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  1. Kin Tsuchi

    Shrouded Past - Chapter I

    Act I - Chapter I Open the following spoilers to see the chapter. You can find all chapters and characters in my blog-description.
  2. Welcome back! Here are some gay daddy framed posters for you. The visuals include resizing, with the standard size in the middle. You can find them in-game under Decorations > Paintings and Posters. REQUIREMENTS: Sims 4 base game Instillation: Download the .package file and place into your Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder! Visuals: All pictures were found on Tumblr. fircuscan_DaddyPosters1.package
  3. Updated: 17/10/2018Developer/Publisher: zovikhstudioCensorship: noneVersion: v0.06OS: Windows, Linux, MacLanguage: English You play as a young man. who met his brother for the first time in a long time. Together with his brother and his family you go camping. What adventures await you in the forest? you will learn by playing the game! Version 0.07 is available on my Patreon page! PC FREE MAC FREE
  4. Hi Everyone! Welcome to my SECOND upload ha ha! Again, I'm planning to learn PCs better and how to upload/create different content, until then I just figured out (maybe) how to upload families. Since I'm new, PLEASE tell me if the files aren't working. I don't know shit about uploading, and Google wasn't as helpful as I hoped. Please play as these these characters however you like, but here's the story I've put together for these three: Grant Parker moved to the city several years ago to pursue his education. When in his junior year of university, he decided to take some time and earn money by tutoring local high schoolers. He's always been the smart kid in class, and picked on a lot by the jocks. Because of this, his dad (a major sports head) threw him in soccer, but Grant hated it. After high school graduation, he quit sports and continued his love of reading and learning science and math. He then met Chrissy and Dustin, twin seniors whose mom decided they need to step up their academia game and boost their grades. Grant is a very kind person, not loud or obnoxious, just simple and easy going with a touch of a dark side. Chrissy was a high school senior ready to move on to bigger and better things. As an aspiring painter, she was absent in a lot of classes because she hid in the art studio. She tends to hang out with the more popular kids, because her brother Dustin was on the varsity football team. Through her sweet disposition, she tends to fall into the gossip between her friends. Dustin is your classic meathead footballer. He's popular, annoying, and gets pretty much whatever he wants. He didn't pay attention a lot in school, which is why his grades were slipping. With notice from his teachers that he wouldn't make it to a good university without excellent grades alongside his sport, he agreed to participate in the tutoring his mom set up for he and his sister. Grant had no idea what he was going against when he agreed to tutor these two. He noticed the twins had an awkward connection; sometimes innocent but mostly sensual. It was strange seeing it, but Grant didn't stop himself from imagining those two banging each other. When the twins noticed Grant would sometimes get distracted during lessons, they caught on it might be because of their secret relationship as lovers. The two had discussed their attraction to Grant to each other, so one day as Grant couldn't get his words straight, Chrissy and Dustin kissed. Grant immediately fell silent. The siblings undressed each other, began touching each other, and looked for Grant's approval. Their instincts were correct. It was a strange feeling that Grant felt. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't stop himself. Now that Chrissy and Dustin have graduated, he spends nearly every day with them in a college prep group he convinced their mother they need. REQUIREMENTS: Sims 4 base game - Bowling - Get to Work - Seasons - City Living Noir and Dark Sims - Pornstar Cock Lunar Eclipse - HD Penis Luumia - V5 Body Hair Viblisims - Bulge Shorts ONE File Versions: Just one this time, StudyGroup.zip does not include the above CC (download separately and support!) Visuals: SUPER special thanks to all the modders and creators of content for The Sims 4, and add a dope high five to the creators above. Please do not reupload any this content to other sites or claim it as your own. StudyGroup.zip
  5. Hi everyone! Welcome to my first upload. I'm planning to learn PCs better and how to upload/create different content, until then I just figured out (maybe) how to upload families. Since I'm new, PLEASE tell me if the files aren't working. I don't know shit about uploading, and Google wasn't as helpful as I hoped. Please play as these these characters however you like, but here's the story I've put together for these two: Jeff grew up on his family ranch, with his mom, dad, and two sisters. Jeff's dad is the epitome of a "country" man: conservative, religious, suppressing emotions and working endlessly. As Jeff was growing up, his father instilled these ideas unto him, but he had always known something was a little different about himself. He forced those feelings to the back of his mind. He and his high school sweetheart Lacy had a child together before graduation, and Jeff's parents weren't thrilled. Lacy was eccentric, outgoing, and pushed Jeff into looking at the world in a more compassionate and open way. They moved into the suburbs of the city close by after graduation with their newborn son, Hunter. Jeff was excited for his son being able to grow up in a way that wouldn't skew his mind with suppression or isolation. He trusted Lacy to teach young Hunter what she taught him at an older age, and how to be adventurous. The city wasn't good for Lacy however, and she became addicted to drugs. After separation and years of Lacy working her way through every court case, Jeff was Hunter's primary caregiver and held his hand through his experience of his mother's trauma. Lacy recently moved back home to be with her parents to finally try to receive help. Hunter's 18th birthday was last week, and graduation is just in sight. He has never been a shy kid, in fact he's charming, funny and loves meeting new people. He's a popular guy at his school, involved in sports and making friends from every clique. His grades aren't superior, and he has snuck-out several times after curfew to party with his friends. Through his masculine presentation however, you can tell he's sensitive and cares a lot for his loved ones. It makes Hunter happy to teach his dad new things about understanding people he couldn't learn on the ranch, and Jeff takes pride in teaching his son his favorite activities like camping, fishing and mechanics. Now we're here, Jeff and Hunter just finished moving into a new house Jeff had bought for just the two of them. Until Hunter starts seriously thinking about college, it'll be these two happily sharing their space and time together. The rest is up to your imagination REQUIREMENTS: Sims 4 base game - Spa Day - Laundry Day - Seasons Noir and Dark Sims - Pornstar Cock Lunar Eclipse - HD Penis Luumia - V5 Body Hair Viblisims - Bulge Shorts ONE and TWO File Versions (choose one): MasonFamilyNoCC - Doesn't include the custom content used to make these Sims. MasonFamilyWithCC - Includes the custom content files used to make these Sims. Visuals: SUPER special thanks to all the modders and creators of content for The Sims 4, and add a dope high five to the creators above. Please do not reupload any this content to other sites or claim it as your own. MasonFamilyNoCC.zip MasonFamilyWithCC.zip
  6. Perverteer

    Sisterly Lust

    Hi, I'm the developer of a Visual Novel called Sisterly Lust. It's been in development for quite some time, but up until the last public release I felt that the visual quality of the game was lacking. I rendered my early releases on a laptop using 3Delight as a rendering engine. Thanks to my the generous support of my patrons on Patreon I've been able to invest in better hardware, which has resulted in the HD release including upgraded Iray renders, which is publicly available as of last weekend. I'm now a bit more confident to seek a wider audience. Downloads Latest (uncensored) public build: v0.12, Click here for downloads and changelog Latest (censored) patron-only build: v0.13, Click here for downloads and changelog The new build of Sisterly Lust becomes available to patrons one month before the public release. Releases are monthly and contain two days of the ongoing story. I'm on Patreon if you enjoy what I'm doing and like to support me. Plot Until recently you’ve lived in a different part of the country with your father. Your parents divorced when you were very little and the family was ripped apart after a fierce custody battle. Your mother took her three daughters home, while your father moved away with you. You haven’t seen your family since and any attempts at communication were very much discouraged by your father. But now, everything has changed after his sudden death. During your fathers funeral you were approached by a woman you instantly recognized as your mother. She asked if you would be willing to go home with her, meet your sisters and be a family again. You hesitantly said yes… Gameplay The game is build on choices that will have an impact on the gameplay. Each main character has two statistics; Trust and Corruption. Scenes will unfold based on those two parameters. Be careful not to lose the trust of any of your siblings, otherwise your stay at your new home will be a very short one. Fetishes Incest (B/S, M/S, B/S/M) Anal Lesbian Corruption Voyeurism Masturbation Teen MILF Group Sex (Optional) BDSM (Sub & Dom, Optional) And much more! Screenshots Feel free to ask any questions or post your comments. Thanks!
  7. CHECK THE LATEST UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM! hellow my felow adult modder (i not calling my self as a modder.... yet) well straight to the point, i made my self family harem mod which allow you to get our close family member as your (marry them) like mother/sister and stuff than i got stuck with restricted marriage feature on original game but first here's my idea step by step event , which made you as family harem 1.already made a decision mod where you can trigger the harem title that allow you to do thing and its more look like this 2.So if i still cant do shit , maybe i have another method to make this work and the last also i would like to make other absurd mod if this done like lolicon or shotacon ? feel free to give some advice or anything you have than of course if this done i will release it in here(maybe) coz looks like i will get a job and not touch my pc again ? Before i end this up , sorry for my bad English bcoz its not my mother language , and thx b4 in case if i forgot like b4 i just put it on here ( was forget this thing and i remake the whole mod from the start ?) Modding interface on trait or decision thing update ! v0.1 The plan (well i dont know man, did i still can continue this coz in the close time i got new job) update ! v0.2 Upcoming idea ( some other coming mod idea ) So !! feel free to share!!
  8. Guest


