she expected at least a Quarter, but it was just one alley in the City.. She felt it was ridiculous and insulting.. Arilith: One Alley? Is this a joke? If you call it Gray-Quarter, at least give a quarter of the city.. While she was just looking angrily at the Gray-Quarter, a mysterious creature jumped front of her, it was a feathered beast with wings, but nothing like anything she was in Morrowind, at first she thought it was some other variant of the cliffracer, it was annoying, had weird noises and could fly, but no this thing was different.. Arilith: What are you? Arilith just looked it confused and couldn't really thought any answer what is she looking at, but one thing she already knew, this beast wasn't going attack her or kill anyone.. Arilith: What a weird creature, beast of these lands look so alien compared Morrowind ones.. I gonna call you Feathered-Cliffracer.. Eventually Arilith stopped looking at the mysterious Feathered-Cliffracer and decided time to explore and visit her new home the Gray Quarter, after she thought she will have enough time to examine the weird beast she gonna meet in the City.. Arilith: Time to explore the little Alley where I gonna live.. The Gray-Quarter the entrance of it, already made Arilith feel bad, it was small alley, while the familiarty of the dunmer culture was there, the opression of the nordic city as well welcomed her, one side of her hoped this might be better place then where lived before.. Arilith: The Gray-Alley of Windhelm... The place get smaller and more crowded as she walked more and more in it, the houses of the dunmer where putted into one nordic house, dividing the building to multiple home of many families, her mood worsened for each step.. Arilith: I at least expected a bit better place then Ravenrock.. In the end she reached the center of the Quarter... Arilith: This place is small, more I walk the smaller it become.. However, moment she reached the center, she was frozen of the shock and suprise, hiding her mouth and its expression, only showing her eyes to look at it..the least thing she expected seeing in this frozen shitehole... Arilith: It can't be... It was a Netch, one adapted of the cold of Skyrim, a familiar creature from her home Solstheim, something she never expected to see again, it brought some warm and joy to her day.. Arilith: I can't believe to see one in this place, last thing I ever expected, its look cute, I want pat it.. One of the dunmer who sit there nearby, he merely greeted her and suggested to visit the Cornerclub of the Gray-Quarter.. Dunmer man: Ahhh newcomer girl, welcome to our home, I hope you will find joys like you have now in the future, I suggest visit the corner club here, it is actually here.. Arilith: Ohh alright.. She took the advice of the dunmer man and walked in to the the Cornerclub of the Dunmer... wasn't hard to find the place, like the dunmer said, it was in the center of the Gray Quarter. Arilith: My my.. She saw a little roughed up version of Ravenrock's one, with many friendly dunmer faces instead the hateful ones of the nords, while the building remained nordic, its heart now belong dunmer, she felt relief finally arriving a safe place in Windhelm.. Welcome young girl, take a seat.. After all events in Windhelm, Arilith finally felt finally a bit happy, her expression showed a smile, it been long time ago, when she smiled last time.. Arilith: Well I think I will take a seat.. Arilith sit down and ordered a classic drink from Morrowind, while waiting excitedly and thinknig what should she actually do here and what is her plan, the owner of the place said her a few things.. We talk after the guest leaved, there are a few things we should talk about your life here.. End
  8. Arilith in Windhelm(1/) At the 4th Era Morrowind reached its lowest, Red mountain erruption was almost an apocaliptic event for the nation of the proud dunmer, the ashlands turned into an barely habitable wasteland resulting mass starvation, in the earliest years of the Era king of Skyrim offered the Isle of Solstheim.The town Ravenrock is one of the few places in Morrowind wich offers some life, but even that is barely enough to consider liveable, many dunmer fled to Skyrim and other places of the Empire in desperate attempt find a better life. Like many dunmer before Arilith decided to leave the isle of Solstheim in attempt to live a better life in the Imperial province Skyrim, she is youngest daughter of the old dunmer house wich got forgotten to the past, her family always lived in Solstheim after the great erruption, but as Morrowind crumbled so does the wealth, power and fame of her family, not barely even more than a beggars in a old house, even their youngest member decided to forget it and start a new in different place.. Sadness and sorrow made its way on Arilith as she walked in the lands of Solstheim, going