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  1. ***UPDATED As of 5/3/2015*** So here we go kicking off the new thread for updates to the IncTeen mod first updated by Malfus. I'll be placing updated versions here as I go along fixing things that get broken with new patches and generally tidying up the mess that I've made with some of the balloons. As the topic tags would suggest, this mod has a lot of pieces to it, so let me break it all down for you. All files have been updated to work with version and all current expansion packs for the game. The naming system for the files is a series of letters separated by "_" to identify what each package contains as listed below. So if you want to use Teen to Adult, Incest, and Polygamy only for instance, download the Teen to Adult zip file and place the TotA_Inc_Poly package file into your Mods folder. You can also find a list of compatible mods that I use at the bottom of this post. ***DISCLAIMER*** USE ONLY ONE PACKAGE FILE included in these .zip archives, and do not combine this mod with others that affect interactions. I am not responsible for the stability of your game if you do. ***END DISCLAIMER*** File Names and What Gets Changed: Inc - Incest - Enables romance interactions with family. No branches on the family tree here. NaW - Naked WooHoo - Sets the WooHoo outfit to BATHING instead of SLEEP. For the nakedness. NoJ - No Jealousy - Disables jealousy broadcasters. No more reacting to people having sex right next to you. Poly - Polygamy - Enables multiple promise rings, proposals, and weddings. This never works out in real life the way people think. TtoA - Teen to Adult - Includes Teens in most of the Adult romance interactions, and enables some of the Teen content for Adults. BfE - Babies for Everyone (Includes all TtoA content) - Elder women can have babies. Does what it says. SSP - Same Sex Pregnancy (Includes all BfE and TtoA content) - Male/male and female/female pregnancy. The drawback is reverse insemination. Additional Notes: The Basic zip includes Inc, NaW, NoJ, and Poly mods. The other zips contain the Basics plus the title of the zip. I have included a ReadMe file here and in each .zip that has the bugs that I have confirmed as of right now along with a very basic change log. It also contains links to the original files that were used to update this whole thing to where it is now. If you want any of the previous versions of this mod, please check the post linked in the spoiler for older versions. I had to remove the bulk of the old files with the exception of PTME to accommodate the size of the current versions. If you still want those older basic versions, please PM me and I will send it to you directly instead. Updates: Version 2 adds the buff loot for WooHoo which I overlooked to everything with Teen to Adult content. Does not affect the Basic packages. ​Current Versions: InTeen_1.5.149.1020v3 ReadMe.txt InTeen_Basic_1.5.149.1020v3.zip InTeen_Teen_to_Adult_1.5.149.1020v3.zip InTeen_Babies_for_Everyone_1.5.149.1020v3.zip InTeen_Same_Sex_Pregnancy_1.5.149.1020v3b.zip (Small correction, I loaded in v1 files by mistake on the first upload.) Older Versions: Confirmed Compatible Mods: (I've used all of these in combination with my mod at one point or another.) moxiemason's No Mosaic Mod tornadoX's Invisible Clothing Mod Cmar's Penis Mod Majestic's Female Nude Skins Elerneron's Female Nude Skins
  2. Please report any problems that you come across. If requested, I can update the uploads to include other flavors of pregnancy, such as actor only, mm, etc. I will not include a no jealousy flavor, as you can already achieve that with the "Player" trait. INCOMPATIBILITIES: Any mod that also affects romance probably won't work with any of the flavors of this mod. TODO: Implement Romance tag system to make kiss checking more accurate. Make Same-Sex Same-Gender a reality. DESCRIPTION: IncTeenSSP1.2.16_v2a: The version I use in my game. Includes incest, teen-adult romance, same sex pregnancy (female target only), and polygamy. IncTeen1.2.16_v2b: Just has incest and teen-adult romance. Note: 1.2.16 refers to the version of the game I tested it with. It does not fully function with the latest patch. IncTeenSSP1.2.16_v2a.rar IncTeen1.2.16_v2b.rar