    View File Incest Trait Mod This a basic trait mod, whims are similar to partner, flirt, and romance whims. It only requires Wicked Whims at the moment for the incest interaction. As I become more and more familiar with modding there will be an update for more. This mod come with six basic incest traits. Become a supporter and gain an additional eight more incest traits. Each trait is gender neutral and can be used for male of female sims. Basic Version: Brother Lover Sister Lover Son Lover Daughter Lover Father Lover Mother Lover Patreon Supporter Version: Nephew Lover Niece Lover Uncle Lover Aunt Lover Grandson Lover Granddaughter Lover Grandfather Lover Grandmother Lover Thank you all for downloading my mod. Please let me know if you find any bug with it. To keep up to date on what I'm working on or to support me visit my Patreon or Blog. Submitter PaddfootNSFW Submitted 03/16/2018 Category WickedWhims  
  9. View File NOTE: I consider this mod completed. I have no plans to make further changes, other than fixing any bugs which may be reported. This mod gives you a gay male (marryable) follower/lover/brother and a follower/lover/father. The brother is a level 10 mage, and will level with you. The father is a warrior, also level 10 at start. These two will adapt to the player race as long as it is one of the four "human" races (breton, imperial, nord, redguard). For other races, they default to nord. The followers will be naked when you meet them, but they have armor in inventory. Give them something and they should equip the armor they have (this is intentional, btw.) You also get two guards which take turns patrolling round the house. Also added are two horses (one ridable, and one [cough] "pet"), and a "pet" dog. All (human) NPCs sleep in the guest house, unless you make them followers and use a mod to give them a different home. I made no changes to Elysium other than adding the NPCs, and markers for them to use. Oh and allowing fast travel from the interiors. You still need to get the key to the main house as in the original mod. Starting Wait for the courier to find you, with an unexpected note. IMPORTANT: Do NOT have this mod enabled if you are starting a new game, or the courier will break the initial Helgen sequence. (This does not apply if you use "Live Another Life", of course, unless you select the vanilla start.) Lite For those who are not into the incest aspects of this mod, there is a Lite version available. This removes all the scripts, thus leaving the brother and father as normal followers, allies, both marryable. The gaurds remain too, as does the ridable horse, but the two "pets" are removed. Requires You need to have the following mods installed before this, along with all their requirements. All Skyrim DLCs Elysium Estate KS Hairdo's NOS Pierced Ears SexLab SexLab Aroused Redux Recommended Fuz Ro D-oh Silent Voice JK's Skyrim The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold CLARALUX - More and Brighter Lights CoP Whiterun Eyes of Beauty, Player and NPCs versions Undress for bed More Nasty Critters SkyHunks Upgrading Version 0.1 to 1.0 or 2.x Version 1.0 changes all the player chests in the house, so at a minimum, you will have to empty any that you have used, and leave the house interior before installing the new version. Also, since the follower's inventory has changed, those changes may not be applied to a game in progress which already includes him... I honestly don't know. No scripts have changed, however. Version 1.0 to 2.x; 2.x to 3.x This requires a clean save. Dismiss the followers, if they are currently following. Collect everything from chests, etc, go to a location well away from the house. Save. Uninstall he old version. Load your save, wait a minute, save again. Clean the game with Save Game Cleaner. Install version the new version, load the cleaned save. Wait for the courier. Enjoy! Conflicts SLEN users note: while this mod does not conflict with SLEN, the followers have their own sex dialogs, so you may want to disable SLEN dialogs for them. (Does not apply to the Lite version, as this has no built-in dialog.) Load Order If you use the recommended mods, listed above, the following load order (per Skyrim Data Files) has been tested and works: WhiterunHoldForest CLARALUX JKs Skyrim WhiterunHoldForest_JKsRoriksteadPatch CLARALUXify - JKs COMPLETE WhiterunHoldForest_ElysiumEstate_CompatabilityPatch Brother's Keeper Translations Italian NOTE: This mod is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. In other words, feel free to make changes to the mod in any way you like, and upload the changed version. You do not need to ask permission. If you do so, you must credit me, and your version must be free. Further, you also need to credit any other mods used as resources, including those used in my original. Your own creation must in turn be released under these same conditions. Submitter ffabris Submitted 12/05/2015 Category Companions Requires See description Special Edition Compatible
  10. psychodelusional

    Dark Neighborhood

    Hello guys! I am just dropping by to introduce my game, if you wind up trying CH1 or CH2 let me know if you liked it or what I can improve upon! Dark Neighborhood is a point and click adult adventure/visual novel game featuring over 500 renders (in Chapter I, 1000 images in Chapter 2) over 20 images/rooms to explore, multiple choices to make and an alternative final scene to unlock. It is a story about a wondering, lustful deity who feeds off of erotic acts done by humans in order to satiate his power. In Chapter One it happens upon a variety of different people including our male protagonist and proceeds to bring out their hidden and most intimate desires, either by persuasion or force. Some fetishes: Incest Milf Ass/Big booty Lactation Reluctance Embarrassment Occult Voyeurism Voluptuous (Real Milf) Below is a pub build of CH1 but it also includes a demo of CH2. Enjoy and let me know if you like it! https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-chapter-i-15719297 Here are some screens, these are from CH2 so they are better quality than CH1 but the public version comes with CH1 (full) and CH2 (Demo, 50 images) Rest of images in the spoiler:
  11. Mr.N

    Life with Pleasure [0.1]