forward to the docks of Ravenrock.. Arilith: My feet feels the warm and the cold of the ashland, sorrowful it is I need to left it forever, for my own sake.. The town itself was barely more than a ghost town, other refugees from Morrowind, Skooma addicts, thugs and the poor and old timers remained here, even Arilith herself barely could afford to leave, took the entire money what her family had, she packed everything what she could find, food, old silver sword and some rags.. Arilith: I never saw Morrowind its prime, I born late to witness it, but born in the right time to see how its crumbling and falling apart, sad sight to see the proud dunmers home in this state.. Some doubts went into her mind, after all she intended to leave her home for a new strange place called Skyrim, leaving everything behind, her people, her history and family.. Arilith: No time for doubts, my decision is final, everything gonna be just worser here.. She sat down at the docks and simply waited for the ships wich costed everything she could amass, spending her last moments on Solstheim and Morrowind, reaching the final goodbye once and for all.. she just sat silently waiting for the ship wich brings her to Solitude the center of the Imperial power and one of the most wealthiest place in skyrim.. She ship do arrived, however Arilith wasn't pleased what she got, an barely even room cabin for all money she had, even ship itself was crumbling let alone the sahdy crew of it, but like many other dunmer she went to the ship, she took her chance to leave, even if she need spend her time on the cold ship like this.. Arilith: 5 000 gold for this, what a scam, but I had no choice, barely even any ship came to Solstheim let alone bring people to somewhere else, money from Morrowind barely even worth anything, even my body is barely count as a good there, I guess they use this situation for their own advantage.. She simply fallen sleep, the entire travel was that horrendus Arilith merely just wanted to sleep over the entire thing and wake up when she is there...however.. She arrived a complety different city, it was not Solitude, it was the old hold Windhelm, capital city of Eastmarch, city of the infamous Ulfric Stormcloak.. Arilith was deceived, so does many other dunmer before her, instead of the citiy she desired they brought her here.. She just stood there silently, at first she didn't realised the scam she got.. Arilith: Is this Solitude? No that not make any sense... Eventually she realised where is she actually and she been scammed, her face was full of despair, she couldn't even feel anything else at that moment.. Arilith: This is Windhelm... After realising the truth, Arilith just sat on the cold stone docks of the city, she did nothing just sat there silently and sad, eventually one of the guards approached her.. You there Gray-skin!! The guard called her to him.. Guard: Wonderful another dark elf, just what we needed again.. Arilith: I... Guard: I can't even decide you are young or just a granny looks young, anyway there is a procedure for all refugee like you on the dock office, I advise to go there and wait for my captain, he gonna ask few question you, then you can go there were all of your kind is... Arilith simply was still in shock of the recent realisations, she didn't even understand in that state what the guard said or how he insulted her, she just stood there having sad facial expression and quiet.. Guard: You are actually a pretty one even for a dark elf, I'm sure you can be at least useful compared the others of your kind in the streets, they barely get me off, nevermind now then go to the dock office... Arilith went to the office and started wait for the captain, after a while she kind of got back to her senses and realised she sit in a dark storage room in the big Windhelm docks, she know she can't expect too much good for the future.. End Author notes:
  9. The Inner Bear Frea was sitting in her room, preparring herself to meet her "inner bear" to make peace for controlling her berserking. She placed her weapon front of her and made peace. Frea: I was told by the madman of Eastmarch to learn controlling my berserking, I should meet and made peace the inner bear. Frea: Alright, lets to this... She closed her eyes and started the berserk while calming down the same time... She found herself in a misty marsh. near an old nordic ruin. Frea: Storm, this is represent my relationship with him it seems... She looked at the ruin's center and found the bear Frea: There is he... It was the bear she slayed, to became berserker, he slept as he did when she assulted him.. Frea: He is the one who are in controll my berserking.. She kneeled down near him and started talk with him... Frea: I'm here to make peace with you bear, to controll my berserking.. Bear: Arrhhhh, you woke me up again girl.. The bear stood up and looked