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Cubman's Randy's Comics 1.0.0

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About This File

Hi all,


I started off wanting to create a comic book store for my gay Sims.  I've used art from the phenomenally talented Randy Slash to create items for my Randy's Comics Store.


A-Frame: 5 swatches, using Lil Business Chalk Sign (Requires Get to Work)

Poster 1: 5 swatches using Henry Puffer Poster (Base Game Compatible)

Poster 2: 5 swatches using Just Justin' Poster (Base Game Compatible)

Poster 3: 5 swatches using Revanne Poster (Base Game Compatible - made purchasable)

Poster 4: 10 swatches using Beauty Through the Eye of the Beholder wall decal (Requires Get to Work)

Shirt: 2 swatches, young adult - elder, all genders (Base Game Compatible)

Sign 1: 5 swatches using What's New Selling Platform (Requires City Living, found under roof ornaments)

Sign 2: 5 swatches using Neighbourhood Festival Alert (requires City Living)

Sign 3: 5 swatches using Kalidasign Wall Sign (Requires City Living)

Sign 4: 5 swatches using Backlit Screen Print Sign (Requires City Living)


I'm currently working on Set 2 for the comic book store, so keep an eye open for more items! 


As always, any comments, suggestions or problems, please let me know.  


Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy it!




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