    Hi guys. My name is Mr.N , I beginning game developer. I wana add my game in this forum. For a game I have chosen Renpy engine, and for accumulation of dev experience I have decided to make at first the visual novel. With each updating, I will try to increase quality of content. Pls check my Patreon You play for the young guy by the name of Nick which lives with two charming girls and gets into very spicy situations... CHECK README file for Taboo patch FETISHES: - Big Tits - Voyeurism - incest - masturbation - peek - sex - male protoganist
  12. ***UPDATED As of 5/3/2015*** So here we go kicking off the new thread for updates to the IncTeen mod first updated by Malfus. I'll be placing updated versions here as I go along fixing things that get broken with new patches and generally tidying up the mess that I've made with some of the balloons. As the topic tags would suggest, this mod has a lot of pieces to it, so let me break it all down for you. All files have been updated to work with version and all current expansion packs for the game. The naming system for the files is a series of letters separated by "_" to identify what each package contains as listed below. So if you want to use Teen to Adult, Incest, and Polygamy only for instance, download the Teen to Adult zip file and place the TotA_Inc_Poly package file into your Mods folder. You can also find a list of compatible mods that I use at the bottom of this post. ***DISCLAIMER*** USE ONLY ONE PACKAGE FILE included in these .zip archives, and do not combine this mod with others that affect interactions. I am not responsible for the stability of your game if you do. ***END DISCLAIMER*** File Names and What Gets Changed: Inc - Incest - Enables romance interactions with family. No branches on the family tree here. NaW - Naked WooHoo - Sets the WooHoo outfit to BATHING instead of SLEEP. For the nakedness. NoJ - No Jealousy - Disables jealousy broadcasters. No more reacting to people having sex right next to you. Poly - Polygamy - Enables multiple promise rings, proposals, and weddings. This never works out in real life the way people think. TtoA - Teen to Adult - Includes Teens in most of the Adult romance interactions, and enables some of the Teen content for Adults. BfE - Babies for Everyone (Includes all TtoA content) - Elder women can have babies. Does what it says. SSP - Same Sex Pregnancy (Includes all BfE and TtoA content) - Male/male and female/female pregnancy. The drawback is reverse insemination. Additional Notes: The Basic zip includes Inc, NaW, NoJ, and Poly mods. The other zips contain the Basics plus the title of the zip. I have included a ReadMe file here and in each .zip that has the bugs that I have confirmed as of right now along with a very basic change log. It also contains links to the original files that were used to update this whole thing to where it is now. If you want any of the previous versions of this mod, please check the post linked in the spoiler for older versions. I had to remove the bulk of the old files with the exception of PTME to accommodate the size of the current versions. If you still want those older basic versions, please PM me and I will send it to you directly instead. Updates: Version 2 adds the buff loot for WooHoo which I overlooked to everything with Teen to Adult content. Does not affect the Basic packages. ​Current Versions: InTeen_1.5.149.1020v3 ReadMe.txt InTeen_Basic_1.5.149.1020v3.zip InTeen_Teen_to_Adult_1.5.149.1020v3.zip InTeen_Babies_for_Everyone_1.5.149.1020v3.zip InTeen_Same_Sex_Pregnancy_1.5.149.1020v3b.zip (Small correction, I loaded in v1 files by mistake on the first upload.) Older Versions: Confirmed Compatible Mods: (I've used all of these in combination with my mod at one point or another.) moxiemason's No Mosaic Mod tornadoX's Invisible Clothing Mod Cmar's Penis Mod Majestic's Female Nude Skins Elerneron's Female Nude Skins
  13. Maria_m

    [Ren'py] The Forest ver 0.03

    3D/ incest / Voyeur/ Peeing and more...You play for a young guy who is resting in a camping with his brother and his family.Ver 0.03 ~ 400 images The game contains 452 dialogue blocks, containing 3,144 words. FREE PLAY
  14. [Act I - Part IX] Regular Edition! https://gamejolt.com/games/dualfamily/266449 [Act I - Part VIII] for FREE! https://gamejolt.com/games/dualfamily/266449 [Act I - Part X] Release: TBA NOTE! Due to changes in their site's ToS, I'm unable to link/associate my P development support page here. It remains the quickest access to image previews/development updates! Hey everyone! First-timer here on the forums. I'm currently developing an adult fiction visual novel dubbed Dual Family. In this decision-oriented game, you can choose one of two characters to play as and experience the same story from different perspectives. With the choices made in these dual campaigns being completely up to you, make or break the relationships with those you hold dear! So far I've created 18 story chapters, split evenly between the two characters respectively. Each presents a series of conflicts for the characters to overcome, one way or another! Take a look... A wife and husband can no longer stand each other -- for more reasons they care to claim for. With their past love crushed and family seemingly splitting at the seams, an exhausted wife and mother seeks sexual validation. A faultless sister and daughter begins her inevitable sexual awakening. Choose your role as Father or Son and witness two perspectives of one family falling to pieces, grasping for any possible signs of love in their descent. Upon starting a new game, you must choose who to play as. Each character has their own merits and flaws that will become apparent as you continue the story. Additionally, both campaigns allow you to name your immediate family members. These will be remembered through dialogue, character profiles and journal entries. (Father route shown) Dual Family will repeatedly test you with a multitude of scenario-based choices that will influence the relationship with your family members, as well as the ending of the story arc. Do you just want a harmless, friendly hug? Or maybe you want to convince your family member to kiss you on the lips without hesitation? Perhaps you want even more... Regardless of what you want out of your relationships, you have many opportunities to choose accordingly during Dual Family's two stories. How far are you willing to go for the heart of your family? Dual Family has three active relationship status' you can achieve with your family members: Strictly Platonic This is the default relationship stats with your relatives. You won't be able to steal a kiss or cop a feel without receiving a strong resistance accompanied by a slap to the face. Hugging and other platonic interactions regular among family members are perfectly fine, granted they are appropriate in the scene's context. Romantic Slowly but surely, she is giving in to your unbridled charm and affection. A romantic relationship will allow you to be in close proximity with you significant other, gently caressing or even kissing her in the appropriate situation. She's starting to fall for you, but be careful not to be too aggressive and shatter the lovely, intimate trance you've put her under. Sexual A sexual relationship contains, as implied in the name, sex with your significant other. Coercing her to partake in such a forbidden taboo won't be a measly task, but it will most certainly be rewarding beyond expectation. It is up to you, the Father or Son, to determine which moves to play and which to suppress until the time is right. Watch and listen closely to your family for context clues -- doing so will reward you with an impenetrable, unbreakable love with your significant, related other. Here's some screens from the first half hour of Dual Family: I want to reiterate that this game will remain free to everyone during and after development. If you DO choose to support Dual Family, you will receive the latest update of the game before anyone else. Non-patrons gain access to the same content an additional month after patrons, but it will be free to those who are comfortable waiting. After Dual Family is 100% developed, the game will cost nothing -- free! Whether or not you choose to support Dual Family, I truly hope you communicate to me your feedback and constructive criticism of the game. Your collective involvement in the creative and development process will be absolutely integral to its success. Thank you! Kyle, Gumdrop Games
  15. Hi everyone. I want to present to you my game -- Forgotten Paradise. What is it? It’s an adult visual novel that will take you on an adventure. It won’t be one of those games where the protagonist is stuck in a house throughout the game (not that there is anything wrong with that). I just want to make it as adventurous as possible. Even though the main theme is Sci-Fi it will shift throughout the game. I don’t plan to have the game revolve only in space. Story: You play as a happily married man with 2 wonderful daughters. Everything was going okay in your life, until one day you heard about a paid social trip to space. You decided to try your luck and participate with your whole family. Making it through the end will reward you with a good sum of money that will help with your mortgage and most importantly, get your daughters through college. And to your surprise you got picked and not only you, but your whole family. On the day you're supposed to leave, you meet a strange man who tells you you're being used as a guinea pig for a test experiment on a serum that wipes out memories. He gives you a pill that will negate that effect. Although you are too late to warn your family you can at least watch over them or take advantage of the fact they have no memories of you or their siblings? The choice will be yours. The plan is to have quite a bit of story and different sexual content. There is quite a few unique characters with unique morphs that only exist in this game. Screenshots: Genre and tags: Download Free version: 0.7 Patreon version: 0.8 If you have any suggestions or concerns, please let me know. If you want to see more updates and support me, then head over to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Vo1dStar
  16. Hi everybody, I am MikeMasters (Miraider is old nick) and I want to share something with you. It's a little project I'm working on called "College Life". What is it all about? You play as young guy, whose goal is to finish college and become successful at life, so he can help his family(sister and mother). Game starts right, when player moves to the college dormitory. When you finish first several quests, the game will become sandbox experience, when you can do almost anything. Features interesting RPG elements like: player's confidence, spying skill etc. unique take on skill and relationship progression quest with decisions that matter interesting characters with story and history repeatable activities which will improve your skills and relations sexual innuendos, flirting, everything up to anal, threesome and much more Download Newest free version: 0.1.2a Newest patreon version: 0.1.3a Download both versions here Please share your opinion with me, I want to improve and I really want to know if it works If you enjoyed it, please consider supporting at: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5204113 Pictures from game:
  17. Hey guys, i wonder if anyone here could recommend me his fav Adult Graphic Novel Game. Ich was searching yesterday for hours, but i just dont find anything new. I play actually Dreams of Desire, its really good, you should try it! But i'm looking for some stuff like sexlab: Defeat or anything. I hope you got some good tipps for me! ?
  18. Greetings Lovers Lab. Tomorrow is Nikolaustag (santaclausday) in Germany and this is my present for you. I can't wait until tomorrow with the release. After a lot of editingwork on almost everything, I'm finally sadisfied with this chapter. At least for a while. So, I have to get this out before I change my mind. Have fun:) Golden Cage Insight (part1)
  19. About this game: Meet Dope. Just your average ordinary college freshman battling crippling erectile dysfunction. Or is he? Take control of Dope as he journeys around the town of Van Nuts, investigating his father's recent murder while getting swept up into a storm of events that will change the course of his life. Journey with him as he discovers that his erectile dysfunction might not be so simple and that the lust he craves can corrupt and devour his soul. One's journey can easily sway from blissful pleasures, both innocent and pure, to perverse deprivation so obscene that "lust" has been labeled one of the seven deadly "sins." But what is lust? Is it really that bad? Are the other six "sins" truly so bad as well? Find out as you take control of Dope as he becomes the champion of Lust, where he is thrust into a plot in which the survival of the human species rests with his sack. So lets hope he gets that erectile dysfunction in order. Updated: Jun 15 2018 Developer: Dope Censorship: None Version: Platform: PC / Windows, Mac Language: English Genre: Installation: Change-log: Information: Walkthrough Known Issues Downloads: Win: Mega | Google Drive | MediaFire Mac: If PC build proves stable, will port.
  20. CheekyGimp