up Frea.. Bear: The one who murdered me, skinned my fur, my flesh, ripped of my head wearing like a hat, bathed and drank my blood. Berserker is now here to make peace? He lied down and went back his sleeping.. Frea: Yes, thats why I am here, now them lets make peace.. Bear: No.. Frea: Come on, I killed you in fair fight... Bear: By ambush? Pff go away... Frea's patience started to run out, she was getting more angrier... Frea: I guess I need to more clear, if you don't accept my peace I crush you bear... Bear: Not going to work, your mostrous strenght is powerless here... Frea calmed down a bit hearing, she can't get what she want by power, she started thiking.... Frea: What should I do now... Bear: Not a smart one are you? Frea: Don't mock me... Bear: Why don't just ask me how you could make peace? Frea: Fine, what do you want bear? Bear: Crawl behind me firstly.. She went all fours behind the bear... Frea: Alright now? Bear: Come closer... She started move closer... Frea: I'm here now? Bear: Grab my balls girl... Frea: What?!! Bear: You want controll the berserking? The bear stood up and, Frea grabbed his balls.. Frea: This just too weird... Bear: Thats right.. Frea: You pervert old bear, asking things like this... Bear: Its not big thing for controlling your power, considering the fact you killed me... Frea: Still doing this with a beast? Bear: You drank my blood, you are bear too... Frea: Bear? Me? Bear: Yes, to became berserker you need became bear ifsel, not necessery literally... now then go front of me.. Frea went front of him and grabbed his dick... Frea: This is just.... Bear: Great... Frea: I can't believe I'm doing this... Bear: Its just two bear having fun, think this way...its the faster way to make peace... you want controll your power isn't it? Frea: I not expected I should ever do this....this wasn't part of the berseker tales.... Bear: yeahhh, thats right... He put her head down and forced her to suck his dick.. Bear: Finally silence.. Frea: Mmmmm! Bear: Hush girl... Bear: Ahhh damn, the girl who killed me sucking my dick... Bear: Yeahhhhhh...now then sit on my dick... Frea sat on his dick, however it was quite different than the nordic ones she used, she wasn't prepared this.. Frea: Uhhhhh... This is a bit brutal... Bear: You are bear girl, you can take it... Frea: Said easier than it done... Bear: I never did with human... Bear: But I like it.. He raised her on his belly and she started ride his dick..he switched hole and started use her asshole.. Frea: Anal?! Bear: Hush.... Frea: Ahhh, this is getting bad... Bear: Endure it berserker, you are tough... Frea: You right, I can take much more... Bear: I experienced that yes... He started bear hug her and went more rough, Frea was able to take it, but it was close to her finish... Frea: Ehhhh this is rough but I must take it for a little long..... Bear: You feels pretty good for a human, if I knew tihs was good, I wouldn't eat them... Frea: Not sure I like how this is sounds... you would be like those bandits I killed... They started cumming, they was at their finish... Frea: Uhhh.. Bear: Ahhh.. Bear: You know I lied you, I did not make peace, you brutally killed me after all, but thanks for the sex berserker girl.. and I like killing things even if with your hands... Frea: Whhhaaa tt.. The vision stopped, Frea was a bit tired due berserking and she found herself back to her room. Frea: Arrrhhhhhgggggg!!! That lying Fucker!!! I kill him!!! Frea: I'm pissed of!!! My body is alright, it seems he just fucked me, It was just vision, nothing happened.. Frea: Lets just calm down before I broke someone's neck, I yelled enough today... that fucking bear...I'm not sure any of his words were true... I crush his ball next time...me bear? bullshit.. End
  10. 0SEX with Svenja I never tried 0SEX, so decided to try it , I can say I really like it Ulfric is good friend, he always share the girls with Galmar, Svenja is not really found the idea. End Author's note
  11. Strange Dwemer Tech In a cold night of Windhelm, Arilith seeked out the local shady merchant of the gray quarter, she decided to seek other ways to cover her combat weakness, she heard a rumor of dwemer tech in the place, thus she went there and asked. Merchant was vary of the young dunmer woman. Arilith: Greetings, I heard you have "other" goods, I would like to buy from there. Merchant: What kind of other goods you mean Sera? Skooma, smugled weapons to protect yourself from the locals or stolen tomes? Arilith: You straight up told me your illegal things.. Merchant: For a fellow dunmer in this forsaken place, yes, for a nord never, we not really allowed to proect ourselves at all from the locals, young lady like yourself should have protection or you end up in the dumpster by the true nord... Arilith was a bit shocked from what the merchant told her, she already experienced the "kindness" of the locals, she thought it might better to get something, after all they stole her belongings. Merchant: Welcome to Windhelm, city of the true nords, now what can I get you.. Arilith: Do you have dwemer tech? Merchant: There is something, but I wouldn't advise you to buy it. Arilith: Where it is? Merchant: Fine its around in the warehouse, but I warn you it is a bit odd.... Arilith found the dwemer automatron in the warehouse, it was active and seemed to look Arilith. Arilith: Ohhh spider one, this little things can be very handy in combat, looks deceiving, it is pretty strong combat one. Dwemer Automatron: (Unknown language) Arilith: huh? Arilith did not understand a word, what the voice form the automatron said, she was curoius and went closer, however as she went closer one word was she understand was "Chimer" Dwemer Automatron: (Unknown language) Chimer... Arilith: Chimer? You mean me? Arilith: Now then lets look up closer a bit you, wait what is that in your bottom? The automatron took off her clothes and put its robotic dick in her ass, Arilith did not even noticed until it was already there, it almost like it teleported that fast wa sit.. Dwemer Automatron: (Unknown language) Arilith: What happened, wait..Ahhhh The automatron language was became cleaner and Arilith started understand it... Dwemer Automatron: Primite language translation process finished, Target initialised Ebony skinned Chimer, Sex slave breaking program activated.. Arilith: What?! The automaron, put something in Arilith and she lost her voice, thus not talk during the process and only listen the ramblings of the dwemer machine, after she machine fucked her for hours, until its finishes. Dwemer Automatron: Penetrating Chimer Asshole started.. Eventually she was released... Dwemer Automatron: Process finished, Chimer sex slave training program done.. Arilith: Uhhhh...this wasn't bad.. She put her clothes on, get herself together and went to the merchant.. Merchant: I said, its a bit odd, even myself got this scenario.. Arilith: Ummm... Arilith: I want it buy it... Merchant: What?! End
  12. Lady Sunrise and the Bear Earana has a little secret affair with a late Jarl of Windhelm Ulfric Stormcloak, They knew each other since the Great war and sometimes Earana's visiting in Windhelm end up with warm night spending together. Earana: Its been while we do it.. Ulfric: Yeah.. Earana: Shall we then? Earana: Don't you afraid if we get caught your public image will be hurt? I mean you are with me instead of marrying... Ulfric: Nah I already made the preparations don't worry Elenwe... I mean Earana... Lady Sunrise.. my Legate.. Earana: You get a bit confused with titles... Earana: Wait Did you almost called me a different name? Ulfric: You feel Great!! Earana: Don't change subject, who is her? Trying replace me with another altmer lady? Ulfric: Uhh noone, nevermind that..(New plan put the wrong hole situation to change subject, then go hardest on her) Earana: I get a little jealous you old bear.. Ulfric:( Me old? I'm damn finest Jarl in Skyrim) Earana:(sigh) Wrong hole! Earana: I don't want do anal Ulfric, lets put that the right hole. Earana:Ahhhhh! Yess! Much better.. Ulfric: Uhhhhh! Earana: Damn! You known how to make me feel good!! Ahh!! Ulfric: Ahhh Great!!! Your pussy is fine!! Earana: Ahhhh Great! Lets switch pose! Ulfric: Yes!(Good plan worked, she forget it) Earana: Its your turn now Ulfric... Ulfric: Hmmppf alright, but don't regret it.. Earana: Ohhhh!! Earana: So whats her name, I would guess Elenwen from what you almost said... Ulfric:(Still not dropping the subject well guess I need fuck harder her then) Earana: You fucking me harder, whenever I ask..Ahhh..!! Ulfric: She is just some nord girl from the city...don't bother it.. Earana: With name originates from Alinor? Ohh!! Ulfric: She was raised by those stable ones.. they gave it her that name(By Talos this getting out the hand) Earana: Hmmm If I recall isn't one of Thalmor has similar... Ulfric: I'm jarl of Windhelm, Hero of the great war Ulfric Stormcloak, I wouldn't fuck a thalmor hoe! Earana: War hero is big strech, but you right sorry about the fuss.. Lets concentrate the love making than this .. Ulfric:(Ehhh finally she convinced and stopped caring about it..) Ulfric:(Damn Elenwen still haunt me, almost ruined my potential ally for my forming rebellion) Earana: Ulfric you getting rougher!! Ahh!! Ulfric: I getting close to finish... Earana:... Ulfric: I am cumming!! Earana: Ahhhhhhh!!!? After their little fun, Earana goes to the wardrobe. Earana: As warming it is, after the act over I'm freezing, lets find some nice looking warm clothes. Earana:(Sigh) Uhhh Eastmarch is cold as ever.. Elenwen huh? Sounds awfully familiar.. End
  13. "There's no mistake you're a wanted man its time to pay for your crimes." Errors/Bloopers Joke shamelessly stolen from this video.