    Where the Heart is

    Please check out my Erotic game / virtual novel, called "Where the Heart is". https://www.patreon.com/CheekyGimp "Where the Heart is" is a first-person POV adult adventure where you control the Male Main Character. There will lots of female characters (primary characters and supporting characters) to seduce / romance / reject / be rejected by. You are going to stay with your Mom's oldest friend, Monica who helped raise you, but whom you haven't seen in several years (for reasons explained in the game). She lives with her daughters (whom you grew up) Jenna & Katie.......
  21. Karis_Wettiams

    [Sims4] FreeLove mod (BetaV1)

    What is it? FreeLove is a mod that created to replace long time ago outdated InTeen mod. Features: Teen<->Older romantic relations Incestuous romantic relations include wedding Some whims now available for teens Some moodlet now available for teens Naked actions available for teens NB: Incest pregnancy is impossible due to game limitations. NB2: This may be solved via Simcest script. freelove.zip PS: If i miss some interactions/whims/buffs/etc post here.
  22. Jexsam

    A Warm Welcome

    (Contains incest!) Anconar strode through the gates of Bruma with purpose. Fresh out of the military academy, he sought to prove his worth as an officer of the Thalmor. He'd done his time as a grunt and was ready for grander things. He had hoped for a station somewhere in Skyrim, but Bruma was a good enough launching point. Do well here, he thought, and a position in Solitude was only a deployment away.
  23. Hey everyone this is the first part of chapter 2, chapter two will be broken into to parts as it is intentionally long. Apologies for the wait life stuff and writing this takes some time. Feel free to comment on what can be improved and what you all would like to see. Edits will be made overtime as I see them as sometimes writing it in Word messes up the format on LL. Chapter 2: The Party The feeling of being stalked only grew more and more intense as I started to hear the panting, some sort of animal must’ve slipped through the fences and now it’s hungry. The funny thing is though, I don’t see Ptra getting startled, that’s strange he usually attacks anything that frightens him I guess I’m just imagining things. With my back turned, hands at the ready to grapple whatever is coming for me I felt a large mass knock me to the ground. I hit my head on the way down, causing me to roll over groaning, feeling something wet on my face. It was a tongue and not a human’s mind you, the tongue was followed with the smell of nasty ball breath and an incessant panting sound. I knew who this assailant was; it was my most trusted ally, Leke. Somebody let the damn dog out of the pens and now he is running around licking people with his nasty dog breath. The big black and brown dog stood about the size of a large desert wolf, probably because he is a wolf dog but one never knows these things for sure. The big lug has an almost completely wolf appearance save for one of his ears being floppy like that of a dogs and his dog like behavior, like when he starts scratching me with his paws getting me to rub him. He’s a good dog despite all his annoying quirks, I think as I pet him eliciting a content panting noise from him. However, I still get the feeling that he Leke was not my true assailant, this of course being confirmed by both Ptra and Leke becoming excited by some sort of presence near us. “Show yourself this instant!” I say as I turn towards the doorframe cautiously, only getting a couple of muffled childlike chuckles and giggles in return. I decided to sneak up towards the source of the noise just outside of the doorway; as soon as I get out there I’m going to tackle the fiend just like I did big brother. I got right at the doorway waiting only a mere 5 seconds until I jumped out and lunged myself at the source of the noise, nothing could prepare me for the utter sense of embarrassment I would face. The thing that unnerved and almost frightened me was not some roaming beast or brigand, no, it was a pile of two dumb kids laid underneath me. My sibling rage started to boil as I knew who these hooligans were and what they wanted; the twins had always been trouble makers (even at the ages of 12) so I guess clownish behavior runs in the family. Mili and Taph where inseparable, even from birth they clung to each other like furs or linen on a cold desert night. Mili was technically the oldest (at least by a few seconds); her sandy brown skin matched her beautiful brown with hints of green eyes naturally, whereas her messy long black hair glowed with its deep midnight hue. I did not know it at the time, but apparently she had the very “condition” that our oldest sister had; this information only being disclosed to my mother, father and Taph outside of the midwife who delivered her. She was a feisty little scamp and in retrospect I now can see why, the anomaly often causes the people to take on traits of their opposites, leading to some interesting behaviors. But none the less, I loved her and my other siblings dearly (save for the accursed one) even despite her faults, Gods rest her soul. All her clothes were dirty and her mannerisms were always tomboyish and unlady like, compared to Taph it was like night and day. Taph was a very…..quiet child, way less outgoing and boisterous then our sister, he always would follow behind her like the weak little lamb that he was. He was even lighter than she was, which came to a surprise to us all as both our parents are dark of hue in the traditional Yoku fashion. His eyes were even stranger as they shone like topaz, a strange yellowish brown color emanating from them, giving him the impression of some sort of demon or cursed one further leading to his shyness. Taph was always reluctant to go out anywhere because of his inborn meekness and the fact that people saw him as some sort of freak, the fact that he was outside playing pranks on my with Mili shows that he is growing as a person, discarding his old self for something better and stronger. He too apparently was born with the “condition, something even I cannot even comprehend to this day. Why would the Gods permit this sort of abnormality, this mutation? I do not know now nor did I know then. All these thoughts of mutations and the like running throughout my head did not cube them as they began to wrestle me even more, laughing hysterically, rousing Leke to jump in and start play growling at us. “Get off me you damn brats!” I said, being shaken out of my deep thought. “You Gods damned little shits keep playing pranks on me……and now this is your punishment!’’ I shouted quasi seriously causing Leke to bark in agreement. Picking both of them up under my arms, each secure under my defined musculature, I hauled them over to the horses water trough (large enough to fit an adult man inside mind you) and threw them in soaking them thoroughly. “Ha! This is what you little bastards get, fucking with me.” “Didn’t you know by now? The oldest always wins!” I say triumphantly not knowing the truly impending danger I was in. While we were laughing and goofing off, I did not hear and was obvious to the heavy, thundering footsteps behind me. “Oh so does that mean I should win little brother?” I know that voice……it is the voice of pure evil, the vile villain Kita. My big dongo was standing right behind me with her evil grin I’m sure in full effect. Slowing turning I saw her must to my disgust, Kita (Gods damn her) had the regalia and armor of a Breton paladin, specifically a Daggerfelian style armor. Her shining chest and body armor fit nicely with her slender but muscular form, the shining adamatium chest piece, pauldrons, gloves and greaves seeming as if they were just polished hours ago, unaffected by the desert sands. She stood in her typical high and mighty fashion, spine straight, shoulders even and back with her vile toothy white smile. Her hair was a strange red color, almost if she had dyed it further making her strange reddish brown eyes stand out even more. Her face was mostly pristine with minor scratches here and there furthering her meaning look. I cannot lie though, as much as I hate my sister (Ruptga knows I do) I must admit she is stunningly beautiful. She is even more on par with the highest level of courtesans and noble women of the Republic; one might argue the most attractive woman in all of Hegathe. And this is coming from a man who has seen the many gorgeous women of Hegathe up close; she gives all the Raga women in the province a run for their monies. A classic Raga beauty like her knows she is top notch and she flaunts it, for every Jaharadin, Suten, and Navid in town. Her features were of a soft, womanly, and entrancing sort yet strong and arrogant, a deadly combination that I knew all too well. I looked at her stunning beauty with horror, as I knew this gold outer coating hid a deep and dark pile of shit underneath, the worst kind of corrupt and vile soul. She knew this and continued to smile, “How are my beloved siblings doing on this fine day?” she said in her typical fake enthusiasm. “Benu! You’re home” my younger brother and sister cheered,, clamoring and chanting around her in a circle their affection for her and their joy upon her arrival. They do not know how she truly is as they were naught but a thought in the minds of father and mother, they don’t know her like Jarad, Mene and Hakim do, even Leke and Ptra don’t like her and they’re animals! While being hugged by my two naive younger siblings, Kita looked from up above them onto Leke and I, reveling in her trickery and deceit. All she got in response was growling from Leke and the utter hatred showing in my eyes, that of which she responded to by stating in a callous tone, “Cute pooch, hopefully he doesn’t get into an accident later….” “What do you mean big sister?” the twins say in almost a sort of unison “I thought he was a good dog?” “Oh you know me little siblings, I do love to joke” she said with her forked tongue, I hate this bitch with a passion lying to our family. “Why don’t you little angels run off to play somewhere else….maybe the dining hall perhaps?” she spoke in that foreign tongue, “Juji and I have some adult things to talk about. Utter nonsense, but being dumb kids the twins bought the lie and ran at top speed towards the dining hall in the main building a mile or two away from the stables. “You miss me juji-ki (little slave)?” she said in her low but still venous melodic voice. “I know you miss our…..time together don’t you juji?” She really put some extra evil into that last one, trying to sound seductive as she flutter her evil eyes at me. My cock was starting to get hard, almost as if my body remembers what I went through with this deadra in human flesh. “Why would I ever miss you?” “I had hoped you were dead in that last war we fought with those heathen elves!” I said with fear, arousal, hatred and pride. “Fufufu…….juji you can’t get rid of me that easily, I will always be there for you” she said slowly and seductively, venom dripping from her mouth as she rubbed her hands across my chest. She was still about a foot taller than me and she played into our height difference by getting close, to the point where I could smell the honey wine on her breath, looking down into my eyes, her’s burning with her sick and twisted lustful fantasies. “Come with me juji…..” she said as she grabbed my arm intending to lead me towards the guest house, she was met with resistance as I did not want to go with her. I stood firm, still strong enough to hold my own against the seasoned warrior, “I don’t want to go with you.” I said calmly. All she did was flash a look at me, her typical narrowed eyes with that wicked smile of hers. She always does this, she always plays with my feelings and I absolutely hate it. She knows I am attracted to her, she knows I hate her, and she knows why I hate her but still can’t resist. Her devilish charm always entranced any male that came before her, I was no exception. The urge was too strong to resist, her look flashing me back to the times when we were kids…ugh. “Fine, I’ll go the words slipping begrudgingly out of my mouth. “Great, right this way” she said, taking my arm and leading me to the guest house. As we were beginning to leave the stable area Leke started to whine, probably not wanting me to go with this she devil, leading me to offer some sort of consolation. “It’s ok boy I’ll be alright……You stay here and hold down the fort” I said solemnly receiving a bark from Leke as he laid down on the grass riddled with worry. Kita and I walked through the least traveled part of the area, as not to arouse any suspicion of our destination nor intent, touring the fairly large expanse (for a private estate) near the beach. The guest house was far off; a ways away from the corral on the beachside, and the long walk gave us a nice look at our estate. The rolling fields gave way only sparsely to palm trees, fruiting trees of a tropical origin and the occasional flower patch growing out of the various ponds that dotted the landscape. The cool and gentle sea breeze kissed our windblown faces, only getting more enthralling as the various birds and beach life started moving around making their usual noises. We continued to walk down the beach enjoying the sights of the ocean for about a 10 minutes before reaching the guest house, the whole trip somewhat putting my mind at ease from the inevitable. The strange thing was though, Kita didn’t even talk to me, not one word throughout the whole trip, walking the shoreline then finally climbing up the small hill, as all she did was occasionally look out of the corner of her eye to make sure she still had my in her clutches. Gods know this woman is the definition of crazy, but her being silent somewhat dissuaded that and in some ways that is even more foreboding. We had finally reached the guest house, standing quite regally near the end of the animal palisade on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. When we finally got up to the bottom most step of the place I could finally see the true quiet beauty of the place. It was built less in the traditional Yoku fashion of the Yoku in Heaghte and more like the buildings I have seen on my trips to Sentinel. The walls were painted a misty blue color, almost mirroring the ocean perfectly with the extra white trims on the house’s frame and exterior. The house was octagonal in shape and had a perimeter around it that formed the outdoor patio; it was well kept and had many straw and wicker furniture items like chairs, tables both large and small, lounge chairs, and the like. There were more than a few talking noises coming out of the open windows, I thought this place was private? Apparently not, as we both saw two scraggly dressed men come flying out of the easternmost window, fighting over money no doubt. Kita just laughed it off paying it little to no mind as she led me inside through the white doorway, I offered no protest. Inside it had a very Sentinese feel to it, the walls were a sky blue with waves painted on them giving them a rolling appearance. These patterns covered a main room that could fit about 30 or so people in it with the various lounge chairs and all. One of the ruffians saw me with her and proceeded to greet her all the while starting me down, “Oi Capitan Kit, who’s is this….boy…. yur travelin with?” His accent was very strange for a fellow Redguard, even as a brigand he stood out, “This little shit is my brother, he’ll be accompanying me to the festivities” she said in a stern and plain voice. “You idiots better not break anything else, and don’t think I didn’t notice that window…..that’s minus 100 septims from the lot of you.” I see she pays them in imperial money, typical nudri lover. The brigand knew she was serious and tightened up his stance, “Yes ma’am we’ll get this here mess cleaned up right away!” he said as he shuffled off in the direction of one of the side rooms where all the commotion was coming from. “C’mon Div this is the last stop” my sister said as she grabbed a bottle of Surlie Brothers wine, “Just up the stairs then I can show you something…” “Oh goody, a present!”, I said rolling my eyes at her rousing her ire just enough for her to give a light but still very much hard punch to the shoulder. I followed her lead rubbing my arm up the main staircase to one of the rooms at the end of the hall on the right side of the balcony entrance on the second floor. The room had the white, ocean theme with only one difference, there was this odd symbol carved into the wood frame above the door, it look as if someone had drawn crude rectangular, circular and triangular shapes into the wood with a sharp hunting knife. That wasn’t the only strange thing either, the carving seemed to glow a faint bluish purple deep indigo color, and certainly it must be a trick on my eyes because this shit is too weird. Anyway we heard moans coming from behind the door with the culprits being discovered soon after, the door gave way to a scene of two male pirates one a strange elf and another imperial taking a female dark elf by the throat and ass. Before I could say anything Kita yelled, “You fuckers fucking in my room again?!” “I told you idiots to stay the hell out of here!” I flinched hard at the sudden burst of outrage, and it appeared as if I was not alone because the other three miscreants fucking on her bed jumped right out off of the mattress as a grasshopper jumps leaves. “I..I..I’m sorry mistress it’s…it’s just when we came up here all the other rooms were taken, we had o go somewhere…..” the imperial said timidly urging the dark elf to get dressed. The elf just silently put on his undergarments and pants and stepped out of there avoiding Kita’s harsh gaze like a priest to a brothel. “I’ll just get outta here….” he said as the elf hurried out of the room leaving the imperial and the female elf alone with us. The imperial man was about to leave until suddenly he was halted midstride by my sister, with a strong hand on his chest, “Now this isn’t going to happen again is it? I’d hate to have to come and see your mother Cassius…”, Kita said calmly. The look on this man’s face made me fear my sister even more; he looked as if he saw a wraith rape his mother to death, a face of pure horror. That last bit put a fire under his ass and he ran out the door and down the stairs following the strange elf’s path. And then there were three, I thought looking at the attractive elven woman, sweat and other fluids flowing off her and out of her.