  14. Previous chapters: Arilith in Windhelm part 6 The first day was finally over, Arilith survived her first night in Windhelm and took a rest... But her rest wasn't peaceful... Why that look? You going to enjoy this gray skin.. heheh Stop struggling... I said stop it bitch!! See, so much better, you gray skin whores only good for this.. Now get out of my sights, before you get another round.. Are you deaf?!! She wokes up in the morning, feeling disoriented, shaken and fear... Arilith: Just a nightmare... Arilith: Time get ready for today.... She took up her clothes, her sword and got herself ready for the day.. leaving the safe room and nightmares... Arilith: I can't stay here forever after all.. Arilith: Monster hunting huh.. Hlaalu said something about missing guards and women, I might can ask around about it.. Arilith: That might good for starting, dangerous and risky, but better then being a toy for these nords.. Arilith: Time to leave the Gray-Quarter for now... Arilith: So thats where the nords live? huh... Arilith: Forcing us to one street, while their entire city is empty, look how much place they have... What a joke.. While she stood still, two rather menacing guard approached her. Arilith was suprised and took offguard, she had no idea what they wanted and she knew these guards never up any good.. Guard: You there Gray-skin what are you doing outside of the Gray-Quarter? Your kind of forbidden to leave those parts of the city.. Arilith: Forbidden? Why? Guard: Yes, by the law of the True High King of Skyrim, Ulfric Stormcloak.. Gray-skins like you not allowed to leave the quarter or be outside of it, thats a law break... Other Guard: Isn't she the one Harald spoke? Look at her, she is quite pretty... we could have fun with her hehe.. Guard: Enough, now state your reason for this law-break! Arilith got herself into a very bad situation, two guard at her.. The serious law-enforcing older guard.. And the creepier one who lust for her, it seems Harald's actions are well known... Arilith needed to came up something, what can save her life from the dangers.. Arilith: Allow me to introduce myself... Arilith Tilore Resdayna, Witch Hunter from Morrowind and "sister" of Raynil Resdayna.. Im here to work and hunt dowm some monsters or even criminals with bounty... Arilith: Now then if you excuse me, I have to check the bounties.. and get ready to work.. Guard: You not going to anywhere, Witch Hunter... Arilith:.... Guard: You are coming with us..there is someone who would love to meet you... They brought her to the Palace of Kings... Guard: There is she, the Witch Hunter... Voice: Good, now leave us.. Women: So you are the famous Witch hunter, I heard of.. Raynil right? Arilith: My name is Arilith and Im just his sister... but Witch Hunter no less... Women: Good, thats what we need here.. You are now hired, 500 gold is the payment for your services..half payment now, half after.. Is that good for you? Arilith: Yes.. Frea: Call me Frea, people here know me as the Berserker of Eastmarch, but Harald put me in the investigation and refuses to put me in the front.. The best warrior in the entire Stormcloak army.. instead they put me on detective job...like seriously I question sometimes our leadership and their decisions.. Frea: Anyway, can you read? Cause I can't nor the other guards who are on the case. It would be nice if someone in this investigation can actually read a word from the reports and witnesses... Arilith: I can read.. Frea: Good, finally we can get somewhere now with this case.. Frea: Lets head to the hall of dead and examine the corpses... Would be nice if you can figure out what we against... The end
  15. Trying to finish the civil war questline, but I can't get near Windhelm's stables (the Imperials are waiting there to attack the city) and it's getting ridiculously frustrating. I don't think I have anything bigger than texture mods near the place and my rig can handle those anyday. Anyone know of any specific mods causing CTDs here? NMM's load order (says I have 252 plugins activated, but NMM tells me I have 293 active mods in total; not sure how I'd get em all copied..) and papyrus log attached. Tried to make something of the log but... nah. LoadOrder.txt Papyrus.0.log
  16. Hello, It's the first time that I post here, so I hope I did all right. I've recentely decided to unistall completely Skyrim and all his mods 'cause I was using Nexus Mod Manager and now I've passed to Mod Organizer. Everything was good till I instaleld Tamrield Reloaded HD. The problem is that the mod seems to not overwrite the vanilla textures so I have some textures with large pixels and mixed with the Tamriel Reloaded ones. I really don't know how to fix it, I also tryed to use Tamriel Reloaded Plus cause I love the floors on Whiterun, but nothing changed.The problem is mostly on Windhelm and Solitude. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61995/ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94499 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54322 I know I could use another mod instead of Tamriel Reloaded but I mean, it works for other ppl, why didn't work for me? There are some scrinshoots showing my problem: Windhelm https://i.imgur.com/a1vwX9d.jpg https://i.imgur.com/NNVFCqi.jpg https://i.imgur.com/acPCrLP.jpg https://i.imgur.com/5Cbh6ej.jpg Solitude https://i.imgur.com/CfQpDgS.jpg https://i.imgur.com/u2kNAKW.jpg https://i.imgur.com/9hnzg4S.jpg Idk if there are other zones with this textures bug but in Windhelm ALL THE WALLS have this bug. I've also tryed to use Osmodius Windhelm textures pack, but pixelled floor on Windhelm remain. Everything seems to work right on Whiterun... https://i.imgur.com/KTY35ia.jpg I'm using Skyrim Legendary Edition (Not Special Edition) and Mod Organizer I don't really know how to solve this, I'll be glad if someone could help me Thx.