  24. 9 AM Tirdas, 26th of First Seed 198 4E Considering all that has occurred I had to ponder for a bit my next moves, should I continue to gaze at my well formed physique? Should I attempt to get dressed and try and figure out how to get Vern out of the estate undetected? Maybe I should just throw myself out the window and be done with it, crumpling every single bone in my body, a truly instantaneous death. No, no that would be too easy, I should be punished for my crimes, after all the Gods have seen it fit to punish me so far. I think I'll go join him in the showers for a bit, maybe that will ease my mind. I turn my gaze towards the shower rooms curtain, a lovely smooth white veil that flows about with even the slightest air current. I hangs about 6 feet wide with golden embroidery brushing gently at it's bottom the polished stone floor. It really fits the room the white and gold really accent the brown sandstone walls and floors, letting the sun give the place natural warmth just like the rest of the house. the curtain stands a few steps away from the full body mirror behind me and the face mirror slightly above the wash basin I am using to clean my face. I give myself one last look over, smelling my underarms only to find a horrible stench emitting from them, "I definitely should get in there before I head out". While I'm walking over to the showering room a hear a soft humming coming from underneath the water, it sounds to me like one of those foreign songs bards sing to their children. The only thing I can make out is "One stands away to sea.......lovers all alone.......until the waters deep.......a lovers life forgone", it sounds like more of a sad song now more than anything, I'd hate to be the guy being sun that in memory of. I always dreaded the idea of dying at sea, no one to hear your cries, just the dangerous marine life gnawing at your drowned bones at the sea floor, tragic. I make my way to the curtain and move it back to see the small room, the same polished stone with inlaid pictures of water flowing, rivers and people bathing in them. There are about four circular windows that look more like holes in the wall stand worked into the three walls covering the bath, one on the side with the benches, another on the side with the tub and two on the side with the showers all inlaid with typical yoku phrases. My favorite one that's on the northern most portal is "Don't drop the soap", someone should tell that to Vern hahaha. The funny thing is I never really noticed any of this stuff before, I guess I just took it for granted not paying attention to the details of even my own room. Nevertheless, I have to get washed then dressed so I continue to the tub on the left hand side of the room, all the while seeing Vern obliviously washing his hair humming his tune. I shake my head and sit in the warm sunlit waters of the tub, circular in shape while at the same time being big enough to fit two adult people; fortunately for me all the toiletries like my soap and wash tools are positioned on the wall supporting the tub either hanging on hooks or set on stone shelves. As I'm sitting in the tub feeling the sunlight pour down on me, I close my eyes contemplating upon my thoughts, " Man this bath sure feels good, the water is just right not warm and not to cold.......maybe I should turn the jet on?" "Nah, the jet might be too much, I'll just sit here and relax...........what about Vern I could kill him and burn his body with a fire spell.........nah that would be just plain evil, plus he's in enough pain already considering his bottom must be worm out from my rigorous youthful attacks." "I could just disguise him as a teacher or merchant or something, and slip out of the back entrance near the stables relatively easily.........yeah I think I should do that, and maybe I should also throw on some illusion magic too to seal the deal." All the while I am collecting my thoughts, I feel a wet heat brush up against my cock and breathing near my face, I don't even open my eyes nor tilt my head up from its position resting on the warm stone behind me. Already knowing who and what this is I let out a sigh, "Vern don't you ever take a break? Your appetites are like that of a mountain ogrim, who's 8 months pregnant" The only response I got back was a slight giggle and the sound of water splashing as I was joined by my unscrupulous boy lover. Vern had taken my shaft in hand and aligned it with his pulsating pucker, all the while hovering over me in a straddling fashion glistening from the waist up from the shower and water droplets he had accumulated on himself. The half of his body that was under the warm bath water quickly increased in size as he slowly lowered himself onto me, gasping and biting his lip in what looked to be anticipation. I felt even more blood rush down to my half awakened rod as the heat of his rectum wrapped around my ever encroaching manhood like a wet bandage on an old wound. Overcome with what one can only call extreme lust, the fuckboy decided to bring my head up from my perfectly comfortable resting position up to his where he intended to stare into my eyes for a time. Albeit this did not go as he had quite planned as I decided to turn the tables on him for his insolence, pressing my lips against his steamy, plump orifice. I, never once breaking our eye contact, rolled my tongue around in his mouth battling for dominance, tasting the honey treats he had been eating the night before on my tongue. The only thing the poor sod could do was moan into our passionate kiss as he began to ride me out even faster, moving from the once slow bouncing to vigorous grinding and slapping on his bubbly ass cheeks onto my toned legs. "This guy is going to break my dick", I thought as the motions became even more frantic and passionate, "He is worse than a Khajiit in heat while high off of skooma!" I have never before seen such vigor in him before, it was almost like he wanted to prove something to me....maybe he wanted to show me he is worth the risk of being with him. No matter what his reasons are, the one thing I know for sure is that he is a bonafide cum freak, a cum freak who happens to be in love with a young crown noble. The mere presence of this heathen barbarian in my household would mean an endless torrent of bad news for me and my family, despite the pleasure of his wet, clingy asshole I have got to get him out of here without anyone noticing. This thought permeates my mind as I am giving him what he desires, gripping his hip with one hand and his plump ass with another. Pumping harder and harder until about 30 or so minutes pass and I begin to feel my end approaching. " I need to keep this short, the servants always come around early to clean the chambers and I don't have much time before they arrive", I stand up firmly hilted inside of him still pumping in and out of him furiously, gripping his hips to make sure he doesn't fall, slowly making my way to the window where the dawn is just getting at it's strongest. He, not surprisingly, isn't that heavy and i his lust, eyes rolled back in his head with the silliest look on his face, didn't even notice me lift him up and begin to move around. The saliva dripping from his open drooling mouth is a funny and amusing distraction from his nails digging into my back. "This boy lover better not ruin my handsome visage.....if he does he will never be able to walk again I swear!" I thought as I gave my last few deep trusts into his backside, groaning in an act of sweet revenge hitting his prostate along the way to his deepest recesses. Once at his core I let out a roar akin to that of an angry lion, unloading my jet after jet of pearly white baby juice into his used hole. In fact it was so powerful that even I had to sit back down, heavily breathing, a slight smile on my face upon noticing the damage I had done to him. He looked as if he had been shot in the foot, shot in the knee, and orgasmed upon said injuries all at once as the vast quantities of semen left my spasming sack into his spasming rectum. The amount of "love" I poured into him was so much that even his tight asshole couldn't hold it all, leading to a literal cascading waterfall of jism beginning to flow out of his sore rosebud. Vern's expression got even more hilarious as this whole process was happening, I have never seen anyone make a face quite like this one before. The face he made was so distracting I did not even notice his weak little spurts of his own juices floating under the water, mixing with my superior copious amounts of seed. As I looked down to see this occurrence I heard the words "So much...." weakly uttered out of his blubbering mouth. Apparently I had thoroughly broken him, "You should know that we redguards will always make a way....this time I made one in your ass!" He just smiled at this remark rubbing his belly, slightly coming to out of his blissful haze, " I can never go back to Imperial men now, not after what you did to me" he said as he lovingly pecked my lips. " You are the only man I could ever love, Div." Love? A man? Bah! Preposterous. "I should let him down easy" I thought, Vern I like you and all, and I'm not going to lie your ass is wonderful.......but I can only ever love a woman and unless you can somehow bear children all we can and could be are friends. With that last statement I could see his mood change, no longer was he in a haze, he was fully attentive to what I had to say. He said nothing, his eyes however did all the talking. The had a mix of sadness, anger, hurt, lust, jealousy and betrayal with love being the last thing I could gleam form his eyes and body language. I didn't want to hurt the poor guy.... I just couldn't live with myself if I lied to him and reciprocated his feelings. I would bring dishonor to myself and my family not only for being with him, but for lying to him and myself that we could be anything more than friends. He continued his silent treatment, getting out of the bath, using the running shower water to clean his butthole out. When I tried to touch him all he did was pull away and I swore I saw a tear or two roll down his face. In all my time of knowing Vern I have never seen him cry. This made me feel terrible but my sense of urgency snapped me back to reality, in Hegathe if I was caught with him we both could be dead for a multitude of reasons. And rightly so, we are committing an act that is heresy, blaspheming nature no less! There's only so far I can go with this before I turn myself in to the authorities and resign myself to figuring out a plan to get him out of here unnoticed. I put one hand on his cold shoulder, asking him can he hurry along and get dressed for me, doing this in the nicest way possible I offered up a weak smile to assure him of my good intent. "Let's just go..." he said as he began to dry himself off grabbing a large bath towel on his way out of the bathing room, all the while tiny droplets of cream and water dripping out of hiss hole, down his cheeks and thighs. I followed suit, turning off the pipes to the water and grabbing a towel after him seeing his solemn form shambling over to the dressing room and closet on the left side of the bathrooms rooms entrance. My heart sinking, I followed suit into the somewhat narrow rectangular room. Almost knocking over a houseplant in front of the curtains hanging on the window. I motioned for him to sit down on one of the lounge chairs I had placed before the changing curtains as I dug in the closets for something he could wear to disguise himself with. Hanging up on the closet closest to the curtain was my older sisters old, gown. As this used to be her room I thought nothing of it being there, it was very convenient after all, but such is the way of things. I picked it up off the rack handing it to him, the only thing bluer than the room we were in was his mood as he slowly picked over the dress commenting on how nice the design was and how soft it felt. His enthusiasm was less than half of what it normally was and you could tell, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a scimitar, leading me to make a somewhat uneasy comment "Well this should offer as a good disguise, look it even comes with a hood and mask to cover your face" I said as I handed him the other piece of the outfit I found as his remarks came. "Why don't we both get dressed so we can sneak out of here soon" I said, grabbing my lucky amulet. He said nothing and shuffled over to and behind the dressing curtain, I shook my head and rummaged through my personal closet to look for my favorite gear. I immediately saw my trusty white, old tunic, that of which my great grandfather wore in his youth, underneath my brown silk reinforced leather pants. I had always admired Cyrus and his exploits so when I saw a painting one of my ancestors did of him I deiced to "adapt" some of that style. Digging a bit more through my closet I found my undergarments, my red gold embroidered jacket (inlaid with the symbol of my house), and my fathers fishing cap that "borrowed" from him one night hunting for goodies he likes to hide in he and my mothers room. I take off my towel, buck ass nude for the world to see, getting a peak from behind the changing curtain, unfolding the leather pants to get ready to put them on as I hold my under trousers around my ankles. Pulling them up I put on my pants and proceed to don my tunic and jacket, saving the rounded, bowl shaped fishing hat for last, scouring the floor for my favorite pair of black steel, reinforced boots. After finding them and putting them on I meandered over to the mirror in the bathroom to check my appearance, "Flawless as usual" I thought as I called out to Vern to ask if he was ready. I heard no answer, only saw one; out of the closet and dressing room and into the main sleeping area I saw Vern. My sisters old garments fit him nicely, showing off his woman like curves and buttocks, while all the while still concealing his identity having the mask and hood operate as added assurance, only showing his wonderful bright eyes still showing hints of sadness. I began to hurry him along stating we have to go...now, as through the windows I could see the light of day shining clearly onto my bedspread. “It’s time to go”, I said in a rushed tone, “There is no telling when the maids will come to check up on me and clean this room. Swiftly grabbing Vern’s dainty hand, I led him out of the door at the end of my room’s entry hallway, an old wooden door easily pushed open on account of no one bothering to replace it. Through the door with Vern’s hand in mine I lead him down the winding stairs that form the tower in which I inhabit. Fresh new torches and windows line the sides of the walls going downwards to the main floor of the estate. The faintest of day light in its blood red glow comes in helping to guide our path downwards, albeit this didn’t help Vern much as he had tripped on one of the stairs coming down leading me to carry him bridal style onwards. We came close enough to the bottom to be able to see the hallway that leads to the courtyard, “The coast should be clear, let’s try to get to….” I heard footsteps and chatter coming from the left side outside of the hallway, these were heavy footsteps mind you like that of a soldier on the march. I told Vern to stay hidden in the darkness while I assessed the threat, peeking my head out from the doorframe ever so slowly until… Wham! I got smacked in the face with a leather covered hand, almost blacking out I clutched my face holding my nose to keep the blood from running down. Slowly I looked up and in my blurry jarred vision I saw the uncouth ruffian who assaulted me, it was my older brother Jarad clad in our houses signature colors adorning his leather armor. Jarad is my older brother by 5 years he is the captain of the Heagthe City Guard and eldest male of my siblings. Jarad has always been an asshole to me, always teasing me and pranking me for being the middle child. He stood about a few inches taller than me with a broad frame and chiseled features; we almost look like twins save for the only differences being he is much bigger than I for one and his gnarly scar sitting on the left side of his face. I had grown up seeing him fight in tournaments always getting first or second place in the hand to hand and weapons competitions, father would always tell me how I should grow up and be like him, a legendary warrior and all that. Total nonsense, my brother has no finesse he’s just a hulking brute that swings his weapon around like a club. Anyways, I looked up at him angrily saying nothing to rebuttal his annoying mule sounding laughter, there was one thing on my mind, revenge. Not thinking, I tackled him, flinging my blood all over the floor and onto his armor this of course was no remedy as all he did was laugh even harder and try and weakly wrestle me back. “C’mon you bastard fight like a man, only a coward sucker punches someone like that!” I said angrily, “Juji (Juji in Yoku means “little midget”), you talk of sneaking? I am not the one creepy through dark hallways in the wee hours of the morning! Ha-ha!” “Fuck you, you bastard, you always do this horseshite to me!” I said as I wrestled him totally forgetting about Vern hiding in the shadows with his finger up his ass or something- typical Imperials. We tussled for a few more minutes until I got the best of him forcing him to admit some form of defeat, “Alright alright, get offa me you lout, you win” he said in between his chuckles. I rise off of him, watching anxiously for another sneak attack as he dusted himself off. “Juji why are you up so early, creeping about through the dark like a lizardman? Whenever we go to the tavern you usually end up piss drunk and sleep till noon-what changes it this time little brother?” I contemplate how to answer him, if I tell him of my situation with Vern he will never let me hear the end of it, but if I don’t tell him and he finds out the other way it could be even worse. I really shouldn’t lie to my brother but what the hell, were human, “To be honest brother I got up early to try and head to