  17. I was exploring around Windhelm, went into Candlehearth Hall, and asked a dude to brawl me. The brawl wouldn't start for some reason, so I kept asking a couple more times until I just decided to try punching him, which gave me a bounty. I rolled back to a quicksave I did just before I punched him, and the game crashed. I tried loading the save a couple more times, but as soon as it went to the loading screen, it CTD'd each time. I tried loading up some autosaves from when I was going in and out of shops beforehand, and they CTD'd upon loading as well. I've been to Windhelm and Candlehearth Hall before (although I can't remember if I've loaded saves within Windhelm) so I don't think it's a location-specific issue. Previously today I'd been playing for three hours with no issues whatsoever. I ran the saves through FallrimTools and found no issues in the save files, I ran sfc /scannow with the Windows Command Prompt, and I fixed my registry of any issues. These were previously things that helped prevent CTDs for me. I don't think I have any crash logs (if I do, not sure where to find them?), but I do have my last log from MO2: The log mentions a lot about KernelBase.dll, Kernel32.dll, and ntdll.dll. I'm not sure what any of this means honestly, or if it's even related, but I remember scouring the internet and finding some things about KernelBase.dll crashing someone's Skyrim (although they didn't say how they solved the issue in the end). Here is my load order, if it's needed: Any help would be hugely appreciated, and I'm happy to insert or attach any extra files if anyone wants to take a look-through. Thanks for reading. EDIT: I tried loading a save from yesterday night and it worked perfectly well. I also tried loading an earlier save from Windhelm, and the game loaded just fine again. After loading the old Windhelm save, I tried loading my most recent saves from within the game, and yet again, the game crashed.
  18. Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/8865-arilith-in-windhelm2/ Arilith in Windhelm Arilith and her new argonian "friend" hided in not used warehouse, just in case of the guards or Harald came back, she was not the first dunmer girl he helped in the years and not the last.. He brought her some food and tried warm up the place as he could to make Arilith more confortable, eventually they started talk after long silent moment. Argonian tried open up for Arilith, cause he knew she is not alright, he started intorduce himself and hoped that might led Arilith open up and maybe cheer her up.... Argonian: My name is Pees on Cold, my parents and the hist not blessed me the best one and i got a lot of mock from the nords due that, my I ask your name? Arilith: Arilith, call me just that.. Pees on Cold: Welcome to Windhelm, best city in all Skyrim, even feared Molag Bal wouldn't give his name on this shitehole hehe.. ohhhh wasn't funny sorry.. Arilith: I just not in the mood for jokes, still I apprenciate your efforts to cheer me up.. One his question sparked memories of Arilith's life, she did not wanted to remember and forget the moment she arrived in Skyrim, a darker chapter of her life in Solstheim.. Pees in Cold: What did you do in Morrowind what was your job? I working at the docks, if it can be even called work, I get like 2 septim for a day and work myself to death... Arilith: Its a bit complicated, and not really something I would talk.. Pees in Cold: I not judge anyone here expect those Stormcloaks .. damn those slave mongers.. Arilith: Thank you.. perhaps you can understand it.. She started remember her last few years on Solstheim, eventually turned into a flashback of a life part, she tried erase the most. Arilith: I was a slave, well they called other way and used more formal words for it, but in reality it was slavery nothing else, something never really dissapeared, it wasn enforced by a hated king and his house, eventually all disaster what striked upon Morrowind brought this back in other forms, but in this case it was not from the other races, instead who had still power and wealth decided took from its own.. Arilith: My parents decided one put me in chains and collar me, when I was woke up I already where in a dark corner of Ravenrock hidden by the eyes of Redoran, they simply sell their own daughter for a few gold to Telvanni wizard's servitude , despite the rumors they still exist and I leant the worst way possible by sersing one for few years.. Her Mother: Welcome great Wizard of house Telvanni Fanalu, we brought this girl for you and hoped you would buy her from us to servitude.. Fanalu: Not good idea wasting my time with useless persons, I hope for your sake you do not do that, so what she can do? Her Father: Look at her face, she is quite a pretty one.. you like this type of girls don't you, we heard the rumors.. Fanalu: She is pretty I give you that, but aside of this? I not gonna buy one just for the look.. Her mother: She has some magical potential, maybe thats interest you Lady Fanalu? Fanalu: Is that so? Interesting,, Her mother: Yes, she is talented, even with her skills already the best of Ravenrock.. Fanalu: Thats might be worth to give a go, fine I give for her 200 gold for a one year servitude.. Her Father: Good, but how about like 2-3 years servitude of her? Fanalu: in that case 600 gold then, I really hope she worth her price.. Arilith: And they sold to me to Fanalu, I spent my next 3 years as her slave in Telvanni town in Solstheim, I don't know if it was worth to my parents or why even they did, I never meet them again, the house was empty where I lived with them, only some money and minor things remained... during those 3 years many thing happened... Fanalu: Come to me girl, we going enjoy that coming 3 year together... Arilith: So what was job in Morrowind? A slave.. Pees in Cold: I have no words...I am sorry.. Arilith: As much I hated those years with her, thats where I learnt magic and many other skills.. not something I would talk anyone, let alone with creepy nord soldier, but I'm hoping you keep these things quiet.. Pees in Cold: I will not worry about.. Arilith stood up and started looking in her surrondings.. Arilith: Is there some other clothes than these rags? Pees in Cold: There is some old nord clothes around you, pick them up.. Arilith took the clothes and put it on herself, she looked less like a girl from Morrowind and more of someone who born in Skyrim, clothes were warm enough to withstand the cold in some levels.. She looked like a peasant girl from the quarter, she thought this gonna help her blend in much better.. Arilith: Not that bad.. much less noticable then my dunmer clothing, these nords not gonna make difference between me and others who are here long time. Pees in Cold: Yes, thats help you blend more easily.. She went to the argonian and wondered what he wants in return for helping her, she did not believe someone would help her by good will and just like that, she thought there is some catch.. Arilith: So what should I give in return? Pees in Cold: Now you say.. An image came to Arilith's mind, where she having sex with the Argonian, she had no money or anything what had value, aside of her body, she expected him going demand her body in return for the help however he did not.. (This happened in Arilith's mind) Pees in Cold: Nothing, just to be safe, now go to the Gray Quarter, you meet with other dark elfs there and stick with them for a while... Arilith left the warehouse and she thought many things at once, put her hands on her head and simply sigh a few times, before getting herself ready to enter the city itself.. Arilith: This ended up less worse than expected, I should visit him sometimes and give him something.. but he is right time to leave the docks.. She walked up on a the stairs leading up the city, she meet no one during that.. Arilith: Damn this takes too long.. Eventually she find herself at the gates of the city, it was large and massive like all problem she gonna have when she enters, she stood there for a while silently, simply looking at it.. Arilith tried make herself more comfortable, get together and make sure she is ready to enter... her face was full of all feeling she felt about it, the fear, sadness and the unknown she gonna face.. Arilith: Get ready and go.. The moment she steps in her face is frozen, showing only a suprise as expression, despite what things she prepared herself, the sight was not what she expected.. She big saw slum, her fellow dunmers at the trading stalls and the route leading to the Gray-quarter and some unknown creatures with feathers, one thought went in her mind, if this city is this worse already, how worse gonna be her new home the Gray-Quarter.. End
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