the stables, I wanted to check up on Ptra, he has been acting sluggish lately and I wanted to see if he is ok.” He sat there and rubbed his bare chin for a second, “Hmm…. I can’t say I haven’t noticed that some of the animals have been acting strangely lately…. I suppose you are right for once Juji” “Go and check up on the horses……Oh I almost forgot” Jarad said in a somewhat exited tone “Today is the Nerr’uri , father and mother have invited all our relatives from all over Tamriel, I heard even Kita will be visiting too.” A wild smirk hit his face as he said that last bit, while I felt nothing but dread. Kita?! Coming back home?! Dammit all I thought that bitch was killed in the War. Fuck. Kita is the oldest member of the main family’s children, a terrible truly cruel and vindictive bitch of a woman. She was first in line to inherit the managing of our family estate, from birth she was taught nothing but the lofty responsibility she had in our family. The weight of our entire house was on her shoulders, and unfortunately for us, all that weight went right up to her big fat swollen head. She used to terrorize us when our parents or grandparents weren’t there, making us play her sick games like Hold Your Breath In a Pool, The Punching Game, and the worst of all Dibella’s Horror. The worst part about Dibella’s Horror wasn’t even that she used Imperial Gods, the worst part was she used to abuse us. Everyone except the four youngest siblings got this abuse, and it may seem like my brother thinks it was funny on the outside but I know him. He hurts just like the rest of us, the type of stuff that comes out of the House of Bal puts what she did to us to shame. When we heard she was leaving a couple of years ago to go to Daggerfall to be a bodyguard for some pansy noble, we are all relieved, even Jarad. She was always an excellent fighter and tactician and I guess that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we finally got a break for once. “Say it ain’t so brother? Please let her be dead, please let it just be a rumor!” “I’m afraid not little brother” Jarad said with a grim look “Father received a letter from Lord Tyran of Daggerfall saying that Kita will be granted paid leave to observe this holiday. Looked official to me, had the seal and everything.” With a sigh Jarad said sarcastically looks like big dongo is coming home”. Of all the no shiran in Heagthe father had the most connections, our masonry is legendary and a very lucrative business, it is no surprise he could convince that pasty Breton to let Kita come home. After all this time and all the foul things Kita has done, she was still father’s favorite, even despite her “condition”. Dammit, now I have to deal with this bullshit, well such is my life seeing as the gods see it fit to punish me for whatever reason. “Well little brother I have done my job, go check on those animals before you head over to the main house, if you don’t mine I’m going to grab myself a servant girl, a bottle of wine and a nice shady spot to rest in” “See you on the other side brother”, he said with a pat on my back and a spring in his step as he walked towards the dining hall. I would do the same all things considered…but I have to get rid of the boy lover before I get some real action, I think as I slide back into the shadows to find Vern. Vern stepped out of a corner almost killing me with shock talking in a hushed tone, “Who’s Kita and that big handsome man is your brother? I’d like to see if you guys share more than a last name!” “That’s just like you huh Vern? Nasty man just plain nasty….” I say grabbing his hand to lead him towards the stables. “Change of plan we are heading to the stables, you can ride one of the draft horses out back to the city” “And I thought you were still mad at me?” “I am still mad at you Div,” Vern said softly, “I’m especially man at the fact you won’t tell me who Kita is and what she did to you” “I don’t want to talk about it “ I said, I forgot that Vern doesn’t fully know the old tongue yet despite using his tongue to know the bodies of Raga from here to Stros M’Kai. “She’s a very bad person……that’s all I’ll say”, I said somberly as I lead him hurriedly towards the stables. We passed through the courtyard fountain in all its gleaming marble and sandstone glory to head to the corral about a few feet away from the wall of the outdoor fountain room. I led Vern down the well lit carved sandstone path littered with shrubs and foliage almost like a lion would when stalking prey in the tall grass as to not alert the guards we hired to protect against the horse thieves. We finally hit the end of the winding pathway where the stables were, climbing over the far stretching brown fence line into the open grassy fields. The first thing I was greeted was the thundering of hooves, a large slim and proud jet black horse came up galloping from afar, only slowing down as it got closer to Vern and I. Ptra always was a flashy horse, ever since he was a foal he loved to show himself off and today is no exception. “Wow Div, what a beauty he is” said Vern in sheer awe of this powerful beast. “I love horses, my Pa used to raise them outside of Bruma” “They’re not quite like this big guy here but still amazing nonetheless”, Vern reaching his hand out to caress Ptra’s head. “What kind of horse is this guy Div?” “This is a legendary Hammerfell Charger; they were one of the last breeds of warhorses that came with my ancestors after their journey from the old lands. Ptra though is even more unique than some of the same breed because his lineage descends from Frandar’s old warhorse Yutai, of which he rode into battle to conquer these lands.” I say proudly as Ptra enjoys Vern’s gentle touch neighing and winning in delight. “That sounds cool and all but I have one question, who’s Frandar?” My mouth literally dropped as low as Ptras balls were drastically changing my face from smug pride to downright shock, “What do you mean who is Frandar?!” I declared loudly almost alerting people to our presence. “He is the one who makes a way, possibly one of the greatest Raga to ever live!” “I would’ve thought after sucking on all that raga cock that you do, you would have at least heard something about one of our greatest heroes?” “Nope sorry…nothing, I’ve heard about him and seen his statue in town but I don’t know anything about him……plus don’t yell at me I didn’t know alright.” “Divines you can be so rude sometimes Div.” All I could do was scowl at that last remark, “Whatever let’s get this over with”, I said in a hurried and slightly annoyed tone. Ptra saw fit to come to Vern’s defense and offered a proud whinny as if to tell me to play nice. Just leave it to this dumb horse to betray his caretakers by taking the side of a nudri. “Anyway enough talk let’s get you out of here” I said grabbing Vern’s hand, leading him to the draft horse stables on the far right side of the fence line. I lead him to old Flower in her freshly cleaned pen, a few camels that strayed from their side of the corral eating hay and vegetation with her. Flower was on her way out; she had served my mother well for years until that accident that left her running ability crippled made her a permanent fixture at the farm. She was still that beautiful light brown color, white mane and tail still just as freshly groomed as the rest of her was. Her presence was serene and Vern immediately took to her, brushing her and petting her drawing nothing but jealousy from Ptra who was waiting outside her shelter. It would’ve been a nice scene if it wasn’t for the fact that the combined camel and horse smells were almost too overpowering for me to bear. “Mind if you help a lady on her horse o brave knight?” said Vern with his eyes batting, “First off you’re not a lady and second off I ain’t a knight” I say as I offer to help him up onto Flower. When finally got on top of Flower, he told me, “You know I’m still mad at you right?” “You’re going to have to make it up to me one of these days……maybe you can start by letting me keep this ole girl?” “Haha in your dreams Colovian, you can keep Flower, she seems to be happy with you anyways and as long as you’re out of here I don’t really care if she goes.” “Oh and one more thing” Vern says, motioning me to come closer to him on the horse, “This is for last night”. Vern pulls me by the collar and kisses me deeply before letting me go, saliva forming a strand or two with the parting of our mouths. Just leaving me there speechless with a slight tent in my pants Vern laughed and rode off through the open gate that some idiot forgot to lock towards the city. “Goodbye ole girl “I said, patting Ptra on his sides, Damn nudri always making things more complicated. “C’mon ole boy let’s get you some food and water” I say as I lead Ptra back to his stables on the opposite end of the gate. While I’m walking Ptra to his shelter I notice an odd, foreboding feeling come over me like I am being watched. I pretend to be changing his hay, bending over with my back turned opposite the doorway. It’s always something , isn’t it?
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    My Cute Hotel

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